Thursday, December 27, 2007

fashion fix

I am chillin down in miami thru the new year and just got the fab head's up that my new fashion blog on the fashion homepage is up and running. I'd love to invite you to check it out and certainly and by all means, comment on my piece. not only will your hits and comments mean alot to me but I think you'll like the post as well so its a win-win. catch me and comment here.

looking forward to reading your fashion comments. grassy ass.
xo, jess

Sunday, December 23, 2007

it's a wrap

my sis is home in new york from switzerland, me and the beau are at home with the parents on long island, the fire is on and the grappa is flowing. we've done a few gift exchanges in the last several days and its always such a pleasure for me to discuss the different ideas on presenting the presents. I have opted for a new york times theme with red ribbon and my homemade cards (also with nyt cut-outs). meg d. wrapped up my special something with hot pink tissue paper, twine from the 99 cent store and topped it off with a sprig of fir. fab! what are you planning to do?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

travel tips

I took the AM flight yesterday from LAX to JFK on american. saundi flew virgin atlantic. for those of you flying this holiday season, look into the caselogic lightweight luggage. the airlines are not taking liberties with bags and will make you tuck, fold and cover every inch of your belongings, so be prepared. there are HUGE lines and bad attitudes at american, so be prepared. why don't they send their employees to the nordstrom school of customer service? I know the counter workers are treated poorly but that doesn't mean that have to treat customers poorly. it doesn't cost anything to smile, especially when I apying $500 plus for it. apparently, virgin america has a nightclub like feel, cool leather seats, movies galore and yummy food stuffs. american ran out of food on my flight, so be prepared. buy water after you get thru security. and when you can, sign up for the frequent flyer programs through your favorite airline to get special travel benefits when they are offered.

Friday, December 14, 2007

a very hollywood holiday

yesterday was the annual girl's xmas exchange. every year, my crew of girls do a fun secret santa drink thingee and toast our gratitude for the past year. I was very grateful for a chateau marmont one night stay I received in a RBK gift bag a few months ago. I figured it was a perfect opportunity to redeem my gift yesterday and host the girl's holiday party on the outside veranda. no better plan could've been, well... planned. I started out the day redeeming a burke williams spa certificate I had for a shiatsu massage (and saundi's firm swedish). we then checked into the chateau and took a cat nap. seven thirty came and we were all dolled up for the night's festivities which ended up being a lovely holiday affair. I had lisa anne as a secret santa of whom I gifted the ab fab dvd series from and ironically she had me, for which I got a cutey-patootey betsey johnson tee. I also picked up the daisy marc jacobs solid scent and a fab bottle of wine. for my guests, I gave I Love New York (the city not the show) tees with new york baked black and white cookies. we drank the night away in style (that I'm still feeling today). cheers!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm dreaming of a green christmas

the green theme is big this holiday season. I don't know if its the melting icecaps or the barney's windows, but we are having a green christmas! I myself have gotten jazzed on the idea and have reconstructed and recycled everyday items to fit in with my gift giving...

wrap your gifts in fun newspaper, maybe the sunday comics? or my fave, the new york times style section.

when in doubt, go with a gift card. it saves time, paper waste and will give the giftee whatever they are wanting. iTunes is a fun way to go for the music aficionado.

if we're talking recycling, this trendster says re-gifting is a-ok! as long as it doesn't go back to the one who gave it. eek.

Monday, December 10, 2007

snake charming

check out style network's blog today. I'm talking snake accessory.

deconstructed earrings

I've been wanting to pick up a pair of gold straight dangle earrings for a minute now but since I've been spending so much cash on the christmas gifts, figured I'd wait until the new year to buy something for myself. low and behold, I had a pair of danglies from an H&M in switzerland. they had hearts on the, but I was crafty (and frugal) enough to find some pliers and twist the hearts off making for my perfect pair of earrings. crafts equal more cash for family and friend christmas gifts.

hot holiday gifts

I just got back from a very quick trip to new york where I did a satellite media tour with my pals vidicom on some hot holiday gifts. for those of you who don't know, an SMT is where the "host" or expert is in a studio and via satellite we do interviews with national morning shows promoting the brand we are hired by. for those of you who don't know what hot holiday gifts to give, here is a rundown of my gift guide:

for under $180. you can give one lucky travler, a beaufiul set of caselogic liightweight luggage. its made of a special material that makes it durable and extra light. plus its got fun features like a removable laptop shuttle and water bottle holder for hands free handling.

for the mom, dad or baby cousin, get a goose down vest from lands end. for $25, its comfy, colorful and comes in all shapes and sizes. perfect for layering over the sweatshirt or under the coat.

for the music lover, a truly unique gift is the exclusive, hand signed by THE EAGLES takamine guitar. all proceeds go to the walden woods project and only a few were made so its a gift that gives back, is one of a kind and rocks!

lastly, is the breville cafe-roma espresso machine from bed bath and beyond. it brews a perfect cup of espresso and allows the coffee lover to be a barista in their own kitchen.

all of these fun gifts can be found online at their respective online stores. happy shopping!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


ever since I picked up a pair of vans-like checkerboards at rite-aid, I have not discounted the store for cheapie fun finds. my eye for pharmacy chic took me into the shoe collection yet again where I found a fab pair of winter footwear to kick around the house in. they're the brown clunky ankle-high booties much like an ugg but ugglier but oh! so comfy and apparently, outside of the oprah crochet, its the thing this winter season. for $9.99, grab 'em before they're gone.

in a galaxy far far away...

last week was house of diehl's style wars competition in los angeles at cinespace. saundi dj'd. the judges were myself, musician jody whatley from back in the day, jeffrey sebelia, last year's winner from project runway and handbag designer nikki chu. the competitors battled it out in live on stage style rounds such as bauhaus your body and denim use. it was an event that los angelenos rarley get to see and it was awesome and I'm sorry you missed it. for vidz and such, my bud possum came down and shot if for his gotv network. check it here.

no need to leave, google it here