Tuesday, October 27, 2009

costume design

in preparation for challoweenie, I stopped by kmart in penn station to pick up a good costume. there are a lot of fab parties this weekend to hit and I must ensure that me and the man are working the holiday. I came across a gorilla hot costume for kids that was 1/2 priced. after trying on the gorilla gloves, I figured the 3 yr. olds + costume would surely fit my sweetie. I was right. upon coming home (after a very fun night with wendi who is visiting from l.a.), M. tried on his costume with much success. and what we found was even cooler and trendier. the freekin' gloves rock. more than michael's gloved hand. more than madonna's laced fingers. M. is rocking the gorilla glove and I highly recommend you getting on this gorilla train. oo oo. ah ah.


I am obsessed with the brother p-touch. I label most available spaces. I make my bed the second I am up and put my foot on the floor. even the pic I posted is bugging me out. and I don't think it helps that this morning when my sweet as sugar bfriend made a delicious and beautiful breakfast for me, all I could think about was that the linen cabinet he pulled the breakfast napkins out of was open. some call it O.C.D. some call it being super organized. I like the latter. don't want to be considered a type-A, high-maintenance neat freak? have my super organized, type-A friends do the work for you.

hot cross buns

my roomie meg d. who is a fabulous and trendy hairstylist at salon V in the east village came home the other day with a loose side bun. if she's doing it, you know its the rage. and if you're in nyc want her to style it for you, hit her up here. tell her trendster sent you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

style high club

I have traveled. a lot. planes, trains and automobiles, I have done it. I tend to get quite comfy when I am travelling, kicking off the ol' manolos and opting for bare feet instead. today, something happened that changed my view of this forever. I am wearing some very high heel, thigh high boots. on my five hour flight from JFK to las vegas, I decided they were too high maintenance to take off, so I left them on... and to my surprise, kept my feet comfy and warm the whole ride. rather then having my feet fall asleep, something about the angle of the heel made my ride quite comfortable and pins and needles free. fabulous.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

support my girl sheila frank. support style.

Please join SEAM COLLECTIVE, as we host Forté , a groundbreaking charity fashion show, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan next Wednesday night, October 21st.

Your ticket purchase will help raise money for a worthy cause, with 50% of all ticket sales benefiting Gilda's Club NYC, a nonprofit organization that creates welcoming communities of free support for everyone living with cancer.

The night will debut a never-before-seen collection by Project Runway finalist and Forté's headlining designer, Kenley Collins, as well as the Spring/Summer 2010 collections of Marissa Erskine, Elizabeth Rynish, and Sheila Frank.

REDUCED TICKET PRICES - Standing - $35, Seating - $45
Open Bar
Doors open at 7pm for cocktail reception. Show begins at 8pm.
A Silent Auction at the event will benefit Gilda's Club NYC.


To purchase tickets to the event, please go to:

Press interested in covering the event please RSVP to
rsvp@polinafashion.com with your credentials for complimentary press passes.

Location: Metropolitan Pavilion North, 110W 19th street. Between 6th & 7th Avenue.

Friday, October 16, 2009

cozy vs. cute

as nyc welcomes another fall season, is it more important to be cozy or cute? I live in sweats and comfy joie cashmere sweaters when I'm chillin with my man at home but can't get anough of short dresses when we hit the town. problem is, it's getting cold out there?! what comes first? the cute or the cozy...

grape escape

if u haven't heard, purple is the thing this season. make sure to pick up a juicy piece to compliment your wardrobe, be it a purple dress, purple leggings or if you really want to on trend, rock the purple bag.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

won't you take me to... cougar town?

I'm a 33 year old female. my bfriend is a sexy 27. does that make me a cougar? I headed to my new pal and renowned artist ryan mcginness's 50 parties, party no. 13, cougar town to find out. upon arrival, I was given a pamphlet provided by website, single and the city that listed what cougars would be on the prowl in attendance and what cubs were there to take the babe bait. the graduate was playing on the wall and a sexy 1970's telly savalas spun on the record player. under the disco ball lights, I met with a hottie of a 40+ hot mama, carmella, who was from brooklyn, was married twice and loved to smoke. over pink cosmos, she told me her youngest lover was 24 and it was the boy toys that kept her looking and feeling young. that, or the sparkly, slinky black micro-mini she was sporting. after a bit o' party research, I learned that a cougar is typically eight years her lover's senior, so although I don't qualify as a cougar with my younger man, I say here's to you mrs. robinson.

ksino loves lacey

I've currently been consulting with a brand new menswear line that will rock your world and shatter style forever. ksino is revolutioning how gamblers dress for their game. redefining an industry. we've been doing a ton of fun vidz (produced by yours truly that you can find here) and yesterday we signed the hottest girl in the game, lacey jones. make sure to stay tuned and be a friend on facebook. are you in?

pocket full of pencey

my boy matt, who runs hotspot, the eldridge, amongst other various fabulous nyc places just picked up a cute line of women's clothing to outfit his female concierge's at da club. pencey fuses hipster-chic, lower East Side style with a refined, yet sophisticated upper west side look. It is a favorite with fashion icons katy perry, lindsay lohan, rihanna and molly sims, and matches simplicity and style.
pencey is sold in high-end boutiques across the globe in such stores and can be found on shopbop.

no need to leave, google it here