Tuesday, December 23, 2008

heel-ing thru retail therapy

with the structural heel owning the runways for spring fashion week, make sure you've got a pair to strut your spring stuff in. modern vintage has a darling collection of vintage pieces with a very of-the-moment flavor.

Friday, December 19, 2008

gilt-y as charged

I am obsessed with gilt groupe. especially when they throw cathrine malandrino for $114 all up in my face.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

strangers making the most of the dark

god, I love new york city. lisa's friend was dj'ing the CSS afterparty so after a liter of unfiltered sake (kampai!) and half price sushi on 7th street, we headed out to check the scene. hundreds of people were dancing without worry, care, taxes, recession, bailouts, prejudice. there was no rhyme or reason to the crowd, old and young, other than that everyone was dancing. a dream. god, I love new york city.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

rebecca wynne trunk show

I love my friend rebecca friedman. we've known each other since we both made the move from new york to los angeles and back again. she spent close to a decade producing teevee, got a hitched to a great guy, lived in china for a bit collecting stone samples and started up her signature jewelry line, rebecca wynne fine jewelry. last night I hosted a trunk show at salon V to showcase rebecca's collection for fun holiday purchases. friends, collectors and stylists stopped by to view the pieces and toast with some vino. the pieces are so chic for a lady who knows a thing or two about semi-precious stones and luxurious design. with a price range from $45 - $600, rings, earrings, bold chunky necklaces and delicate bracelets made with 18K champagne golds, diamonds and stones, complete a collection that is unique, beautiful and totally worth taking a browse and buy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

yellow + blue =

me and nico hit up a fresh event last night in the name of all that is eco and friendly. greendrinks nyc is a monthly ny event where tree huggers and green chic glamazons get together, get saucy and network on behalf of a more sustainable planet. last night, was their holiday party at blvd. so what surrounded it were room upon room of organic chocolate (yum. dinner), alternative powered photo shoots and lots of really neat green organizations. we met erik who does free hikes and eco-trips through naturecalendar.com around nyc where there is abundant nature. we met a guy that started a rickshaw business in lieu of those late night gas-guzzling cab rides. and I pledged my word that I would become more green by unplugging my appliances, changing five light bulbs and requested green energy from the electric company. it's easy being green!

Monday, December 08, 2008

clean house

when I moved back to new york last month, my dad complained about how I had a decade of my stuff in his garage and would I kindly remove it asap. dads (sigh). this got me going on a major clean-up crazy train. I organized a lifetime of zaino family junk. I figured since I'm moving into my new place in a few days, I might as well clean up in the money dept. as well to make that rent. so, I had a yard sale!! two days. fourteen hours. in the snow even. I walked away with a couple hundy which was good and the rest took a trip to goodwill for others to enjoy. I definitely recommend in this economy and certainly in this season, that we rid ourselves of miscellaneous stuff and to pass it on to others who may need it more or to think out of the box and make some money while cleaning your home (and soul). season's cleanings.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

happy feet

it's great to get a good review from an expert on something that you should get but what about the crap items you SHOULDN'T buy? I'm a repeat customer when it comes to the cheapy mani/pedi so when I was introduced to the as seen on TV item, the ped egg, I was all in. you even get two for the price of one when you order now. I now know why -- this thing stinks worse then stinky feet. it doesn't work well and leaves you feeling frusterated and taken regardless of the "bargain". for the same price you can head down to the local mani/pedi place and get a proper pedicure complete with massage, warm towels and freshly painted tootsies.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

eat. drink. and save money.

so its official - we are in a recession. ouch. its nice to see people being prudent about the holiday spending season as it gives us a chance to get creative on less coin. an easy and terrific little treat to offer in-laws, workmates or 2nd tier friends are gift certificates from restaurant.com -- they have unbelievable savings with $3 for a $10 certificate and other inexpensive chow choices. with a quick check of a zip code, dozens of participating restaurants appear to offer your friends the best in season's eatings.

no need to leave, google it here