Tuesday, July 28, 2009

polkadots & moonbeams & secret sales

if you love polkadots&moonbeams in los angeles as much as I do, you'll love that their semi-annual sale starts this friday 7/31 online AND in-store/s. their sales are famous since they only hold them twice a year which means it is going to be BIG! get on it before the goods are gone. xxo.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

hey kid! come in my van, I've got candy.

I recently mentioned a lower broadway window shopping excursion. high end designer windows styled to entice even the tightest of wallets. I fell in love with a buttery black nappa tote that at $2250 better come with two bedrooms and a dishwasher at the budget I'm working with these days. lucky for me, something else happens on lower broadway: the black market for designer bags. yep, the illusive knock-off. so many poo poo the trade which I understand. and I want to stimulate our american economy as much as the next guy. but it's PRADA!? this morning I ventured out to a street corner and waited for the chinese women that whisper the secret passwords: gucci, dolce, louis, PRADA!? I demurely strolled up and asked, "have you got the new fall prada collection?". I was then ushered into a van that was parked nearby. I nervously climbed in to find rows upon rows of knock-off bags of every brand. there was a light and a chair and I sat and was showed all of today's trends for a mere fraction of the price. and its true what they say: the pieces are made in the same factories as their originals and look pretty darn good. unfortunately I didn't find my coveted piece and I was ultimately freaked out by the exchange so maybe I'll stick to bag borrow or steal or a strong layaway plan.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I usually don't walk down broadway in soho coz its tourist trap city. I did today. and now I see why its a tourist trap. there are some incredible windows between spring and canal on broadway. namely prada and their incredible rain boots. I just had to get the scoop and of course they were only made for the paris runway but a couple of pairs will come in for $1400 in the fall. yeah, right. a girl could dream. and the adidas store that houses stella mccartney's athletic line? it is SPECTACULAR! the adorable white tennis dresses could be a bridal dress and the shoes are to. die. I'll be taking that route a bit more.

olsen twin top honours

granted its not frugal friendly, but those alien twins, mary-kate and ashley olsen sure know how to design a nice looking piece of clothing. named for their other non-twin siblings, the olsen twins have taken making blueberry lipgloss at wal-mart to high fashion with their elizabeth and james line in one easy jump. kudos to those two. and by kudos, I mean the actually snack food. bitches need to eat. I saw them at the chateau marmont once eating a piece of iceberg lettuce together with a fork and knife. true story.

whose in style?

make sure to pick up next week's release of the fall makeover issue of in style magazine! I did a very fun food diary for a week that they then analyzed. oy. I definitely tried my best to not eat spoonfuls of peanut butter that week. too bad I couldn't say the same for the cocktails.

Monday, July 20, 2009

mcD's is the new black

we all know people are turning to more frugal economic choices in this day and age, so propers to the high-fashion advert for a japanese mcdonald's. mcloverly.

you like-a the italy?

vote for your fave pair of italian shoes and win a trip to the homeland.

domo arigato tokyo joe

when I was living in california, one of my favorite places to recycle designer duds (and then pick up fab new finds on the cheap) was crossroads on santa monica blvd. when I got to new york, I was having a hard time finding a place to trade in my stuff. low and behold, I came across a newly opened manhattan buffalo exchange on 11th street. the store is great for getting some quick cash but they cater to a very hipster clientele, so one must make sure that their items will be what a lower east side lady wants. on my last excursion to the store, I had a bag filled with brand names and I didn't want to be offered less for the luxury. turns out that right next store is a funky little shop named, tokyo joe. they've got racks upon racks of delicious designer from chloe to chanel to my newly traded-in moschino. if you're visiting the big apple on a shopping spree, I definitely recommend this store as a stop.

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