Wednesday, October 19, 2005

sue wong spring 2006

I ended up at the Sue Wong show today. I worship her. Hers is always the best show of the week fer sher. It can compete with any New York show. It always is an o(ver) t(he) t(op) presentation. A performance really. I was lucky enough to hook up with the good PR people at SPRLA who offered me a Sue Wong dress to wear for the occassion. I got back from my morning hike, jumped in the shower, did my own hair and makeup (which is usually a bad idea) and slipped on the fab frock. I got to Smashbox, illegally parked the Benz (the parking situation there is horrid! I would rather pay a $35. ticket then wait a 1/2hr. in a valet line) and walked over. On the way into the tent, the strap to the dress popped off, leaving me with a major wardrobe malfunction worthy of Ms Jackson. I was able to grab a safety pin and do a D-I-Y fix it job but it didn't work as well as planned and I had to throw on a jacket for the red carpet pics. I hope they show up on WireImage so I can see how the jacket worked. Janey B., my co-Modern Girl was there and we got to sit in the front row and catch up and comment on all the yummy designs and models (how do they walk down that narrow runway without bumping each other off?). The show was a spectacle as expected...

As interpreted by Sue Wong in her Spring 2006 Collection, the Enchantress manifests herself in a variety of different forms. She inhabits and personifies the global Bohemian, the Amazonian jungle goddess, the Victorian/Edwarian romantic, the graceful and poetic ballerina and the gritty Gin Alley Flapper. In her new Spring Collections: Sue Wong Nocturne, Sue Wong Collection and the new Sue Wong Chemise, Sue Wong invokes this worldy vision of the goddess/Enchantress inherent in all women.


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