Saturday, October 21, 2006

district of totally awesome!

checked into the hotel in d.c. on wednesday night. early thursday kisha came and got me and we went on some crazy adventures in d.c. we wanted to go to the white house but turns out you need to be screen so anyone thinking of taking a tour make sure to get on the website and get the pre-scan which takes up to eight weeks! Im not so sure having the c.i.a. look up your life story for a pop in and hello to see the presedential cat sounds all that appealing. we ended up hopping a sightseeing bus that took us around town but we got scolded by the driver for talking during his sight speech so we ditched that dummy and ended up catching a cab to take a picture in front of the white house. we ended up at lunch overlooking the city which was lovely. all in all a very fun morning. go u.s.a.!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I went to washington d.c. and all I got was this t-shirt

now I know I am not named politic-ster but this post does include a rather relevant fashion choice. I am at the airport in washington d.c. having just landed and am heading to the hotel for my last nordstrom gig and there is a college-aged girl of what would appear to be middle eastern desent wearing a shirt that says "my name causes national security threats. what does yours do?". I know the question is meant to be provocative and it does hold some truth but I think to wear something like that on a plane in this day and age is selfish. there is a very obvious fear that lives amongst american fliers and I think to wear a shirt that has the words national, security and threat blasted across the front is a terrorist act on its own. plus, who the F is wearing shirts with sayings these days? that went out with the italian princess 3/4 sleeve joints we used to get at the busy bee mall back in the day.

are you single?

l.a. fashion week started out earlier this week and the hollywood haute were in full swing. I checked out the single show front row at the tents monday. lots of flowy, colorful bohemian chic. think pucci meets santa monica. I like me some single. they had an afterparty at blowfish sushi with a ton of yummy rolls and other fun stuff. those mannfolk pr people really do a party right. I then cut across town from sunset to wilshire to the reg bev wil where rock n' republic was holding a showing in the GM suite. ran into my old school bud robert verdi and got to see the new collection. it is nothing short of prep rock chic. It is soooooooo my new fave line. the cuts are incredible and the ac/dc inspired look is pure rock and roll. vp maggie said led zepplin is their muse. I strutted out with a fab gift bag including a corduroy hat that I've lived in since I left.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

tour lore

I'm having a fab time on the last leg of my nordstrom event tour. san diego was a blast and tampa was extraordinary. dale miner set up a breakfast for the ladies prior to the event and I got to raffle off a bunch of stuff. too fun. I met so many great people and had such a rad time. its always my fave when a mom and daughter come in together and we get to play dress up with all the accessories. this fall nordstrom has some great stuff to pop an outfit. I especially love the betsey johnson baubles, the alexis bittarlucite jewelery, the oversized bags and all the yummy sunglasses. I still love the aviator chanels the best! great for that "just got done from flying my private plane" angelina/gwyenth look. l.a. fashion week is happening so tomorrow I am checking out the rock n republic suite at the bev hil, then the single show at the tents and the party afterwards at blowfish sushi. I better work it, girl.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

you know what time it is

got back this saturday from a nordstrom event in chicago. outside of nyc and l.a., chicago is my top city!! katie young and the chi-town crew were great and the event was alot of super deluxe fun!! I met a fab style network fan family that walked away with an awesome betsey johnson charm bracelet for the young daughter's 11th birthday, a pair of chanel shades for mama and a duster for grandma. the family that shops together, stays together!! I myself left chicago with an unbelievable new treat - the juicy couture "charmed I'm sure" charm bracelet watch. it's my fave accessory ever! I wore it out to sunday supper at lucques and yesterday to an important lunch meeting at bld and got quite the reaction. its a limited-edition piece and worth every pretty penny.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

make it mine: brea

last weekend kicked off the start of the fall make it mine event tour at nordstrom. this season is very exciting because of all the fun trends happening and I love to do the do at the store for the ladies (and random gents). I got to pick out a fab betsey johnson dress and red, suede steve madden pumps because as recent trends dictate, a pop of red is the way to go. for accessories, I am sporting a few fab juicy pieces around my neck and arms coz I am feeling the juicy right now. everyone was awesome (big ups allison, karen, breann, elizabeth) and the show was fun. tomorrow I leave for two more events in virginia on thursday evening and chi-town on saturday morning. I'm super psyched that its chillier on the east coast coz I get to sport my cashmere.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

M angia.

my neighborhood food spot is the joint. centrally located on melrose and la brea, M cafe is an organic, macrobiotic world of yummy. I can eat all my meals there from the delicious cranberry walnut french toast to the gado gado salad to the ala carte sushi counter, dean and deluca style. david and I were there for breakfast this morning where we saw vegan postergirl alicia silverstone looking hipstered out in black sevens, a backpack and her hair thrown together on top of her head - perfect outfit choice for a comfy morning outing to the local macro mart. despite the healthy mantra, M cafe de Chaya is an epicurian delight for people of all palettes.

no need to leave, google it here