Friday, December 29, 2006

end of days (in 2006)

left l.i. yesterday to mainline nyc straight into the veins before heading out to BVI, tortola tonite. hooked up with meg and nicole and sam. we had yumy sushi across the street from megs place on 1st and 1st. met the band army of me at the restaurant who were playing the bowery ballroom last night. they invited us to the show which we headed to after large amounts of sake and edamame. ended up catching the last part of their set and then got totally turned on to the headlining band, men women and children. this trendster highly suggests checking them out. after the show, we said our goodbyes and headed back to catch some zzz's. came home to an email from nicole's beau in the BVI who is throwing a mustache party for us upon our arrival. today I am checking out the bodies exhibit at the southstreet seaport, picking up a couple of much needed last-minute travel items (including a laura mercier lip gloss and stila cheek stain in petunia) and meeting cait and michael at panna II (my fave ny indian joint. go!), before leaving to ring in 2007 right. not a bad second to last day of the year rounding out a really great year.

Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas, ya'll

I effin love xmas. got great gifts like a digi cam, white hotel sheets with black piping, betsey johnson shades and a tool kit. cait got tod's shoes and kate spade wellies, a barney's coat and a wicked awesome blender. my mom got two little blue boxes this year. a ceramic jewlery box from me and cait and a beautiful gold and mother of pearl necklace from my pops. clothes and accessories are the new toys. went to aunt marilyns, did the feast of the seven fishes thing. went to uncle mikes, did the nine hour italian dinner thing. just got home and headed to the movies with cait and michael to see blood diamond. it was incredible. leo is incredible. the movie is incredible. I said that. boycott diamonds. those things are bad news bears.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

the style world according to richard zaino

when I come home to long island for the holidays, I seriously revert back to being an 8 year old. I wear the same over-sized sweatshirt for days in a row with no thought to what the peeps at the smithhaven mall think. wellllll, last night, we were heading out to pick up some gifts for my dad's secretaries (by the way, we picked out three very yummy smelling, over-sized candles for $5 each at marshalls. that added with a beautiful holiday bag made for an inexpensive and great looking gift) and he refused he go out with me looking like a ragamuffin. his very opinionated thought was why go out in your pajama top and big jeans when you can throw on a nice sweater and normal fitted pants because you dont who you are going to run in to or what impression you will need to make. I agree. I'm lazy about but I agree. there you have it folks - if it weren't for my dad, I would be talking trends in a flannel set from old navy and who the heck would be listening then?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

crafty gift in a flash

with only a couple of days of gift buying left, here's a fun and easy way to surprise your friends with something sassy -- stationary!!!!! I'm in new york with the fam for the holidays and yesterday me and cait headed to joann craft store and picked up blank note cards and envelopes for $5.99 and a set of large courier font alphabet stamps for $9.99 and made personalized stationary for all the friends and cousins in our big italian fam. stamp out the names on the front of the note card, tie up five pieces with envelopes with pretty red ribbon and voila! you made someone very happy (and saved some cash too!). merry chanukah. xoxo.

in the mucky muck

I loved these textured wellies from j.crew so much, that I ditched the winter uggs and bought the last display in the store that isnt even in my size.

