Saturday, October 29, 2005

halloween chic

Halloween freaks me out. I know its meant to be scary scary, but I'm scared of it in the way that it emabarrasses me. I don't know why, but I have no interest in dressing up or seeing other people dressed up in crazy costumes. I guess people like to leave their own personality for a night and cause mischief. Thing is, I do that every day. The day for me means staying true to who I am even if I am holed up in my place for the weekend hiding out from the monsters and ghouls. I lucked out and got a job Monday in Lake Arrowhead interviewing Omarion in the late afternoon which means I can skip over Halloween all together. Boo Humbug.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

breast in show

I get it that when showing a denim line you want to showcase the product on the nether region but if that's the case, why do so many jean du jour fashion shows feature girls with sheer, loose or no tops on? I am sorry but looking for a tight stitch or imported fabrics while a strutting model's tots are out is not what one focuses on. Such is the case for several shows this week at our beloved Spring/Summer 2006 L.A. Fashion Week. The Rock & Republic crowd on Thursday night drew hundreds of edgy and progressively denim-ed guests to the Sony Studio show making it a scene worthy of Posh's rockstar mantra. Loved the Vargas-girl look at Meghan. I would commit a number of dirty crimes, if only to sport her jailhouse polo in the slammer. Sat in the front row of the always elegant and breathtaking Sue Wong show with my Modern Girl, Jane Buckingham. We were both outfitted in Ms. Wong's designs to no ones interest but our own, securing Ms. Wong's role as the every woman couturier. Dina Bar-El was full of flowing colors, innovative dress designs and Hollywood glam, including the embodiment of glamour, Miss Marla Maples in the front row. And finally, happiness is…being Single and no truer words have ever been spoken. The Single show elicited feelings of happiness with their looks worthy of a blooming Spring/Summer 2006.

The Miss Congeniality Award goes to Jacquelyn Love who did a fashion show cum live Beach Boys show at The Cabana Club a week before the Smashbox shows started to an intimate crowd including my favorite funnyman, Ian Gomez. Sadly Brian Wilson is no longer with the troupe, but John Stamos was and believe me, sometimes that can be just as good. The night, being so surreal and special, has become an unforgettable moment in my life.

Trendster Watch:
Lots of matte silver/platinum, champagne-y creams and bright Barbie pink for the S/S season.

The cute and playful yet sexy and sophisticated tokidoki was selected by 7th on Sixth to design the venue for this Spring 2006 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios. tokidoki is the super deluxe, so get hip to the hotness.

While at Smashbox, I ran into an ol' New York friend, Miss Audrey Bernstein. In her self-professed "dress" phase, she invited me to her newest venture, The Bluebird Bakery located around the corner from the tents in Culver City. Sitting in the very charming country chic space, Audrey updated me on her switch from nightlife goddess to dessert diva over a decadent red velvet cupcake. I highly recommend stopping in for one of her now famous treats. Its not called Bluebird Bakery for nothing. Cupcakes = Happiness too!

Speaking of New York friends, I want to give major propers to the coolest chick ever, Chantal Claret of the NYC band, Morningwood. I almost passed out when I heard their soon-to-be-huge hit, nthDegree on 103.1. Karen O. is alright but she's got nothing on this sassy rock minx and her band of musical pranksters. Make sure to hit up their website ofr tour dates and iTunes to download whatever you can so you can say you knew when.

I've recently given my website a makeover, so please stop by and take a look around. It has a guestbook and blog and everything. Big up to the webmistress with the mostess, Jen Roop for hooking me up with my brand spankin' new site.

I've said it once and I'll say it again - if you don't like getting my random trendster reports, lemme know and I will remove you from the V.I.P. listy. But then how would you know what colors to wear and what music to listen to?? That's tongue-in-cheek and I'm over and out….

XOXO, Jess
Trendster/Stylist-at-Large/Modern Girl/Your Moms

Friday, October 21, 2005

life is a highway?

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

I love to be very aware of my daily surroundings. In doing this, little coincidences pop up that truly take my breath away. As your own social experiment, take a couple of breaths during that day that slow your brain down and begin to accept the wonder of life that comes to you when you can see it clearly. Truly amazing. I gave up on driving my car and as a result I have been walking around town for hours and miles and hours and miles and I always run into my friend Zeke which is special to me because 1. I don't see him too often and 2. He walks around too. So we happen to meet in our travels walking the earth. Yesterday, I met a 23 year old meth addict from San Diego named Pablo looking to score drugs (ummm, do I look like your pusherman?) annnnnnd I ended up meeting a very fun lady who needs help throwing her bigwig husbands 40th birthday party. it's 1980's metal themed. I love parties! Good fit.

