Tuesday, December 23, 2008

heel-ing thru retail therapy

with the structural heel owning the runways for spring fashion week, make sure you've got a pair to strut your spring stuff in. modern vintage has a darling collection of vintage pieces with a very of-the-moment flavor.

Friday, December 19, 2008

gilt-y as charged

I am obsessed with gilt groupe. especially when they throw cathrine malandrino for $114 all up in my face.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

strangers making the most of the dark

god, I love new york city. lisa's friend was dj'ing the CSS afterparty so after a liter of unfiltered sake (kampai!) and half price sushi on 7th street, we headed out to check the scene. hundreds of people were dancing without worry, care, taxes, recession, bailouts, prejudice. there was no rhyme or reason to the crowd, old and young, other than that everyone was dancing. a dream. god, I love new york city.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

rebecca wynne trunk show

I love my friend rebecca friedman. we've known each other since we both made the move from new york to los angeles and back again. she spent close to a decade producing teevee, got a hitched to a great guy, lived in china for a bit collecting stone samples and started up her signature jewelry line, rebecca wynne fine jewelry. last night I hosted a trunk show at salon V to showcase rebecca's collection for fun holiday purchases. friends, collectors and stylists stopped by to view the pieces and toast with some vino. the pieces are so chic for a lady who knows a thing or two about semi-precious stones and luxurious design. with a price range from $45 - $600, rings, earrings, bold chunky necklaces and delicate bracelets made with 18K champagne golds, diamonds and stones, complete a collection that is unique, beautiful and totally worth taking a browse and buy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

yellow + blue =

me and nico hit up a fresh event last night in the name of all that is eco and friendly. greendrinks nyc is a monthly ny event where tree huggers and green chic glamazons get together, get saucy and network on behalf of a more sustainable planet. last night, was their holiday party at blvd. so what surrounded it were room upon room of organic chocolate (yum. dinner), alternative powered photo shoots and lots of really neat green organizations. we met erik who does free hikes and eco-trips through naturecalendar.com around nyc where there is abundant nature. we met a guy that started a rickshaw business in lieu of those late night gas-guzzling cab rides. and I pledged my word that I would become more green by unplugging my appliances, changing five light bulbs and requested green energy from the electric company. it's easy being green!

Monday, December 08, 2008

clean house

when I moved back to new york last month, my dad complained about how I had a decade of my stuff in his garage and would I kindly remove it asap. dads (sigh). this got me going on a major clean-up crazy train. I organized a lifetime of zaino family junk. I figured since I'm moving into my new place in a few days, I might as well clean up in the money dept. as well to make that rent. so, I had a yard sale!! two days. fourteen hours. in the snow even. I walked away with a couple hundy which was good and the rest took a trip to goodwill for others to enjoy. I definitely recommend in this economy and certainly in this season, that we rid ourselves of miscellaneous stuff and to pass it on to others who may need it more or to think out of the box and make some money while cleaning your home (and soul). season's cleanings.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

happy feet

it's great to get a good review from an expert on something that you should get but what about the crap items you SHOULDN'T buy? I'm a repeat customer when it comes to the cheapy mani/pedi so when I was introduced to the as seen on TV item, the ped egg, I was all in. you even get two for the price of one when you order now. I now know why -- this thing stinks worse then stinky feet. it doesn't work well and leaves you feeling frusterated and taken regardless of the "bargain". for the same price you can head down to the local mani/pedi place and get a proper pedicure complete with massage, warm towels and freshly painted tootsies.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

eat. drink. and save money.

so its official - we are in a recession. ouch. its nice to see people being prudent about the holiday spending season as it gives us a chance to get creative on less coin. an easy and terrific little treat to offer in-laws, workmates or 2nd tier friends are gift certificates from restaurant.com -- they have unbelievable savings with $3 for a $10 certificate and other inexpensive chow choices. with a quick check of a zip code, dozens of participating restaurants appear to offer your friends the best in season's eatings.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am grateful for...

my family

davines hair product

$28 dollar riding boots by george at wal-mart


domino magazine

lobello fresa lipgloss from mexico

sexy trench coats

arnold palmers from the tea shop

my trusty longchamp tote


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

sweeet dee denim

several years ago, I picked up what seemed to be a pair of designer seven jeans. I bought them from a man on the street in nyc for $40. my bfriend at the time would joke that they were really "sixes" and wouldn't last. that was four years ago and they have been my favorite pair of trusty "go-to" jeans.... until now. in light of the recession and the inflated prices of designer denim, I have found a line that is both trusty and great looking. the "sweet dee" collection of alias premium denim is sexy, stylish and most of all, an unbelievable bargain at $40. the only minor setback is that they are a bit low on the hip (which is something I try to avoid) however, I think with wear, they will be exactly what I want.

