Tuesday, January 31, 2006

martinis and makeovers

last night was the premiere episode of 'how do I look?' in which I nominated my good friend (and hair stylist), irene vaksberg. we figured in celebration of irene's (and andi) teevee debut we'd throw a screening bash at the sunset trocodero and toast our fashion efforts. there was lots of toasting. the whole crew came out in support because they rock and so did our good friends. it was fun. if you havent seen the epsiode yet on the style network, make sure to keep an eye out. its endearing and honest and fun and most of all, celebrates true friendship. behind the scenes note: when I went shopping for her, I had put aside my three makeover outfits at the stores. the how do I look? buyer came thru and for whatever reason, picked up the wrong clothes so at the reveal I was both shocked to not see my intended outfits and pissed that I had to cop to it. whatever. irene got her spotlight and thats all that mattered to me.

Friday, January 27, 2006

shameless self-promotion

in an effort to maintain my humility, I have attached a link for the world wide web to peep covering the many fashionable virtues of one, jess zaino (thats me!).........

to continue on with the love fest, if you've got the tivo or are home monday night, my newest installment of how do I look? is playing on the style network at 9pm. best not miss this one - its a doozie!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

bang bang

You may remember Yoanna House from her days as winner of America's Top Model, Second Season. She is now hosting The Look for Less on the Style Network on which I often appear as the Stylist. In addition, Yoanna continues to model and as a result needs to be on top of the hottest trends. I was in Nashville with her last week shooting our lastest installment of TLFL and she had heavy bangs and thick, unkept eyebrows. Apparently this what is up and coming on the spring beauty scene and all the models are doing it so go and grab a pair of shears and ditch the tweezers... at least until next season.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

what I learned on my winter vacation

it's 11:30pm on saturday night. saturday night live is on. my mom is asleep next to me on the couch. my bags are packed and I am leaving on a jet plane back to la tomorrow morning at 7am. I have been in ny for a month now!?! that's a looong freeking time to be away from my west coast home. I'm taking this time to wrap up and share with ya'll what I learned on my winter vacation..................

I'm a serious bargain shopper. this does not mean I dont rock designer. my faves stores to shop are the outlets. specifically, off 5th, the saks outlet. while I was here, I picked up a pair of awesome michael kors 5 inch casual heels for spring for $50. reduced from $459.00?!!, a pair of isaac mizrahi red hot heels with a croched flower on the toe. $40. reduced from $220. and the most to die for yves saint laurent electric blue kitten heels for $150. from $695. can you believe??? I have a bit of a shoe fetish. get to an off 5th for killer finds.

on a side note, I think I'm in love with the new kid, andy on SNL. he cute.

meg and I checked out the morningwood show on wednesday. as lead singer chantal says, they're tits! pick up the album available in stores now.

when in new york city and find yourself on the streets on a wednesday night, head over to the baggot inn on w.3rd. there is an AMAZING bluegrass band that jams there every week.

also make sure to head over to soho, preferably broadway btwn. prince and spring for the best in cheap and homemade accessories. I picked up a fresh pair of gold aviator sunglasses for $3. and a glass blown cherry necklace for $10.

while you're at it, pop in to national wholesale liquidators (natty ho) on broadway @ houston for the bestest and cheapest bras and panties. don't mind the weird food section on the second floor. the third floor is where its at.

walk over the brooklyn bridge. its good for you. when you get to brooklyn check out the fancy footwear at dr.jay's at the fulton mall and then follow up fulton to lafayette and grab a bite to eat at olea in the old a table spot. its yummy (and owned by my old pal, chelsea). respect.

don't see sweet charity. do see almost, maine.

alright, this is long and its late. jess has left the building. I'll miss you new york. k.i.t.

no need to leave, google it here