Nothing trendy here folks. Just some time to thank you for reading. You are beautiful and I am grateful.

standardized living

went to the standard tonite to the ford models party to say hello to my new york friend neal who is v.p. of ford new york. chatted it up with katie ford who is um... yeah, that ford. met some very cute boys including the guys who do the internationally chic parballe and met up with a group of old(and some new) friends where we danced the night away. always a good time when the crew shows up. xoxox.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

smashed box

at the smashbox tents, thy have a fun photo booth. if the dang pooparazzi arent taken my photos at least I have the option of doing it myself. thanks dean and davis! here are some fashionweek images.........

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

sue wong spring 2006

I ended up at the Sue Wong show today. I worship her. Hers is always the best show of the week fer sher. It can compete with any New York show. It always is an o(ver) t(he) t(op) presentation. A performance really. I was lucky enough to hook up with the good PR people at SPRLA who offered me a Sue Wong dress to wear for the occassion. I got back from my morning hike, jumped in the shower, did my own hair and makeup (which is usually a bad idea) and slipped on the fab frock. I got to Smashbox, illegally parked the Benz (the parking situation there is horrid! I would rather pay a $35. ticket then wait a 1/2hr. in a valet line) and walked over. On the way into the tent, the strap to the dress popped off, leaving me with a major wardrobe malfunction worthy of Ms Jackson. I was able to grab a safety pin and do a D-I-Y fix it job but it didn't work as well as planned and I had to throw on a jacket for the red carpet pics. I hope they show up on WireImage so I can see how the jacket worked. Janey B., my co-Modern Girl was there and we got to sit in the front row and catch up and comment on all the yummy designs and models (how do they walk down that narrow runway without bumping each other off?). The show was a spectacle as expected...

As interpreted by Sue Wong in her Spring 2006 Collection, the Enchantress manifests herself in a variety of different forms. She inhabits and personifies the global Bohemian, the Amazonian jungle goddess, the Victorian/Edwarian romantic, the graceful and poetic ballerina and the gritty Gin Alley Flapper. In her new Spring Collections: Sue Wong Nocturne, Sue Wong Collection and the new Sue Wong Chemise, Sue Wong invokes this worldy vision of the goddess/Enchantress inherent in all women.

duuuuude. suite.

My favortie part of Fashion Week (or any other week for that matter) are the Design Suites. For those of you not familiar with this product free for all, a floor of a hotel is rented out and in it are vendors that are promoting their clothing, jewlery, bags, shoes, beauty product and so much more. It is the most intimate portion of any event, as you can privately view collections and speak with designers while indulging in the yummy candies and goodies and free bottled water and bubbly they offer. Its really fun! This LA Fashion Week, the Design Suites were held at the Bev Hills Hilton in beautiful Beverly Hills. Some notables include:

Juliet Jewelry
Juliet is from Chicago. People from Chicago are cool. She recognized me from Modern Girls Guide (propers) and gave me an artsy chic gift. An N15 necklace, 2" in diameter hammered sterling silver circle suspended from a sterling chain. Hangs 16" long. Created by hand. Its incredible and I plan to wear it on one of my many television appearances.

Jasmine Di Milo
These ladies are from across the pond. They had a room full of very fun, innovative dresses. The colors were black, pale pink, silver and more. The designs were clever and cheeky, much like their creators. Definately not American. I covet this line. I wish they were available here but for now you can hop a P(rivate) J(et) to Harrods... or check out their website.