Monday, November 17, 2008

coat check

with the winter season upon us, its time to get into something toasty and warm. if u are looking for a new coat, there are tremendous sales happening right now. big brassy buttons, military inspired trench coats and fitted leather numbers are all the rage. think burberry. or michael kors. for high end style and warmth. house of diehl has a hot leather motorcycle jacket that'll knock your socks off but with a tiny leather jacket and no socks, you'll be super cool both literally and figuratively. head to any of the major department stores like macy's or a marshalls if u're looking for something affordable and attractive.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

do u like it rough?

I am living in a remote section of eastern long island. an advantage of this, other than the incredible air, leaves, sunsets and water, are the bargain basement prices of their blow-dry. I am a girl with curly curly hair and sometimes when its just too much to bear, a nice blow out saves me from hair anxiety. in los angeles this can run up to $75. in new york city, usually more. but on long island in a secret little strip mall getaway, I found a $12 blow dry to die for. I made a visit with me mum today and for less than a date night at the movies, I've got straight hair for the week. genius. the rough part came when I mentioned I had just put some african-american hair product in for a nice condition and gleam. not genius. the girl was shampooing my hair as though she was ripping it out to clean it of its recent conditioning treatment. then came the blow dry. she ripped at my head with her round iron brush causing my neck to rash and almost bleed. sheesh. when she took out the hot straight iron, I nearly fainted. I liked the consistency of her thoroughness but it was a bit too rough even for a tough girl like me. cest lie vie. I like my straight hair even with the clumps ripped out. and at $15 with wash and tip, I'll keep going back for more.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

O yes!

the other night before a soho dinner at bread I popped into sephora on broadway to, ummmm, put on my (or really, their) makeup. I'm sort of living out of a gucci bag right now and sometimes my fave products can't come with. and it is a recession. so really I'm being crafty by saving money with my in n' out make-up tricks. I digress... I fell in instant love with two new products from smashbox. the O-glow intuitive cheek color and bionic mascara are to die!! especially, the O-glow. it gives your cheeks the rosiest and most natural of a blushed tint. with goji berry extract, its good for you too! so pretty. if u pair it with the NARS foundation you've got a paparazzi ready look. but at $44 for the NARS product, its probably best to follow my suit and sample and run.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I've been chillin in gramercy park these last few days and I heard of a local free yoga class in the area. since I haven't done a proper stretch since I got here, I figured free yoga is just what will hit the spot. the los angeles yoga class I did was outside at runyon canyon every morning and included a couple dozen angelenos who chill and stretch in the sun without a care (or usually in job in that city). it was fun to see how different the nyc class was. filled with nyu dancers and actors, the class couldn't have been more vocal. I had to keep from laughing because of the intense moaning that was coming from everyone. it was a like an snl skit. but it was a great workout. and free! and everyone looked super cute in their dance shorts. I recommend picking up a pair of these super comfy panty and googling a yoga class in your area. ommmmmmmmm.

Monday, November 03, 2008

for the bargainistas

puss in boots

since moving back to new york, I have had my eye on female footwear. it gets cold here so its best to be fashionable and functional. most ladies are pairing their knee high boots with leggings but if you're looking to get a leg up on the competition, go the extra inch, literally, with these over-the-knee boots from victoria's secret. they are on the affordable side so you can save some money and go short on that skirt (to best show off your sexy new boots).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sarah = style?

ever since the story broke that sarah palin spent $150,000 on her wardrobe and accessories and an additional $20,000 on hair and make-up people, the GOP has radically pulled back on her appearance. she now looks like she is doing her own hair and make-up. and the clothes? ugh. before it was beautiful valentino, yves saint laurent suits. pure fashion fabulousness. I can't wait for this woman to disappear but I wouldn't mind finding out what consignment shop she's dropping the clothes off at.

