Sunday, January 28, 2007

h&m q&a

you can take the girl out of long island but you can't the long island out of the girl. translation: I love me some malls. I headed to the bev center yesterday in search of a perfect pair of wide-leg paige denim and ended up popping in to the new h&m. I have been to h&m's all over the world and have gathered quite a collection of easy to wear and tear funky pieces so you can imagine my excitement to step into the newest los angeles location. two words: major disappointment. I don't know who is buying over but it looks like they are trying to compete with the XXI across the way. they've set up the merch to showcase the flimsiest and cheapest looking of their budget couture annnnnd the best stuff isn't in the store selection. what is going on here? this is just another example of how los angeles is its own wild and weird bubble on this side of the states. in new york, paris and geneve, girls scour racks for unique pieces at cheap prices and rock out like a kate moss-inspired rock star. after the bummer trip, I did as subliminally instructed and headed over to the XXI where I picked out a couple of very cute minis for under $50. also, with all of this metallic talk, keep an eye out for wet seal which has great cheapie metallic fabrics under ten bux. they also had a pair of pink jellies that I picked for five bux. I had the same pair a couple of seasons ago except they were ferragamo and had a triple digit price tag. bottom line is do not discount the discount. did I just say that? uhhh, yeah, I did.

Friday, January 26, 2007

chateau celeb sightings

one of my new years resolutions was to get back out on to the social circuit and be with as many friends and share as many laughs as possible. my favorite place to hang, either for an early latte or a friendly lunch or even a business dinner is hands down, the chateau marmont. I can't get enough of this place. it is saturated with the old hollywood glamour that I love so much, in addition, it is saturated with every celebrity you can imagine. and they're so chill there that you can hang out on the back patio for lunch with the olsen twins while famke janssen's dog jumps on your lap. literally, this is what went down today. both olsen sisters were there drinking wine, smoking cigs and with fork and knife, eating...lettuce. no joke. it was like an US weekly come to life. famke was there with the dog as was richard belzer with his dog. I was there yesterday as well (do we see a pattern here? I want to live at this joint) and got to see heather graham, salma hayek and seth meyers. oh my! and course today at my lunch with lizzy p. was the biggest v.i.p. of them all, cash hatosy (pictured above).

le doo

had dinner with the wittens last night at boa which is always a nice evening out. with pilot season in full swing, there is no shortage of wannabe studs strutting the city and looking for stardom. I fell in to this category last night when I agreed to meet up with a friend from new york who is out here with four friends from new york for pilot season. ended up heading over to les deux, lonnie and boogie's place that's all the rage these days. saw david's good friend, dr. will kirby (who was oddly enough wearing actual doctor scrubs) who I had never met before so that was cool. and the scene in the bathroom of the girls programming ceos and producers numbers into their phones off of business cards was worthy of its own saturday night live skit. it ended up actually being a really fun night of new yorkers. sadly there were no brit sightings.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I heart this stuff.

I was at the rite-aid on sunset today and picked up this super cute nail polish in preperation for valentine's day.

days of wine and fake roses.

in getting my new place together, I got really into the fake flowers. they're a great alternative to the real thing as they're always in bloom, have terrific color and you never need to take care of them. if you need a change, throw em out and buy new ones. I get my silk fix at michael's on the cheap.

scales and scuffs and flakes, oh dry!

I know being miss trendster and all that I should have the answers to all things lifestyle, but I'm in a bit of a quandry. my skin is dryer than dry. like firewood. I've tried everything -- my new TOCCA body lotion in stella, baby oil, gatorade even coconut milk. nothing. nada. nun. who out there knows of a good dry skin remedy? holla at at me and give a sister a hand (creme).


back in new york, me and cait took a jazzercise class at the extreme gym down the corner. it was so much fun that I was inspired to look up a jazzercise course here in my area. I found one but forgot that it was on monday nights and instead headed to bootcamp at the Y last night. it was my first time back in a loooong time. at some point, during the bunny hops on the step, my plastic step fell out from under me and I ended up flat, literally laying on the floor. I also ended up with a big fat bruise. no pain, no gain.

kickin it at stinkos.

I'm in love with kinkos. I dont know what the deal is. is it the orderly aesthetic? I repeatedly come back throughout the day. I'm here right now posting this. who comes here on a saturday night? I do. I'm usually using the color printers and the machine that blows up xerox copies to enormous sizes. or fedexing. the laminating machine is cool too. especially when you want to make a personalized placemat or bookmark. if this were an aptitude test, I am to kinko's as perez hilton is to the coffee bean.