new years trendz

Yup, it’s that time again when the apple drops, another year has passed and a whole new line of fashion moves us forward into the future. When it comes to clothes, think glamorous 1950’s starlet. Fitted, lady like pieces with lots of soft layering. Scarlett Johanssen is a perfect example of a curvy girl who dresses to impress. Make sure to pick something pretty that is heavy on prints – plaid, animal, crests and bad girl skulls are a few of the patterns we have to choose from in the New Year. Also, lady-like lace embellishments. Benhaz’s go international collection at target has some fun and frilly pieces adorned with lace perfect for the new year. Not that we’ve got the top figured out lets address your bottom and everyone wants their bottom to look banging. The new year will ring in a slew of jeans that are much wider at the foot. The pendulum is swinging back toward wide-leg bellish bottoms. Justin Timberlake’s line William Rast has a fab pair of ‘belle’ stretch jeans. Whether its boot cut or skinny, I am a true blue fan of the 7 for all makind line and feel every woman will find something she likes from their collection. Leggings are also sticking around and look sassy when paired with oversized tops and cinch-waist belts. Accessories are your cherries on top and this year is no exception when it comes to pieces that make bold statements. Lots of Black and gold popping up in handbags and jewelry. Oversized gold pieces for your neck, wrists and fingers. Cleopatra has got nothing on you. Keeping with the oversized theme, your bag should be BIG for daytime. Buti’s large handheld bag is one of my faves. Large slouch/hobo bags with rich fabrics like heavy leather, suede and wool. When it comes to night-time make sure you have a fun wristlet that fits all of your necessary accouterments but still looks fun and flirty. Something we are seeing a lot of this year is gloves. Yummy, buttery leather of all lengths worn outside or in for a chic finish to any frock. Yup, Gloves are back big time! And finally we finish it off at the feet. Nothing says hello! Like heels. This year we are seeing the platform sole which with its heftier sole balances out a fitted-top and the season’s wide-leg pant. if you look around you’ll see its boots that are made for walking. From ankle booties to slouch boots to lace up boots, you’re bound to find a style that sexes up your look. Ok for folks, that’s it for me on the fashion trends of 2007. I wish the happiest of happy and the merriest of merry.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

save the eggs!

me, bree and wendi got up super duper early and did the ovarian cancer friendship run/walk for cedars sinai. it was really fun. there were calvaries of ROTC army men running and yelling something about doing good in unison. sir yessir. we saw many good looking people this early in the AM and figured that good karma (and looks) do go to those who do this sort of thing. we were given t-shirts to wear for the walk and for a second we thought about tricking them out but realized it was 6am in the morning and we would take our chances looking like dorks if it means fighting the fight against ovarian cancer. p.s. if you're a women and reading this, schedule an appt. with your gyno to get the cervical cancer vaccine shot asap.

Friday, December 01, 2006

fashion is funny

sometimes I think the designers of today are just taking the piss. have you caught the oversized chanel plastic carryall? it literally looks like a black garbage bag but they've managed to add a double C charm to it and stick a $1000. price tag on. that's funny. how about gaultier's super-sized model in the paris runway shows? I'm sure her use was to be provactive from the backlash of the madris skinny model setback, but she was just that. used. funny? fashion is not saving the world so we cant take it too seriously so when gals get serious with such obvious attempts at irreverence, we must step back and laugh.

raised eyebrows

went to go see my friend damone roberts, the eyebrow king of beverly hills today. I am doing s new headshot photog session with ingrid next week in addition to shooting a how do I look? so I need my brows looking their best. I asked damone what the current beauty trend for eyebrow shaping is and he said still natural, not super arched. think brooke shields early eighties.

Monday, November 27, 2006

third world thoughts

just got back from a week long trek thru the nicaraguan and costa rican jungles with cailtin (my sis who is currently living in nicaragua). we had no cell or internet service down there as the country is truly the second poorest in central america with little to no civilized features. I wish I could do a report on the cultural fashions, however these people are just trying to survive. sad but true. I think every paris hilton, lindsay lohan and brit spears should take a trip down to these parts of our continent to catch a glimpse of what poverty is and how excessive and truly truly lucky we are to live in the u.s.a. such a luxury is taken for granted so its imperative to be reminded of our status in this world. we did end up staying in a little piece of heaven called the panacea de la montana in the mountains of playa tamarindo in costa rica. we had an unbelievable time at the yoga retreat and hope to go back again and again. I was thankful to be in such a place on thanksgiving which in turn shed light on my many thanks for my lovely life. asta la

Sunday, November 19, 2006

day trippin

I'm off to costa rica. happy turkey day!