Monday, October 27, 2008

moving on up... to the east side...

there has been speculation to my whereabouts recently. where I am. what I am doing. I am so eternally grateful to the lovely friends and fans that have been asking and anticipating what will happen next in the life of JESS ZAINO so I'm here to divulge all of my dirty secrets... it's true. I moved to new york. I left los angeles last week to join the ranks of tyra, martha and rachel. I left los angeles to build a lifestyle brand that can be made available to everyone (female fashionistas of course being my targeted audience). I have been working on my debut acccessory line, street chic by jess zaino and I am buried under writing a book. I am so excited about these newest adventures because it means I am taking it to the next level. for you. by me. stay tuned for more.... xxoJZ

crazy for kamali

there is a wal-mart close to where I am currently staying in new york. I have not been to a wal-mart since my days on the NASA national tour. I am glad to have been reunited as I was unaware of the fabulousness of the norma kamali for wal-mart line they carry. I don't know whether it was the "research" I am doing for a style on the dime book or the fact that I needed some halloween make-up on the cheap, but I popped in and picked up some of the cutest, most efficient, effective pieces I've had in a while. norma kamali is known for her fashion forward designs that flatter, transform and work to achieve minimalist sophistication while still being innovative and interesting. this inexpensive line is a great way to get some basics on a budget from an american fashion icon.

Monday, October 20, 2008

bye bye mr. blackwell

Fashion critic Mr. Blackwell dies in Los Angeles
Oct. 20, 2008, 6:25 AM EST
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Mr. Blackwell, the acerbic designer whose annual worst-dressed list skewered the fashion felonies of celebrities from Zsa Zsa Gabor to Britney Spears, has died. He was 86.

Blackwell died Sunday of complications from an intestinal infection, publicist Harlan Boll said.

Blackwell, whose first name was Richard, was a little-known dress designer when he issued his first tongue-in-cheek criticism of Hollywood fashion disasters for 1960 — long before Joan Rivers and others turned such ridicule into a daily affair.

Year after year, he would take Hollywood's reigning stars and other celebrities to task for failing to dress in what he thought was the way they should.

Being dowdy was bad enough, but the more outrageous clothing a woman wore, the more biting his criticism. He once said a reigning Miss America looked "like an armadillo with cornpads."

A few other examples:

Madonna: "The Bare-Bottomed Bore of Babylon."

Barbra Streisand: "She looks like a masculine Bride of Frankenstein."

Christina Aguilera: "A dazzling singer who puts good taste through the wardrobe wringer."

Meryl Streep: "She looks like a gypsy abandoned by a caravan."

Sharon Stone: "An over-the-hill Cruella DeVille."

Lindsay Lohan: "From adorable to deplorable."

Patti Davis: "Packs all the glamour of an old, worn-out sneaker."

Ann-Margret: "A Hells Angel escapee who invaded the Ziegfeld Follies on a rainy night."

Camilla Parker-Bowles: "The Duchess of Dowdy."

Bjork: "She dances in the dark — and dresses there, too."

Spears: "Her bra-topped collection of Madonna rejects are pure fashion overkill."

The critic acknowledged he had mixed feelings about appearing so publicly mean. Most of the women he put through the wringer, he said, were people he genuinely admired for their talent if not their fashion sense.

"The list is and was a satirical look at the fashion flops of the year," he said in 1998. "I merely said out loud what others were whispering. ... It's not my intention to hurt the feelings of these people. It's to put down the clothing they're wearing."

He told the Los Angeles Times in 1968 that designers were forgetting that their job "is to dress and enhance women. ... Maybe I should have named the 10 worst designers instead of blaming the women who wear their clothes."

Surprisingly, the woman who topped his worst dressed list for 1982 (announced in early 1983) was the newly married Diana, Princess of Wales. He said she had gone from "a very young, independent, fresh look" to a "tacky, dowdy" style. She quickly regained her footing and wound up as a regular on Blackwell's favorites list, the "fabulous fashion independents."

