Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I've been chillin in gramercy park these last few days and I heard of a local free yoga class in the area. since I haven't done a proper stretch since I got here, I figured free yoga is just what will hit the spot. the los angeles yoga class I did was outside at runyon canyon every morning and included a couple dozen angelenos who chill and stretch in the sun without a care (or usually in job in that city). it was fun to see how different the nyc class was. filled with nyu dancers and actors, the class couldn't have been more vocal. I had to keep from laughing because of the intense moaning that was coming from everyone. it was a like an snl skit. but it was a great workout. and free! and everyone looked super cute in their dance shorts. I recommend picking up a pair of these super comfy panty and googling a yoga class in your area. ommmmmmmmm.

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