Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Street Style

The New York Times Sunday Style section is a must read for me and has been since it was delivered to my house growing up and my parents and I would discuss the wedding announcements and socialite photos over Cherrios and grapefruit. The beautiful font, the up to minute trend features and the comfortable knowing that the Bill Cunningham "On The Street" column is always jam packed with a creative spirit and a sartorialist eye. Bill Cunningham, the 83 year old fashion photography genius behind the original street style photos that are so common on most style and fashion blogs these days, is the subject of a new documentary, Bill Cunningham New York. It is incredibly moving, especially to this young grasshopper who hopes to get that right shot at the right time to expose readers to what's hot on the street as far as fashion goes. After the film, I decided to do just that, heading to Union Square on a Sunday to see what trends are being set. And if you're one of the few to rock a look before it sells at Forever 21 en masse, take notice of what I found: calf-length hemlines on flow-y separate skirts. Truly, I saw no less than a dozen stylish women wearing the look. Usually with Oxford Flats and an Annie Hall-style button down. And if you're not in New York to pick up the look, I also found a delicious pink gauze skirt selling at Old Navy for you try on for size. Happy trending.

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Claire M. said...

Nice orange skirt! Love it ;)

no need to leave, google it here