Tuesday, July 29, 2008

leggo my eggo

I was on a fab early morning photo shoot today with the glam squad of byu-ti salon. make-up artist emily had a miracle makeup product that works wonders on blending foundation flawlessly. pick up the beautyblender pink egg sponge applicator pronto.

the eyes of laura mars

sunday night, jim, j9 and I packed up a picnic basket and headed over to the hollywood forever cemetery for the cinespia screening of the eyes of lara mars. not only was it a treat to spend such a lovely sunday evening together on the grass with candles and wine and hundreds of other hipster film lovers but the movie rocked! starring faye dunaway as a fashion photographer, the thriller featured photography by helmut newton, over the top crimped hair, juicy red lips and ferosh late 70's fashions. definitely worth a date if you're in l.a. and the film a spot on your netflix queue.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RIP sophia petrillo

estelle getty who played sophia petrillo passed away yesterday. I am a superfan of the golden girls and estelle getty was a leading female comedy great. her brand of sass and zing will live on forever.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

espy style suites

I would love to tell u of all the great product me and kiki were introduced to at the espy style suites today at the standard downtown. however, the hotel valet parking was so horrific that they lost my car and for two and a half hours I was on a wild goose chase to find it. it ruined the whole day and all of the fun goodies like blue microphone speakers and the original retro brand NY giants shirt I picked up. I mustn't neglect to mention the good times that made up for the car mishap dancing with rico the trumpeter in the cocktail lounge. it's a lifestyle, honies.

Monday, July 14, 2008

call me at the office

much like perez uses the coffee bean on sunset and fairfax as his office, I've decided to take up residence at the renaissance hotel at hollywood & highland. you can find me conducting businessl poolside. my assistant can assist you with whatever towels and drinks you may need.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

retro shade

on my first day of seventh grade at sagamore junior high school, I wore a burnt sienna cable knit sweater, jeans that met with scrunched white socks in penny loafers (influenced by my dad complete with penny). to finish the look, I had a pair of really cool shades that I loved and wore with trendy pride. how very MLK. I found those same wayfarer glasses today in forever 21 for $6.80. that's an A in history and style.


I have seen several close friends get married and even helped a few pick out a dress but yesterday I had the honor of assisting my bud, evan marc katz with picking out a tux for his halloween wedding. we met up at the men's warehouse in bev hills where he chose a calvin klein number that fit perfectly and a pale-yellow vest and tie combo that will surely have him shining on his big day.

summer in the city

I love coming home to new york if only to spend to spend time with my most cherished bff's. we hit brooklyn’s chez oskar for mojito breakfast then headed to central park for an afro-beat summerstage. if u can hop a flight to nyc for the summer, I highly recommend the park production of hair and a walk across the brooklyn bridge.

Monday, July 07, 2008

put it in the papers

if u missed it yesterday, in new york post's, page six was a "we hear" spot that featured the likes of my boy designer matt levine of steelo who is opening his members-only club the eldridge in the next few weeks AND shooting vh1's glam god. two projects you definately don't want to miss. you read it here first.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

a good guest

a good guest
arrives slightly late. and leaves on time.
a good guest brings energy and charm and a small present.
a dinner guest engages the person on his right and left.
a party guest mingles and meets everyone.
a house guest is self-sufficient, not needing constant entertainment.
all good guests write thank you notes.
very good guests call the next day.

* courtesy of tiffany & co. *

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