Blackwell had started out as an actor himself, having been spotted by a talent agent while still in his teens. He landed a job as an understudy in the Broadway production of Sidney Kingsley's heralded drama "Dead End."

Although he got to the play the role of the Dead End Kids' leader on stage only one time, it led him to Hollywood where he landed bit parts in such films as "Little Tough Guy" (uncredited) and "Juvenile Hall" (as Dick Selzer).

He abandoned his acting career in 1958 after failing to make it in movies and switched to fashion design. He claimed to be the first to make designer jeans for women, and his salon had begun to attract a few Hollywood names when he issued his first list covering the fashion faux pas of 1960. (Italian star Anna Magnani and Gabor were among his early victims.)

It quickly brought him the celebrity he had long coveted, and he quickly became a favorite on the TV talk show circuit. He also became for a time, in his words, "The worst bitch in the world."

He hosted his own show, "Mr. Blackwell Presents," in 1968 and appeared as himself in such TV shows as "Matlock" and "Matt Houston."

In 1992, he sued Johnny Carson for claiming that he had added Mother Teresa to his list, saying the comment exposed him to hatred and ridicule. NBC's response was that the "Tonight Show" host was obviously joking.

"Did you see what he said about Mother Teresa? 'Miss Nerdy Nun is a fashion no-no,'" Carson had said. "Come on now, that's just too much."

During his heyday the issuing of Blackwell's annual list was an eagerly anticipated media event.

On the second Tuesday in January he would assemble reporters at his mansion for a lavish breakfast before making a dramatic entrance for the television cameras.

By the turning of the millennium, however, the list had lost its juice and Blackwell took to issuing it by e-mail.

Born Richard Sylvan Selzer in 1922, Blackwell recounted in his autobiography, "From Rags to Bitches," a troubled, poverty-ridden childhood in which he was variously a truant, thief and prostitute.

Friday, October 03, 2008

palin comparison

even in ciudad de mexico, the debates were a hot number. caitlin, michael and I settled down in front of the television last night to catch the buenos aires BBC airing of the vice presedential debates. I am sorry but I do not think in any way did sarah palin show sign of a renewed hope for the republican party as some analysts have said. they should be ashamed. my father said it best with (to quote) --

"I could not watch the debate beyond 25 minutes. Palin is a cheer leader not a leader. She certainly can win the job of hostess at a Interstate Cracker Barrel with her down home words and cutesy demeanor but "SCARY" to think that she could even step foot into a high level job as vice-president. People are so enthralled with her manner, when did that become important? If that is the case how did Cheney manage with his lack of manner and bullying mannerism." -- richard zaino

I agree completely. adios mio. on another note, the city has been experiencing beautiful weather. and I am now hooked on jugo de papaya y fresa. y tacos.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

my big fat mexican birthday

I am in mexico city. it is lovely here, have you been? a mash up of a charming spain with the energy, chic-ness and architecture of new york city. if it wasn't for those damn kidnappers, it would be perfecto. yesterday was my 32nd birthday, I am proud to admit and we had a most tranquilo day. caitlin made cupcakes and I opened presents (thanks mom and dad for my fab new SLR and to cait for my W hotel reiki session) and we took a walk through parco mexico and had dinner at condessa d.f. it is sunny here, is as not usually the case because of the massive urban pollution so we are taking advatange and heading to the pyramids. ole!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sweat her

sweater jackets are the thing this fall and winter. just bought the patricia field black piece on hsn. make sure to take a look because items are moving fast but these are fashion you don't want to miss out on.

these are a few of my favorite things...

what I worship right now:

1. hoodies for fall
2. menswear inspired old school penny loafers
3. plaid
4. the rockin' clutch I just designed for my JZ collection (coming soon)
5. kat von d. and our upcoming tattoo date
6. estelle
7. cheap flights on virgin america airlines
8. roscoe's chicken and waffles
9. tarte's celebutante shimmery body oil spray
10. you

pop tarte

I am in love with tarte cosmetics! I have used their product for years now and enjoyed the quirky collections, terrific ingredients and creative packaging. their cheek stains, yummy lip glosses, shimmery body oil sprays and perfect eyebrow shaper kit have literally been at the top of my makeup kit for as long as the company has been around. that all said, they have a new line of "healthy" product as party of their healthy couture line. tons of fruity antioxident and vitamin infused flavors that will plump your lips with E and smooth out your skin with the beauty secrets of the goji berry. I've just applied my rise & shine lip stain and I feel healthier already.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, September 08, 2008