Friday, November 10, 2006

sit ubu sit. good dog.

if you love your dog, check out fifi & romeo. this beverly shop is some chic shopping for your furry pup.

chic boutique

last night I attended the opening of the new malgosia boutique on beverly. kari feinstein was heading up the bash and as anyone knows, if kari is throwing the party it is a party you want to be at. they have some really cute jeans and fab meghan pieces. lots of pretty things to look at a really cute store to boot! thay have those too.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

sample platter

monday's daily candy was a listing of several sample sales all happening this week, so I figured why not throw some money towards some good causes and pick up some hot half-priced haute. I just got back from sample angel. it was in the area so very convenient to walk to. they had some great catherine malandrino there including a tiffany blue trench that was still too much for my money's worth but pretty all the same. sanaa lathan was there from nip/tuck sans her kidney cutting tools. I walked away with a fab pair of golddigger james jeans for $95. regularly priced at $200. so that was a steal and felt good for a good cause too!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

does this hamburger make me look fat?

as I've mentioned before, I am big fan of the sunday new york times. this week's style magazine section is *to quote david* the bomb. its all about food and style which if you think about it, is an art form filled with rich colors that stimulate all of your senses. I especially liked the section on celebrity photog and creator of wireimage, jeff vespa's muse du jour, L.A. hamburgers. I wish a hamburger was in my diet. Im currently on the zone which is fab and great and working but tough when I have visions of pinkberry dancing in me head.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

david on howard stern

I am a serious sirius fan. david hooked up my ride with a whole sirius set up making it easy for me to be absolutely addicted to howard stern, of whom I've been a long time fan. turns out david used to be part of the wack pack as the king of all song parodies!? he made his triumphant return to the show yesterday when howard big upped david's blog, the digital couch on the show. david does reviews of the television shows he so loves and loathes and gave the gary roast an A+ which howard mentioned on the air. it was so funny to hear unexpected and out of the blue and a huge boost to my man's ego that the king of all media is up on his stuff.


sometimes you have to take a vacation from your vacation, ya know? that's what I've been doing. keeping it underground. on the DL. get all howard hughes like. david and I got back from a week in maui, hawaii which was awesome. we snorkeled with tropical fish, ate luau pig and poi, listened to IZ and jumped off waterfalls. david even swam in the ocean at night. hawaii is truly an eco-paradise. mahalo.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

district of totally awesome!

checked into the hotel in d.c. on wednesday night. early thursday kisha came and got me and we went on some crazy adventures in d.c. we wanted to go to the white house but turns out you need to be screen so anyone thinking of taking a tour make sure to get on the website and get the pre-scan which takes up to eight weeks! Im not so sure having the c.i.a. look up your life story for a pop in and hello to see the presedential cat sounds all that appealing. we ended up hopping a sightseeing bus that took us around town but we got scolded by the driver for talking during his sight speech so we ditched that dummy and ended up catching a cab to take a picture in front of the white house. we ended up at lunch overlooking the city which was lovely. all in all a very fun morning. go u.s.a.!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I went to washington d.c. and all I got was this t-shirt

now I know I am not named politic-ster but this post does include a rather relevant fashion choice. I am at the airport in washington d.c. having just landed and am heading to the hotel for my last nordstrom gig and there is a college-aged girl of what would appear to be middle eastern desent wearing a shirt that says "my name causes national security threats. what does yours do?". I know the question is meant to be provocative and it does hold some truth but I think to wear something like that on a plane in this day and age is selfish. there is a very obvious fear that lives amongst american fliers and I think to wear a shirt that has the words national, security and threat blasted across the front is a terrorist act on its own. plus, who the F is wearing shirts with sayings these days? that went out with the italian princess 3/4 sleeve joints we used to get at the busy bee mall back in the day.

are you single?

