Wednesday, December 29, 2010

dr. fabulous

my doctor is quite fashionable. I can't read if he is gay or just...well, fashionable. I'm guessing the latter. I went in for a visit last week and he was wearing the most fabulous pair of laceless shoes I've seen on a man in a long time. I asked for a cell phone shot as I was so moved by the doc's duds. while he did inform me that he bought three pairs because he loved them so much, he wasn't keen on being photographed amongst cotton swabs and bad fluorescent lighting. unfortunately, I was denied the pic request. I snuck online instead and found it to share with you. it's john varvatos, of course. and it's faaaaavulous.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

blog lovin'

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lolly vuitton

j'adore the newest resortwear 2011 campaign from louis vuitton. the candy colors and striped yumminess of the accessories and swimwear are a grown up girls dream.

Friday, December 10, 2010

hola argentina

with the end of the year wrapping up, I am leaving in a few minutes on the job of a lifetime. for my newest project, me and my extremely talented lil sis, the urban grocer, may or may not have conjured up a major network television opportunity, bringing us to buenos aires for the week in search of hip, global foodie finds. I'm bringing my digi cam which means mad pix on facebook. click here to add me there and watch for more here on the top secret teevee updates. hasta la huego crocodile.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

how many licks...?

I'm a high heel lover. I love my very high heels. I've got over 50 pairs of Loubies, Manolo's, Valentino's, Steve Madden's, Aldo and Jessica Simpson's that fill up my shoe rack. This lifestyle choice is not conducive to comfy feet. Especially in New York City where I walk more than five miles a day and especially in the Winter. Enter FootzyRolls. The flat with the funny name has saved my feet. A quick dash to the Subway and back now comes accompanied by these roll-up glam flats that I stash in my oversized purse before and after the big meeting. They are easy. breezy, have cute styles like snakeskin and glitter as not to take away from a girls love of g'lamour and they are available in most department stores, making them available to you. Perfect for Bridesmaids and Girls Nights Out. And of course, the dreaded winter walk to the 77th Street Subway.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

color your world ; )

I was in at bliss 57 spa the other day for a quick wax treatment and sampled the new nail colors by essie. fab. fab. fab. especially the tiffany blue (that I'm rocking thanks to insipration from a new coach ad) and the creamy peach. j'adore.

Friday, December 03, 2010

love is in the air.

yesterday it was uber brand zara and today, it's director/writer/uber producer nancy meyers. this is not the first time I've been called a love bug. I love u. I love u. u love me. and today I love nancy meyers. I am a HUGE fan of her geriatric chic films "something's gotta give" and "it's complicated", her sets and stories and actor choices are beautiful to watch, eternally living in a pop culture glow. her latest "i love you, phillip morris" is a homosexual tour de force with a cinematic quirk worthy of a charlie kaufman story. If someone were to ask me what my "platform" was, what I stand for, if I was Miss America, what would I fight for? It's equal rights for all. and following the success of glee's gay friendly storyline pushing our people to see everyone as one more clearly, this film will hopefully make the masses fall in love with everyone too. brava nancy meyers. you're da man.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

my newest crush

I am currently crushing on zara, the international brand that lucky for us, is in most US malls. they have everything my fashion heart desires and for most looks under $100. I snapped a pic of this luxurious faux fur wrap vest with adorable and effortless brown belt, all for $70!? They have animal prints in the chicest places and their fits equal their buyer-friendly price tag. gift certificate anyone?

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


they say in new york that close to 45% of women between 25 - 65 never marry. that's because they are so busy kicking ass and enjoying each other's uplifting, empowering and inspirational time. last night was one of those times. style expert and ultimate cutie, pamela pekerman put together an incredibly chic holiday accessory guide party at dasha wellness in the galleria on 57th street. not only was the spa and its owner, shannon, divine, free massages were doled out amongst the guests. as were delicious cranberry detox drinks, fretzels by jill and glow gluten free cookies. then like a new oprah order, hostess pamela took the stage and showered guests with her holiday gift list which she then also gifted. little lingerie underthings from blush, dangling earrings from disney couture, my favorite, a gift card to daffy's for really great cheap chic finds, amongst a list of really fabulous style-y things that only a girl, at a girly party, who loves girly things would absolutely love. thank you pam. what a treat!

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