Monday, January 22, 2007

rave on

with all this talk of metallics and neon, one might think there will be a reemergence of rave culture. egad.

bag lady

have you checked out the totally awesome bag collection from banana republic? totally awesome!

mi gusto chili-mango

I am seriously addicted to chili-mango. I'm all bout it bout it. especially the fresh snack packs at the farmer's market. ay carrumba!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

i love you more than you know.

I have discovered my newest favorite author. actually the guys at kimmel did and somehow he got watered down to me. jonathan ames. so funny. I laugh out loud every night as I lie in bed and read this guy. my neighbors must think I'm coconuts. I read wake up, sir! over the summer in sardinia and couldn't get enough. gone are the days of hunter thompson worship. a new sheriff, albeit a screwy, wirey new york art freak one, but a new sheriff is in town.


a friend had a screener of rocky balboa that I watched in such delight. I loooove the rocky franchise and this is no exception. I give this film twenty thumbs up. full of truth, grit and heart. sylvestor stallone is a genius. with the exception of that rhinestone joint.

buzzy lil bee.

I had a fab shoot yesterday with citybuzz. ngaire and andi were over early to do my hair and makeup then I headed over to hollywood and highland to do some standups for the gig. we ended up getting a hotel room at the renaissance to shoot our voice-over work in. it was a beautiful room with a beautiful view of the hills as the sun set. the crew was great. I had a blast. look for the citybuzz name at your local LAX in the coming weeks. afterwards I headed out to dinner with friends. we wanted to go to the new village idiot but like anything in this town that resembles a new york spot, there was a two hour wait. we ended up at bld on beverly and although we requested a red wine from spain that a few days back my sommelier friend adam said is the thing to be drinking these days, we ended up sipping on a nice cab from chile.

koi poloi.

after a long day of shooting with the fashion five, I met up with the modern girls for dinner and drinks at my fave l.a. spot, koi. as we arrived ashlee simpson was walking in, rocking a black, patent leather fendi b. fendi bag and looking suspiciously like an olsen twin. she was there to meet her sis, jess. we also caught a glimpse of a fresh outta bed kelly clarkson annnd I said hellos to brittny gastineau who I did that kms event with a few months back. we had yummy sticky rice and tuna with even yummier drinks. alot of them. claudia had green tea coz she had to be up in the morning to shoot deal or no deal. afterwards, eva's sister nikka and I headed to hyde.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

keeping it fake.

was down on santee alley today on a shoot for the fashion five. it aint no canal street, but dang it, I love a good knock-off.

Monday, January 15, 2007

gotta love the love.

did I mention lisa anne and the twice-emmy award nominated jon corn got married? yup. in vegas. at the mandalay bay chapel. if any of you are thinking about hitched, vegas is a really fun and inexpensive way to do it right. this was one of the most lovely weddings I've ever been to and I'm not just saying that coz I love the couple foreva eva. afterwards, l.a.'s sister amy, took out the v.i.p. section at forty deuce and we danced until dawn then hit the blackjack to gamble the rest of our money away. mazel tov kids.


I got sick last week. I'm not sure how it happened but whoomp, there it is and I've been gallantly suffering through it for days. I thought through the power of my mind I'd be able to get over it in a jiff, however, my body disagrees and I've been waiting it out anxiously/patiently. worst of it is my cable is not on in my new place so I'm watching a ton of dvds and reading and sleeping alot. I guess thats what you do when you're sick, yeah? time warner comes next monday (sheesh) so I will miss the golden globes and american idol. I do have an academy screener of little children, breakfast at tiffany's and murder one up on deck to watch, so it aint all bread and water. I've already read the sunday new york times twice today and its already monday. oh yes, happy MLK day. awareness and love and new thoughts are what we as like souls should practice and pass on every day. peace out my brothers and sisters. its back to the couch with me.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

mon petit chu chu

my sister is much cooler than me.

back from the bvi, new years babies...

ok, so its already been a week that I've been back from the british virgin islands, but it actually took me that long to decompress from the best freekin' trip of my entire life. me, nicole, meg and laura headed down for new years and rocked the jolly roger inn the entire week long stay. our first night in, mark hosted a mustache party in our honor at the b.v.i. yacht club. it was on after that. the b.v.i. is one of the most beautiful places and has the most beautiful people I have ever seen and this trendster highly recommends getting down there. it's a sailing community so charter a boat so you can sail the islands. it's alot easier than it sounds with flights costing only 300 bux or so from JFK. the best eats are the chicken roti at the jolly roger inn, the best drink is the rum punch made by randy at mulligan's in nanny cay and the best time you will ever have in your life is at the bomba shack full moon party. one love.

no need to leave, google it here