Sunday, December 02, 2007


ever since I picked up a pair of vans-like checkerboards at rite-aid, I have not discounted the store for cheapie fun finds. my eye for pharmacy chic took me into the shoe collection yet again where I found a fab pair of winter footwear to kick around the house in. they're the brown clunky ankle-high booties much like an ugg but ugglier but oh! so comfy and apparently, outside of the oprah crochet, its the thing this winter season. for $9.99, grab 'em before they're gone.


Jopa said...

40 years ago it was very hippie chic to buy those wooden doctor scholl's and "jelly plastic sandals" in the pharmacies. They maintained their allure for many years so that when the Kiddies arrived they got the jellies at the pharmacy for under $5 rather than buying at the children's shops or shoe stores for $30.

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