AngelFish Bikini Jewelry
In the Cuban-themed Nicolita Bikini room was a girl who designed sexy charms to adorn your bikini with. I had never seen anything like this before and thought it was smart and sexy.

and finally, the SINGLE room
I love SINGLE!! Their designs are smart and sexy and affordable and fabulous. I like that they both show during the week and host a Design Suite. My Co-Host, Eva La Rue was at their show earlier in the week. Happiness is...being SINGLE!

p.s. I also loved the boys in the Kasil room. I tried on a pair of their glam denim wonders and danced. Literally, the pants made me dance. Check em at

Monday, October 17, 2005

hollywood couture and red velvet cupcakes

went to the 1pm dina bar-el show today at smashbox. it was beautiful. her dresses embody hollywood glamour. the colors, fabrics and detailing is a cut above the rest (pun intended). she had lovely creams and fun pinks, blues and greens for spring 2006. marla maples was there. I styled her in cavalli for the 2005 emmys. she is just the sweetest lady ever. said hello and took my seat in the front row next to a very cool girl who produces for fox morning, good day l.a. news. I've been trying to score a correspondent job with them for a while now. spotted my ol' nyc buddy audrey bernstein who just opened up the provencal-meets vermont bakery/lunch spot, bluebird bakery. stopped in with amy hall browne of vogue fame for for an unbelievable red velvet cupcake. do take a trip over to experience these yummy delights! tomorrow I hit up the design sweets... err, I mean, suites (I've got cupcakes on the brain).

Sunday, October 16, 2005's l.a. fashion weak

Tonight, I was at the Mondrian Hotel to kick off Fashion Week. Baaaad call on my part. The fact that the event was hosted by an energy drink should've tipped me off. I should've stayed true to my designer peeps and attended the actual Smashbox shows. Instead, I drove myself a block and half away from my apartment to pay $15 for parking and $17 for a plastic cup of Cab. My publicist who set this night up is out of town so I was left to my own devices. Here's the thing - nobody knows who I am yet (hence the publicist) so to show up to a fancy pants event at SkyBar sans publicist and a goal to get my picture up on can be an intimidating feat. After waiting in the "celebrity" line for 45 minutes (with Cindy Margolis, Natalie Raitano from V.I.P. and Slavko from VH-1's Kept. sheesh), I decided to take matters into my own hands. I scored some paper and a sharpie from the valet and wrote up a note that read 'My publicist is out of town. My name is JESS ZAINO. I host Modern Girls Guide to Life on E!/Style Network'. I had to do something!? I don't like feeling like a nobody even though I may be a nobody. Ok. Enough about my StarFaking. Onto the Fashion. Back to what I was saying before -- a show at SkyBar is not fashion week. It is held during fashion week to seem like fashion week but what it really is, is a bunch of people who have enough money to take out the pool area for a sub-par night of what said people would dub "fashion". I sat in Macy Gray's seat (I guess they forgot mine). The scene was beautiful wannabe Hollywood types against a truly beautiful Hollywood skyline. Ah, the irony. Ananda Lewis was hosting the show and came out after two hours of waiting to open the ceremonies. Unfortunately the mics were all screwy and she ended up screaming to the crowd. Nice improv on her part. The show started and just as expected it was another company that produces California casual jeans and cottons stretchy things. My fave was the swimwear collection for Nice colors and interesting cuts. By the time the Frye collection started up, it was raining and they were having tech difficulties, so I made sure to pop out my stolen seat and take off. I would much rather be watching Curb Your Enthusiam rather than actually curbing my enthusiasm. Tomorrow I am heading over to Smashbox to check out the Dina Bar-El show. I like her stuff. I like you too. Love, Jess

Thursday, October 13, 2005

fashion achievement is always preceded by fashion preparation

With NY Fashion Week being so last month and Paris in full French swing, its come time to get out your Chanel shades because our humble little town is about to shine bright. That’s right, fashionista lovelies, L.A. Fashion Week is about to, as Gwen’s Jamaican pirate yardies would say, come soon! These past few weeks have shown us colors of black (is back), silver and gray. The season trend is taking back our girlie side and flaunting our feminine charm. The cuts are fitting and the look is chic yet romantic. An oxymoron wrapped in an enigma wrapped in (faux/not faux) fur. There were two big happenings that lead me to predict that the Big Brother of Fashion is watching L.A. Fashion Week. First was the surprise appearance of Mizz Anna Wintour at last year’s Louis Verdad show and second, is the Zeitgeist that is Rachel Zoe. With teens and inappropriately dressed senior citizens on Robertson and around the globe rocking the Zoe look, the city of Angels is beginning to blossom. And like all seedy, Hollywood-types, we are watching. Hopefully, La Perla does a training bra. Ironically enough, my fave L.A. designers are not of the current trend. If you peek under the drapey gowns clinging to skinny hips, you will find the exquisitely stitched Sue Wong, the Bev Hills Blue Blood, St. John (Angelina sighting?) and the bold style of Madonna muse, Louis Verdad. If you will be attending the shows, make sure to show up in the “it” shoe: the wedge heel. The colors are dark blue, dark red, black and shades of brown (including bronze). If you don’t have a pair, stop by Chinese Laundry at the Design Suites. They always have the fun and inexpensive shoes du jour. If wedge isn’t your thing, you can also rock the croc. Tod’s does a fab croc shoe with an of-the-moment thicker heel. If you’re not looking to loose a hand over it, a more appropriately priced version is a Tommy Hilfiger take with the same color and shape. Speaking of which, whatever happened to that Rich Girls show on MTV? I miss the wild teen antics of lil’ Hilfiger and friends. My Super Sweet 16 isn’t quite as insightful. Some other things to check out on the lifeStyle tip –