just one frickin day

Model/Do-Gooder/Isabella Rosallini daughter, Ellettra Wiedermann & her beau James Marshall started up the initiative, Just One Frickin Day . com which brings solar power to a hospital in Burundi, Africa. With the help of HOUSE OF DIEHL, Rogan, Phillip Lim, Rag and Bone, Chris Benz and more they are making really frickin cool t-shirts to sell online for the funds needed. I attended the reception Saturday night at the newly-renovated Morgan Hotel to find out what people would do if they had one frickin day. Too bad I didn't have solar power to camera, coz my footgae is dark but you hopefully get the picture.

destination: patricia field

I attended the patricia field for hsn: destination new york fashion show this saturday night at the edelstein ballroom as part of NY fashion week. okay, so I may be a trend expert and on-air contributer to hsn but that does not make me biased on the beautiful creations ms. field has made for hsn. complete with her sex in the city studded belt, the pieces are darling and so signature patricia field. friends such as vanessa williams, judith light, lady bunny and more came out in support. kudos to the peeps at hsn for putting together such a fab offering for the hsn audience. now women from around the globe can get patricia field gorgeous with the click of a button!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

haute pink please

last night I attended the advant-garde fashion show of my glam god castmate, indashio. this little magic maker spared no expense in creating a collection that will surely have people talking. held at mansion on 28th, indashio rolled out the pink carpet to welcome party-goers, including our other glam god peeps chris and genelle. his show, which was inspired by oragami was a dozen or so pieces constructed of splattered pink newspaper fitted with clear duct tape. although it may sound like a school project, it was quite innovative, creative and could create a fury of talk for a celeb on any red...or pink carpet. tonite, I'm heading to the patricia field for hsn party. stay tuned.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

oh my gawd, I'm an angeleno!

something very strange happened this morning. I am staying with a friend downtown nyc and wanted to a little food shopping for the house at the new trader joe's on 14th street. when I got there and asked where the agave nectar was in my victoria's secret pink sweatpants (for the gym visit afterwards), holding my iced latte and wearing my oversized dark shades, I realized 'oh god no, I'm an angeleno!!' I was born and raised in new york and come from generations of new yorkers. seriously, no one in my family since they came over on the boat in 1913 has ever lived or known anything else. it was quite an eye-opening moment being surrounding by in the know new yorkers in their fitted black yoga pants and normal food choices (other than the soy, non fat, whey powder wheat shakes of hollywood). who knew I would have an existential breakdown in the cereal isle of trader joe's. more on the subject as I figure it out for myself.

Monday, September 01, 2008

ladies first

cindy mccain is speaking at the republican national convention today. as is laura bush. its just like a crusty republican way past his prime to think that shoving a panel of women in the face of america, including a pick for a female vice president, just because the nation responded s strongly to hillary clinton, is a way to show progress. as obama said, it's not because you are not patriotic, it' that you just don't get it. the nation didn't respond to hillary because she was a woman you dinosaurs!, it was because as a person she is brilliant. and how about that michelle obama? totally cute fashion sense, right?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

court jester color

I know american apparel is cool and all but I cannot get down with the two-tone tight trend. will u rock it?

let there be light

on a mad mid-day dash for sprinkles, cait and I stopped into chanel to check out the fall offerings. they have some great over-sized bags with large quilt prints. in the back, I peeped these shoes which were made for the paris runway show. limited to whatever quanity they made for runway, the shoes have an actual lightbulb heel with an actual light switch. I snapped the pic on my cell but for $2500.00 you too can see the light.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i like ike.

