Tuesday, October 10, 2006

you know what time it is

got back this saturday from a nordstrom event in chicago. outside of nyc and l.a., chicago is my top city!! katie young and the chi-town crew were great and the event was alot of super deluxe fun!! I met a fab style network fan family that walked away with an awesome betsey johnson charm bracelet for the young daughter's 11th birthday, a pair of chanel shades for mama and a duster for grandma. the family that shops together, stays together!! I myself left chicago with an unbelievable new treat - the juicy couture "charmed I'm sure" charm bracelet watch. it's my fave accessory ever! I wore it out to sunday supper at lucques and yesterday to an important lunch meeting at bld and got quite the reaction. its a limited-edition piece and worth every pretty penny.

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