Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am grateful for...

my family

davines hair product

$28 dollar riding boots by george at wal-mart


domino magazine

lobello fresa lipgloss from mexico

sexy trench coats

arnold palmers from the tea shop

my trusty longchamp tote


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

sweeet dee denim

several years ago, I picked up what seemed to be a pair of designer seven jeans. I bought them from a man on the street in nyc for $40. my bfriend at the time would joke that they were really "sixes" and wouldn't last. that was four years ago and they have been my favorite pair of trusty "go-to" jeans.... until now. in light of the recession and the inflated prices of designer denim, I have found a line that is both trusty and great looking. the "sweet dee" collection of alias premium denim is sexy, stylish and most of all, an unbelievable bargain at $40. the only minor setback is that they are a bit low on the hip (which is something I try to avoid) however, I think with wear, they will be exactly what I want.

Monday, November 17, 2008

coat check

with the winter season upon us, its time to get into something toasty and warm. if u are looking for a new coat, there are tremendous sales happening right now. big brassy buttons, military inspired trench coats and fitted leather numbers are all the rage. think burberry. or michael kors. for high end style and warmth. house of diehl has a hot leather motorcycle jacket that'll knock your socks off but with a tiny leather jacket and no socks, you'll be super cool both literally and figuratively. head to any of the major department stores like macy's or a marshalls if u're looking for something affordable and attractive.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

do u like it rough?

I am living in a remote section of eastern long island. an advantage of this, other than the incredible air, leaves, sunsets and water, are the bargain basement prices of their blow-dry. I am a girl with curly curly hair and sometimes when its just too much to bear, a nice blow out saves me from hair anxiety. in los angeles this can run up to $75. in new york city, usually more. but on long island in a secret little strip mall getaway, I found a $12 blow dry to die for. I made a visit with me mum today and for less than a date night at the movies, I've got straight hair for the week. genius. the rough part came when I mentioned I had just put some african-american hair product in for a nice condition and gleam. not genius. the girl was shampooing my hair as though she was ripping it out to clean it of its recent conditioning treatment. then came the blow dry. she ripped at my head with her round iron brush causing my neck to rash and almost bleed. sheesh. when she took out the hot straight iron, I nearly fainted. I liked the consistency of her thoroughness but it was a bit too rough even for a tough girl like me. cest lie vie. I like my straight hair even with the clumps ripped out. and at $15 with wash and tip, I'll keep going back for more.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

O yes!

the other night before a soho dinner at bread I popped into sephora on broadway to, ummmm, put on my (or really, their) makeup. I'm sort of living out of a gucci bag right now and sometimes my fave products can't come with. and it is a recession. so really I'm being crafty by saving money with my in n' out make-up tricks. I digress... I fell in instant love with two new products from smashbox. the O-glow intuitive cheek color and bionic mascara are to die!! especially, the O-glow. it gives your cheeks the rosiest and most natural of a blushed tint. with goji berry extract, its good for you too! so pretty. if u pair it with the NARS foundation you've got a paparazzi ready look. but at $44 for the NARS product, its probably best to follow my suit and sample and run.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I've been chillin in gramercy park these last few days and I heard of a local free yoga class in the area. since I haven't done a proper stretch since I got here, I figured free yoga is just what will hit the spot. the los angeles yoga class I did was outside at runyon canyon every morning and included a couple dozen angelenos who chill and stretch in the sun without a care (or usually in job in that city). it was fun to see how different the nyc class was. filled with nyu dancers and actors, the class couldn't have been more vocal. I had to keep from laughing because of the intense moaning that was coming from everyone. it was a like an snl skit. but it was a great workout. and free! and everyone looked super cute in their dance shorts. I recommend picking up a pair of these super comfy panty and googling a yoga class in your area. ommmmmmmmm.

Monday, November 03, 2008

for the bargainistas

puss in boots

since moving back to new york, I have had my eye on female footwear. it gets cold here so its best to be fashionable and functional. most ladies are pairing their knee high boots with leggings but if you're looking to get a leg up on the competition, go the extra inch, literally, with these over-the-knee boots from victoria's secret. they are on the affordable side so you can save some money and go short on that skirt (to best show off your sexy new boots).

no need to leave, google it here