Wen Hair and Body Care by Chaz Dean. Because Chaz is one of the most genuinely nice guys in all of L.A., he has created this product for us sans dyes and other icky stuff, so hair is left healthy, silky, manageable and able to grow, grow, grow!! Watch for it on QVC.

In an effort to lend support to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Alex and Ani, designer of couture and contemporary jewelry, has created the "St. Christopher Bracelet". This special piece is Russian gold plated over a brass-etched wire and includes an embossed double-sided metal coin of St. Christopher. The medallion, which symbolizes protection, is in scripted with the words "Saint Christopher Protect Us." All proceeds benefit Project USA and the victims of Hurricane Katrina. For $16, you can help out at

In Style: Home Edition. This season’s Home supplement has a piece on Celebrity Organizer, Jill Pollack and her client, Jennifer Tilly. In addition to being the sassy minx who single handedly got me to move from NYC to LA, Jill’s expertise will rid you of your organiziety. She can be found at

If I’m plugging friends, I might as well throw one in there for myself! Check out to find out about the faaaaab show that I co-host, Modern Girls Guide to Life. Its full of fun tips and girlie tricks. If you haven’t seen it yet, let’s get this party started because it is THE thing to watch.

As I wrap this up I leave you with this one question: is bronzer still in? Seriously. I’m not sure if we’re doing the Fall pale thing here in L.A. or if we’re still spreading on that fake sun, but please let me know as my Havana flip-flop daily routine is leaving me to look like a black and white cookie. Yum. Cookies.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

retroactive post it note

Just got back from NY Fashion Week and it was super fun! I flew
out to shoot Ambush Makeovers which are airing this week as part
of Everyday Runway on the Style Network. In addition, my fellow
Modern Girl, Claudia Jordan and I got to do Modern Girls Make-up
Tips for the NY Fashion Show Special which premieres on Style this
Saturday, 9/17 at
9pm . We had a blast with our fashion show hijinx
and as a result, stood out amongst the high-profile fashionista crowd.
I ran into some old school
New York buddies that I hadn't seen in a while
and got to meet a whole new bunch of
New York friends. I also made
sure to keep keen to the haps::

Model to Watch: Gemma Ward (the new Kate Moss) and Cameron from
Ford (wikkid Boston cutie)

Fave Shows: Project
Alabama , Mary Ping, Libertine, Ruffian, Tracey Reese

Fave Party: Rosa Cha at The Maritime (coz my Mom was my date)

Make-up Trends: Mally, superstar Make-up Artist said we're moving
towards SILVER for Spring 2006. I'd listen to her. Shes pretty badass.

Most Celeb packed show: Marc Jacobs

Fave new shoe: the pump-wedge hybrid. Sexy and smart!

Fave Bags: Anything by Isabella Fiore

Weird but true: dErrrrrr, the Diane Von Furstenberg show?!

New York it's to Vegas, baby! Make sure to check out our last
Modern Girls Guide to Life of this season airing Friday night 9/16 at

on Style when the Modern Girls do Vegas! I get to learn all about
Craps from an MGM Grand legend, so tune in, coz you'll learn something
too! ModernGirl Scout promise...........................................

Also, I put together a ModernGirl MySpace page, so please join in on the
sass if you've got tips of your own to post and share or want the latest dish
on what the MGs are up to --

P.S. If you're not down to receive these random stories of a life in style,
lemme know and I'll take you off the V.I.P. list. It is meant for your
enjoyment not annoyment. Ummmmm, yeah, that's not a word.

See you at the Emmys!

xo, Jess
Stylist-at-Large, Modern Girl, Fashion/Lifestyle/Media Gadfly, Libra

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