l.a. fashion week started out earlier this week and the hollywood haute were in full swing. I checked out the single show front row at the tents monday. lots of flowy, colorful bohemian chic. think pucci meets santa monica. I like me some single. they had an afterparty at blowfish sushi with a ton of yummy rolls and other fun stuff. those mannfolk pr people really do a party right. I then cut across town from sunset to wilshire to the reg bev wil where rock n' republic was holding a showing in the GM suite. ran into my old school bud robert verdi and got to see the new collection. it is nothing short of prep rock chic. It is soooooooo my new fave line. the cuts are incredible and the ac/dc inspired look is pure rock and roll. vp maggie said led zepplin is their muse. I strutted out with a fab gift bag including a corduroy hat that I've lived in since I left.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

tour lore

I'm having a fab time on the last leg of my nordstrom event tour. san diego was a blast and tampa was extraordinary. dale miner set up a breakfast for the ladies prior to the event and I got to raffle off a bunch of stuff. too fun. I met so many great people and had such a rad time. its always my fave when a mom and daughter come in together and we get to play dress up with all the accessories. this fall nordstrom has some great stuff to pop an outfit. I especially love the betsey johnson baubles, the alexis bittarlucite jewelery, the oversized bags and all the yummy sunglasses. I still love the aviator chanels the best! great for that "just got done from flying my private plane" angelina/gwyenth look. l.a. fashion week is happening so tomorrow I am checking out the rock n republic suite at the bev hil, then the single show at the tents and the party afterwards at blowfish sushi. I better work it, girl.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

you know what time it is

got back this saturday from a nordstrom event in chicago. outside of nyc and l.a., chicago is my top city!! katie young and the chi-town crew were great and the event was alot of super deluxe fun!! I met a fab style network fan family that walked away with an awesome betsey johnson charm bracelet for the young daughter's 11th birthday, a pair of chanel shades for mama and a duster for grandma. the family that shops together, stays together!! I myself left chicago with an unbelievable new treat - the juicy couture "charmed I'm sure" charm bracelet watch. it's my fave accessory ever! I wore it out to sunday supper at lucques and yesterday to an important lunch meeting at bld and got quite the reaction. its a limited-edition piece and worth every pretty penny.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

make it mine: brea

last weekend kicked off the start of the fall make it mine event tour at nordstrom. this season is very exciting because of all the fun trends happening and I love to do the do at the store for the ladies (and random gents). I got to pick out a fab betsey johnson dress and red, suede steve madden pumps because as recent trends dictate, a pop of red is the way to go. for accessories, I am sporting a few fab juicy pieces around my neck and arms coz I am feeling the juicy right now. everyone was awesome (big ups allison, karen, breann, elizabeth) and the show was fun. tomorrow I leave for two more events in virginia on thursday evening and chi-town on saturday morning. I'm super psyched that its chillier on the east coast coz I get to sport my cashmere.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

M angia.

my neighborhood food spot is the joint. centrally located on melrose and la brea, M cafe is an organic, macrobiotic world of yummy. I can eat all my meals there from the delicious cranberry walnut french toast to the gado gado salad to the ala carte sushi counter, dean and deluca style. david and I were there for breakfast this morning where we saw vegan postergirl alicia silverstone looking hipstered out in black sevens, a backpack and her hair thrown together on top of her head - perfect outfit choice for a comfy morning outing to the local macro mart. despite the healthy mantra, M cafe de Chaya is an epicurian delight for people of all palettes.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

thirty is flirty!

yessir, Im a big girl now! I've been having a grand ol' time these last few days celebrating my foray into the third decade. tuesday started off with a mani/pedi and a party dress pick up from new favie, sugar on la brea. david and I then headed over to fred segal for yummy lunch and for me to pick out the most delicious scent known to man, child from apothia. we then headed over to the chateau marmont to check in for the night. andi came over at 6:30p to out temp extensions in my hair (I was inspired by the modern girl episode I saw that morning) and we made our way down to bar marmont for my partay. all my favorite showed friends showed up where we dined on sprinkles cupcakes and yummy cocktails. turns out jillian barberie's 40th was that night at well, so there were some fun celeb sightings like gilby clarke from rockstar. around midnite, me and some friends headed back up to the hotel where chanel was throwing a party for sofia coppola and her new marie antoinette film. kirsten dunst, la lohan and more were al in the mix for the fab fete. I headed back to the room for some shut eye. woke up yesterday to a couples in-room massage compliments of david then lisa anne came over to host an all-girls brunch. I was supposed to start my UCLA class last night but ended up watching the LOST season 2 episodes instead and finally rounded out the night with dinner at koi with marnie where I got the most fab pair of christian louboutin decollete black patent leather heels. a perfect happy birthday!! love always.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