I recently was introduced to a quirky new t-shirt collection. with all of the 2008 campaign happenings happening, it is fun to go retro with retro campaign tees. retro campaigns, inc. is a small, los angeles-based company, whose aim is to recall unique characters from American politics. from kennedy in 68 to democrats for reagan, there are many old school political statements to make. all of the designs are printed on high-quality, sweat-shop free american apparel shirts. and a portion of the profits will be donated to SaveDarfur.org.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm going to disneyland!

caitlin is visiting from mexico. we went to disneyland for the weekend. and wore our mickey ears the entire time. yup.

ready for my close-up

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the JZ glam squad: emily hunt. together with andi of getadamnhaircut.com and myself for wardrobe and now emily for makeup, we are a west coast fashion force to be reckoned with. emily came by my place last week for a quick lesson (and make-up session) for the glam god premiere party. she broke down the 1-2-3's of makeup application that left me a bit more educated in the beauty department. my fave tip was to take a black kohl pencil and line the inside of my eye on top and bottom. it adds a more polished look to make your face pop. if you'd like a lesson from miss em, get at her here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

VH-1 reality: where are they now?

In anticipation for the premiere of my show, Glam God with Vivica Fox tonite and every thursday at 10pm on VH-1, I wanted to get the real story on what to expect after a reality show airs. I sat down with my good friend AP Murray of the band Knights of Monte Carlo who appeared on the FIRST ever VH-1 reality show in 2001, Bands on the Run with his band Soulcracker. It was fun to hear about and share the experience of a life televised from not 2 long ago.

Monday, August 18, 2008

beauty and brains

I witnessed something so beautiful last night. dawn stafford who is a hair stylist at byu-ti salon in santa monica (where I get my hair did with andi) was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. she is in her late twenties, healthy as an ox and this mushuggah happens. her friends and workmates wasted no time in planning a faboo fundraiser to help dawn afford her mounting medical bills (if u think a doctors visit is alot, try chemo for a week). last night was said fundraiser. it was an unbeliavble turn out. dawn showed up and you would never think this girl is going through what she is going through. she outwitted the radiation by shaving her head into a fierce early 80's east village punk look and she shows off her scar with pride. her attitude and sense of vitality is overwhelming and its as though her spirit is healthy and whole and her body just happens to be healing from this pesky brain thing. her eyes shine bright and she claims the cancer was the best thing to happen to her as she has opened up to a whole new perpective on life. she is inspirational and so beautiful. it is overwhelming to see someone with such energy despite a life threatening disease. her friends have also put together a website for dawn so that you may continue to donate to help her with medical expenses. it takes less then five minutes and will fill you with love.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

thar she blows

for the girly girls out there who are of the faint of heart, this product is not for you. the MAC volcanic ash exfoliator will rip your f*cking face off. apply, scrub, rinse, repeat. your skin will be as glow-y and smooth as a flowing lava river.

agent orange

it was my BFF ayesha's bday while I was sequestered away in the glam god house, so I wanted to do something special for her now that I'm back from reality and ready to rawk. we started the bday off with horseback riding in griffith park, caught my good bud bree turner in the LA shorts film festival film, animated american then headed back to my place to get ready for the evening. quelle surprise when we both pulled out orange outfits. we're not best friends for nothing. hers was a fab dolce & gabbana find and mine a forever 21 special, but both looked bright and fun and I loved the matching combo. almost as much as I love my girl. *trendster disclaimer - I'm pretty sure orange is not a fall 08 color trend but its fun to step out of that box every now again in your own celebrated style.

fashion bible or complete bust?

the september issue of vogue magazine is the issue which each year is stacked with over 180 ads, massive trend articles and weighs close to five pounds. it s the one issue that fashion mag lovers love to wait and pour over. when mine came in the mail last week, I couldn't believe the mario testino pic on the cover. keira knightley is again the september cover girl as she was last year but this time around, the pic aint so good. what does that say about the current state of our fashion community? I love and respect vogue, mario testino and anna wintour, but who let keira on the cover with hair like that? it looks like she just worked out at the gym and took her ballcap off. the balenciaga outfit is a great color but is as dishevled as the 'do. wha happened?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

white patchouli

this ain't yo mama's hippie scent. leave it up to the master of fabulous, tom ford to reinvent patchouli. his black orchid has been out on the market for some time now which can be too heavy and awkward a scent for some. but last night, I was out with the fabulous miss holly and she smelled divine. I asked her where she found such an intoxicating aroma and from out of her purse she pulled a sample bottle of tom ford's newest fragrance, white patchouli. a mixture of peony, bergamot, jasmine, rose, coriander and ambrette seed, the newest scent will be available in nieman's and saks in september for a limited time.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

