Sunday, November 16, 2008

do u like it rough?

I am living in a remote section of eastern long island. an advantage of this, other than the incredible air, leaves, sunsets and water, are the bargain basement prices of their blow-dry. I am a girl with curly curly hair and sometimes when its just too much to bear, a nice blow out saves me from hair anxiety. in los angeles this can run up to $75. in new york city, usually more. but on long island in a secret little strip mall getaway, I found a $12 blow dry to die for. I made a visit with me mum today and for less than a date night at the movies, I've got straight hair for the week. genius. the rough part came when I mentioned I had just put some african-american hair product in for a nice condition and gleam. not genius. the girl was shampooing my hair as though she was ripping it out to clean it of its recent conditioning treatment. then came the blow dry. she ripped at my head with her round iron brush causing my neck to rash and almost bleed. sheesh. when she took out the hot straight iron, I nearly fainted. I liked the consistency of her thoroughness but it was a bit too rough even for a tough girl like me. cest lie vie. I like my straight hair even with the clumps ripped out. and at $15 with wash and tip, I'll keep going back for more.

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