Friday, December 30, 2005

big ups meg digiovanni

my moms got me a $150. gift card to h&m this year (on top of all my other pirate booty). when I come into nyc I stay with the homegirl of homegirls, meg d. in the les. there are two h&m's in a three block radius of here. were going cuckoo for cocopuffs today buying up some new rags for our new years celebrations tomorrow night. there are no h&m's in los angeles, california. there are over 5 in manhattan. america. feck yeah!

p.s. meg d. just gave me her digi cam. she's bananas!!

new york knickers

with my sister back from switzerland for the holidays, she was able to share with me the latest european fashions. switzerland is faaaaancy. people go to the supermarket in roberto cavalli dresses ferchrissakes!?! apparenly, the apparel du jour is knickers with knee high boots. she said all the girls are wearing these knee-length knickers that do a little puff at the hemline with knee-high, high heeled boots (stockings, both fishnet and matte can be used to cover the difference. oddly enough, I was in wal-mart on long island picking up some holiday cards and I came across a pair of said kinckers for $12.99. I live in two of the most fashionably dense cities in the country and I have not seen these knickers...but i see them in wal-mart on middle country road!?!?! must-have!! size 6. $13. caitlin said they looked like cardboard pants because of the poor quality. I didnt care. I wore them on x-mas. yesterday when we were bringing cait to the airport, there were two girls on line at swiss air who had the outfit on. It was really fun to put a image to the trend. I am heading to nashville next week to shoot the look for less. I told my sister I would wear that outfit on-air as an homage to her and her new country. j'taime caitlin. bon jour! au revoir.

my favorite day of the year

I hope ya'll had a nice time with family and friends this holiday season. x-mas is my fave time of year coz I LOVE PRESENTS!!! I can't get enough of them. giving them. getting them. even at my age, up here close to thirty, I am still spolied with a pile of presents on christmas morning. ya know that movie, the polar express? I DO believe! this year was no exception in a show of lavish giving by santa (and my parents). I walked out of the sweet deal with a fab pair of dior black aviator sunglasses. I saw a kate moss/dior ad with her wearing them and I knew I had to get them. santa knows I was very good. I also got a very fun gucci signature horse bit keychain. unfortunately santa didnt have time to make it himself this year and bought it online which resulted in faulty merchandising. folks - make sure if you are buying something online, not from the direct manufacturer and it is over $100. to really investigate the purchase!! santa know I am pretty good at reciprocating all the holiday cheer, so my mom was gifted with a luxurious pair of black leather gloves, lined with cashmere from Coach. my sister asked for accessories as she lives in switzerland and doesnt have much money to get them herself. I was able to pick up pounds of fun trinkets at forever 21 that look fun and funky and classy and only cost me $50. a nice jewelery box from target for $10. on holiday sale rounded out the present. for my dad it was a pair of lounge pants and slipper/clogs so he can be comfortable when he is home from work and around the house. since being at home, I've picked up on my parents current patterns and my dad doesn't get out of his suit or tie or shoes until he gets into bed at 10pm. sheesh. he needs some california sunshine. and a pair of lounge pants and slippers. oh! he has that now.

Friday, December 16, 2005

no joe jeans

Have you seen the billboard on Sunset for Joe's Jeans?! There is a nekkid women complete with exposed T&A with no jeans in sight?! I hate this ad. I mean, I really fecking hate this ad. So many children pass by it and the model's tits and ass are out for the world to see. It is such poor taste on the part of Joe's Jeans. That's it. They're on the list. I'm boycotting Joe's Jeans. They should stick to coffee.

champagne wishes and kaviar and kind

I went to the "opening" of jen meyer's jewelery collection the other night at kaviar and kind on sunset. jennifer meyer, daughter of ron meyer (head of universal) and girlfriend of tobey mcguire. she is like the mayor of the young hollywood set and the kids came out to kiss the ring. the bushes were there. as was anthony kiedis, rachel zoe and mark ruffalo whose wife, sunshine owns the shop. her colleciton is alot of treated metal at ridiculously high prices but when you have millions what is a couple more? the store is a celeb jem. the shopgirls are very sweet and if you're in town and have got a couple of thousand to splurge, do stop by.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

snowglobing in the U.S.A.


What You Need
* Baby food jars (medium or large jars)
* Florist clay
* Small figurine
* White glitter or fake snow (available at stores during the holiday season)
* Hot glue gun or aquarium sealing glue (hot glue is cheaper)
* Ribbon, optional
* Garland plastic greenery

How To Make It
1. Make sure jar is washed and clean. Note: Any jar will do if you desire a larger snow globe.

2. Attach figurine to inside of jar lid using florist clay. If you are using a small object, it's a good idea to build up the clay so the object will appear taller. Attach any optional items with the clay (greenery, berries, etc.). Use your imagination, but make sure it is waterproof and won't dissolve.

3. Fill jar with water to within 1/2 inch (1 cm) of top. Use cold water, warm water tends to cloud. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon (25 ml) of glitter, or snow into water.

4. Insert figurine in water, screw on lid. Let stand overnight -- lid side up.

5. Use glue/sealer to ensure waterproofness and attach decorative ribbon over lid. You may also paint the lid rather than use ribbon. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless!

1. Make sure the objects are secure in the clay, you could even glue them for added security.

2. Before gluing or sealing the lid, make sure you have sufficient amount of glitter. Depending on the size of the jar, you may need more or less.

3. To make a more elaborate snowglobe, add tiny objects to float in the water, use a drop of colored oil to create a swirling effect, use food coloring in the water, various colors glitter, etc. This can be altered in any way to be a one-of-a-kind. Use your imagination and have fun.

4. This activity may be used with any size jar, have fun with this and be creative.

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