depends on your jeans

I'm over the whole designer jean thing. seriously, $330. for jeans that don't cover my private bits are not what this lady is looking for. once I stopped trying to be like the popular girls, I stopped dishing out the dollars and have found the perfect fit for me -- ann taylor loft, petite sized original boot and trouser jeans, both a very flattering $58. I'm sold. they fit perfectly on the legs, hips and bum and are a beautiful dark wash giving the appearance of being in the billion dollar babe club. all it takes is a bit of pantaloon perusin' and you'll come up with the perfect fit for you too. I recommend banana republic and good ol' american levi's to start. drop the designer denim trend and save your jeans!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

what's black, white and red all over?

ny fashion week is what. with the fashion week rounding out in the nyc, we got a sneak peak at what will be off the runway and in our closets come spring 2007. lots of strong black and white with bits of red (as I predicted weeks ago on trendster). metallix in accessories and fabrics. lots of volume -- that means bubble skirts, puffed sleeves and ample fabric. love your clothes! drop waist belts, kimono type wraps and various shades of white, i.e. sandstone, ivory, cream and snow. loved tracy reese, alice roi and zac posen. and I'm all for individuality, but what's up with heatherette? for all the latest on the week that never sleeps in fashion, click here.

fashion diddy

who better than sean “diddy” combs to preside over the opening of the black style now exhibition at the museum of the city of new york? the show, on view through next february, traces the history of african-american fashion from the twenties to the present day, with an emphasis on the music-cum-fashion mogul's particular metier, “hip-hop revolution.”

if u can't get to new york, make sure to check out idlewild for a fab fashion show... and go buy yourself some bamboo earrings. at least two pair.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


wine is the nectar of a good life. it is sexy, hip and if you know what you are talking about when talking about it, you can certainly impress. enter adam leemon who is schooling the social masses on the vino tip. I met adam when he was a sommelier at dolce so if he is good enough for ashton and boogie from big brother all-stars, he is good enough for me. adam has since gone on to radio shows, teevee appearances and jamie foxx's oscar party and now can be found curating the very cool la wine fest happening september 16 - 17 in los angeles. cheers to adam for bringing wine to the younger set and making its legacy better than beer.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

reading this is good for your health

some posse's travel with a Turtle or a Drama -- i've got a Nicole. if you are looking to make significant chages in your life for the better, holistic guru, Nicole Abramovici uses her alternative medical methods to customize a diet with superfoods, vitamins and an activity regiment that will have you fallin in love, makin millions and looking fly in no time. if you're interested in getting beyond that superego of yours, she can also assist with incredibly detailed dream interpretation. even though she's located in brooklyn, she does personal phone and email consults. she's that good. holla.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

inkles and jinkles of sprinkles

once in a lifetime, something comes around that you love sooo much that you dream of it and live for it and never want to be away from it. I have found my something -- sprinkles cupcakes. OMG!! we had david's bday party at cinespace this past friday and instead of cake, I headed over to bev hills and picked up a dozen of the creamiest dreamiest cupcakes. there is a reason there is always a line out the door. these cupcakes are no joke. made with the finest ingredients, they have daily flavors like pumpkin and chai latte in addition to their signature red velvet and black and whites. I had three in one day and another one for breakfast the following day. oops. I am addicted and had to go off for a while, but I would suggest you hit up the store or site and try one for yourself. sweet dreams.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

sticking it to the man with the peppers

it was my man's bday with mine rapidly approaching so we were lucky enough to be gifted with kick arse seats to see the red hot chili peppers this past thursday at the forum. I'm a fan of their brand of catchy pop-funk but had never seen them live. we got there late missing out on the mars volta but were able to slip in quickly to our seats. the show was awesome with visuals that were unlike I had ever seen before. and that john frusciante. darn it, I love me some of him. they played mostly hits from stadium arcadium and can still freak the funk better than most of them. my favorite part of the night was when david would say he was sticking it to the man with the peppers and their rock n' roll. ha. he's funny.

