Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Street Style

The New York Times Sunday Style section is a must read for me and has been since it was delivered to my house growing up and my parents and I would discuss the wedding announcements and socialite photos over Cherrios and grapefruit. The beautiful font, the up to minute trend features and the comfortable knowing that the Bill Cunningham "On The Street" column is always jam packed with a creative spirit and a sartorialist eye. Bill Cunningham, the 83 year old fashion photography genius behind the original street style photos that are so common on most style and fashion blogs these days, is the subject of a new documentary, Bill Cunningham New York. It is incredibly moving, especially to this young grasshopper who hopes to get that right shot at the right time to expose readers to what's hot on the street as far as fashion goes. After the film, I decided to do just that, heading to Union Square on a Sunday to see what trends are being set. And if you're one of the few to rock a look before it sells at Forever 21 en masse, take notice of what I found: calf-length hemlines on flow-y separate skirts. Truly, I saw no less than a dozen stylish women wearing the look. Usually with Oxford Flats and an Annie Hall-style button down. And if you're not in New York to pick up the look, I also found a delicious pink gauze skirt selling at Old Navy for you try on for size. Happy trending.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cheap Chic Shopping Tours NYC!

This past Saturday in NYC was an incredibly fun and successful Cheap Chic Shopping Tour. Powered by online lifestyle magazine, Bella Life, the Cheap Chic Shopping Tour, created and led by Celebrity Style Expert, Jess Zaino (that's me! ha.) is your opportunity to build a new Spring or Summer wardrobe for on or around $100, all with the help of an in-the-know style guide!

How’s that, you ask? Well, as a Celebrity Stylist, Expert, Shopper and bargain hunter, I've created a designated downtown NYC shopping map, so that along with a group of 5 women, you can stock your closet with the most stylish sandals or wedges, a new tote, sunglasses, a few cute dresses and a tank or top or blazer or two. For little coin.

All you have to do is click the website link here, then click the Paypal link at the bottom of the web page to sign up, pre-pay the event fee and prepare your additional $100 on the day of for a guaranteed fresh, new seasonal look. Once your event purchase is made, a confirmation email will follow with location details and some other fun tips and tricks to prepare you for our fun shopping day. Plus, you’ll get to utilize Jess Zaino’s ”industry stylist card“, so the savings begin before we even meet!

On this 3 ½ hour excursion, I will lead you on a walking tour through downtown New York to discover one-of-a-kind style finds, including handbags, shoes and accessories for less than $100, in total!! With a decade of fashion experience, I've done it for celebrities, professional styling jobs and I can do it for you!

And for extra in the know savings, deals and special tours, join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @Shop_CheapChic.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Add Zing! to your Zummer.

Neon is often something associated with Summer. Or the 1980's. It's my belief, that because of the long and cold NYC winter and current weirdo Sprummer weather, adding neon to a daily look is needed right NOW! Last week at the nail salon, I contemplated the pale pink of a Ballet Slipper, but I busted out the Neon Orange instead, pledging this and other neon colors would be my constant companion through the warm seasons. On my way home, I came across this adorable animal print tote (pictured) with neon accents from Joe Boxer for less than $10. And of course, no neon look is complete without colorful sunglasses. All three neon picks are easy to pair with black and other neutral colors for zing and zip. And I promise, the neon hue feels like a party, uplifting moods and inspiring compliments aplenty.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

it's the little things that matter

As girls, we love to play with little things. Barbie has her teeny hot pink pocketbook. Our dollhouse comes equipped with little hangers for littler black dresses. So, while at an event last week, I was especially excited to get the scoop on a new style collaboration for the little lovers in us. Spanish jewelry company Tous has partnered with our beloved shoe brand, Manolo Blahnik on a series of adorable and teeny, tiny silver and gold charms made to represent the ever popular Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane on a necklace chain. The presentation, pictured here, was even on tiny, little chairs. And one of the Tous representatives visiting from Spain, was rocking some small eyeglasses. I was dying over the cute. And took to the Internet to find more fun, little finds. With fascinators being all the Royal rage, I peeped this tiny hat that Alexa Chung rocked for the for New Look campaign. It's nice to know even as adults, fashion still allows us to play grown-up.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Livestrong with Jen Roop: $1 for 1 Mile

This is the third year that my friend, Jen Roop is participating in the LIVESTRONG Challenge. The 100 mile ride is on Sunday, July 10 in Davis, CA. She rides to raise money because she believes in a cure, and she believes that every dollar can make a difference. Her commitment to the cancer community is to raise as much money as she possibly can, which means riding a mile for every dollar she raises.

Friday, June 03, 2011

a hair trend that's FLY!

fly, as in fly away, trendy girl. the boho chic feather trend is taking off like last year's sillybandz. my girl, hairstylist meg d. is down in the east village at salon V taking appointments now to hook you up. she'll be on FOX today at 5pm est showing off her mad feather skillz. and we knew her when, back in march, we featured the trend on click the link to get the how-to.

no need to leave, google it here