greg behrendt is uncool

I was a guest panelist on the greg behrendt show the other day. for those of you that don't know, greg is the pop culture mastermind behind the book, he's just not that into you and was a contributing writer on sex in the city. cut to: he's got hisself a big fat new teevee talk show. its premieres next week and I think it will do well. greg is very cool complete with his purple skull alexander mcqeen tie, scuffed boots and a fresh approach to the new school laws of love. check yer local listings.

Friday, August 25, 2006

custom rock

I'm in dallas right now on a look for less shoot and the super deluxe stylist that dresses up the hostess with the mostess, yohanna house has just turned me on to the best lil accessory line in texas... and beyond. she has not only styled hotties like pharell and j.t. but also ran art direction for my favie mag, mass appeal for some time. with new york determination and a stylists eye, miss jill topol started up custom rock jewelry that has designs so fresh to def that they should be illegal. run, don't walk to her site and check out her hot junk.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

flyin' high

just got off the jfk to lax flight. here's a little update for people traveling these days -- I was worried that the airport would be packed and they'd be stripping us of i-pods and wallets with metallic hardware (gotta love the gucci), but things are business as usual. the only wacky thing that I encountered was when I purchased a bottle of water, the counter person had to remove my cap and take it. so bring your own beverages and make sure to drink em up before you get on the fly fly. otherwise, bon voyage!

jessica simpson worldwide

for surprisingly stylish, affordable shoes, check out jessica simpson's new line. I got a pair of of-the-moment metallic grecian high heeled slip ons with a 5" cork heel for $50!?!? at macy's.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

back to the homeland

cait and I left geneve for an extended weekend trip in sardinia, italy. we happened to find a cheap flight on easy jet and thought it'd be fun to jet-set with the billionaires in porto cervo. prior to leaving I purchased the lonely planet guide to sardinia, which over the course of the weekend proved to be the wost guide I've ever had to rely on. the info and timetables were wrong and the author apparently had some adversion to beautiful places with crystalline waters, because she wrote nothing of the gems we found. we arrived late on a friday and immediately headed out to the via olbia piazza for some authentic pizza e vino i rossi. the italians are a wild bunch. very chic with overdramatic gestures to accompany even the most mundane of conversation. they love cavalli. and gucci. and dolce and gabbana. I'm surprised I didn't see any versace. perhaps with donatella's past mishaps, the company lost its edge? all the girls rock 'just cavalli' bags and no one is in jeans. its all trendy couture. with worn-in chucks or cons as they say. on such a small island, how do they afford it? we did come across some fab knock offs but did not indulge. I personally was happy to spend my euro on the unbelievable food, boat rides and country-side tripping. baci baci bella.

Friday, August 04, 2006

living la vida genéve

I am in geneva, switzerland staying at my sisters place on david-dufour. it is pouring outside. and cold. I have "borrowed" my sisters triple five soul hoodie to keep warm and am thinking about keeping it permanently because of a hoodie of the same name she took from me years ago that I never forgave her for. people in geneva do not wear running sneakers. come to think of it they do not wear any sneakers at all. the shoemaker is alive, well and apparently living in geneva. they speak french here. i do not speak french. only words like bonne nuit and merci beau coup. I am heading out now for a cafe lat avec suc and some museum time. I will meet caitlin and michel for lunch since they have two hour lunch breaks here leaving ample time to entertain out of town visitors. as muchel says, europeans work to live. thats a nice thought and a great mantra for good living. cailtin and I leave tonite for sardinia.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

muzak luvrz

I got into new york early this week and had no intention of going out on the town to ensure that I was well rested for my european vacation. I was zen-fully enjoying the peace of my parents place on long island when I got an email from a friend who was battling at the bowery poetry club in addition to a lineup that included my all-time fave performers from the hippity-hop. no sooner did I get this that I rounded up the posse (including holistic genius, nicole a. - more on that later), hijacked my parents car and made the drive to da club. its was a small club with an amazing line-up. now they dont have nights like this in many places so if you're missing out on that hot new york city flavor, make sure to head to the local record joint to pick up R.A. the Rugged Man, C-Rayz Walz , The Braves and press play.

say it ain't so!

I popped into marshall's with me mum yesterday and saw that abercrombie had made a flannel shirt. like the ones from the 90's. that make you look like a potato sack. yuck. please oh please oh please just give us the strength to let that fashion dud pass over us like a cloud in the dark night sky.

Monday, July 24, 2006

back in black

black nail polish is making a comeback, kid. from new york fashionistas to bev hills beauties, I've seen all types of ladies (and cutie hipster boys) rocking the stuff. my fave is chanel's limited edition black satin for $18. you can also check out the local pharmacy for a cheapie but fun wet n' wild.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

what sign are you?

I've been getting a ton of notes lately from style network viewers asking about where I got the horoscope earrings I wear in the nashville show of the look for less. my good friend meg d. picked them up at boutique in san fran as an xmas gift for me but turns out after a bit o' online research, I also found them at which is not just one of my favie stores in nyc on the corner of west bway and prince but is also a fab online find.

that's unbe-weave-able!

I got my hair did. straight up -- went downtown with my man (who gets his hair chemically straightened - shhh!) and had them put three layers of human hair from asia on my head. these chix know what they are doing. inspired by the modern girls "faking it" episode where I got the temp extensions, I got semi-perm extensions to try out for a while. I went from cutesy to womanly. its fun fer sher to at least test it out. it is pricey so if you are looking to do it, try a wig on or something first so you can see what the end result will look like. check out for details.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

america's next top man

the other night were the E! upfronts at the ritz-carlton in pasadena and to celebrate, the style network threw a party by the pool for the press. it was a blast! I got to sip fruity drinks with some fab E! talent like joel mchale from the soup, debbie and catt from daily 10, uber-talent ryan seacrest and my new favie, mr. jay from america's next top model who is now taking over the fashion side of things on style and E! this man is like an angel on earth. he glows from within. his hair, clothes, genuine smile and engaging social skills are a perfect recipe for this guy to be the next big thing. I literally had to pry myself away from him as to not appear too stalker-ish. not before he taught me how to stand correctly to pose for the paparazzi. I'm ready for my close-up.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

crafty extra credit

back in the college days, when I was burning the midnite nag champa, I would've flipped over the mad fresh line, independent studies available exclusively at target. they've got everything on the cheap that's really almost too cool for, errr, school. A+++

en vogue internationale

if you really want to blow your friends minds, pick up the international copies of vogue, preferably british and italian (big up world cup champs!). they're a bit pricey, but you'll get looks and international fashion gossip long before it hits the states. you'll be loaded with fashionista knowledge and and maybe pick up a new languauge or two, oui?

go see wassup rockers

Friday, June 30, 2006

my kind of town

I just got back from a look for less shoot in chicago and I am here to say chicago is my new favorite city. not only did they have great vintage and boutique shops in wicker park, like casa del sol and una mae's freak boutique, but the weather was beautiful and the food divine. jill, yoanna's maekup artist, let me where one of her dope jewelery designs, made of wax and covered in silver that read ghetto blaster. it's too cool for skool. my sister happened to be in town from switzerland and stayed the night with me in the hip chic hotel, the james. we got mani/pedis, sipped starbux (for free from some nice guy who bought them for us) and had a fab dinner with the thaler crew at rosebud. this is my favie crew to work with and it made this trip one of the best! on my last night, I got to have dinner with cait and her beau and his family, the royal von durings which is always good for some international flavor. I am back in l.a. to kick off the fourth of july week of fun.

no need to leave, google it here