fresh & easy french cuisine

les miz played at the hollywood bowl this weekend. for those of you that don't know this side of me, I'm somewhat of a musical theatre geek. I've seen les miz on broadway no less than ten times. I've sang many a song at many a talent show so when I saw they would be doing the music from the show at the bowl, I was all in. the hollywood bowl is such a beautiful night out. you can bring a picnic basket full of yummies and enjoy yourself under the stars. pre-show, I headed to my new fave neighborhood market, fresh & easy to pack my picnic. I ended up with no mess, no fuss sushi, wasabi almonds, red grapes and champagne. what's great about fresh & easy is that I get a weekly coupon that offers $5 off when you send $20 or more so my $20 picnic became $15. in short, find a fresh & easy by you. and get those coupons. and get to the hollywood bowl if you're in town or visiting. you'll be singing the praises of both.

smell this

for years I've worn the scent, child by apothia. I loved it so much for so long that the scent has mysteriously morphed with my skin and no longer smells the way it should. so recently I set out on a journey to find a new fragrance. after much testing, I chose frederic malle's limited edition fragrance aptly named, outrageous! only few bottles were made so Im happy to have found such a clean and fresh scent that is also so unique. on the way home from my purchase, I stopped in to rite-aid to pick up a body lotion that I like that I thought would be a perfect match with my frederic malle (always remember to layer your scents with lotions and the such!). while in rite-aid, I got a whiff of britney spear's believe. believe it or not, I farkin loved it!! can it be true that after spending weeks and dollars on a fabulous new scent, I end up ditching the fancy stuff for britney spear's fragrance?!!? head over to your local pharmacy and give the stuff a sniff. I promise you'll love it. and for $25 bux, it's worth the buy.

Friday, August 08, 2008

place your bids

for a couple of months now I've been on the hunt for the old school benetton rugby shirt with the green and white stripes. kim machnicki and I used to plan it out to wear ours on the same day back at chippewa elementary school and recently I've been wanting one to rock with comfy jeans or white shorts with rolled hems, scrunched socks and k.swiss as I used to. I found a selection on eBay and I can't believe how high the bids go on this fab vintage find. do I pay $100+ for the shirt or do I let it live in memory forever? sigh. the high class problems of a haute hunter.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

blo & go

my ol' bud (and former modern girls guide publicist) anthony turk and his super model client, laurie coleman came up with this genius beauty toy that allows women to blow dry their hair hands-free and in half the time it normally takes. a quick stick of the blo & go to your bathroom or bedroom mirror and you are all set. its like getting a salon blow dry but without the pricey fee. plus, your hair is dry in a jif! they've already sold out on hsn where you can find them for yourself.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

obama flare

if you're a supporter of obama, raise your hands in the air and wave em like u just don't care. or get one of these fab free supporter buttons (even the suggestive 'tell your friends' email was free). step on it though, its only for this week....


Want a free Obama button? MoveOn's giving them away totally free--no strings attached. I just got mine, and wanted to share the opportunity with you.

Click this link to get a free Obama button:


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

leggo my eggo

I was on a fab early morning photo shoot today with the glam squad of byu-ti salon. make-up artist emily had a miracle makeup product that works wonders on blending foundation flawlessly. pick up the beautyblender pink egg sponge applicator pronto.

the eyes of laura mars

sunday night, jim, j9 and I packed up a picnic basket and headed over to the hollywood forever cemetery for the cinespia screening of the eyes of lara mars. not only was it a treat to spend such a lovely sunday evening together on the grass with candles and wine and hundreds of other hipster film lovers but the movie rocked! starring faye dunaway as a fashion photographer, the thriller featured photography by helmut newton, over the top crimped hair, juicy red lips and ferosh late 70's fashions. definitely worth a date if you're in l.a. and the film a spot on your netflix queue.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RIP sophia petrillo

estelle getty who played sophia petrillo passed away yesterday. I am a superfan of the golden girls and estelle getty was a leading female comedy great. her brand of sass and zing will live on forever.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

espy style suites

I would love to tell u of all the great product me and kiki were introduced to at the espy style suites today at the standard downtown. however, the hotel valet parking was so horrific that they lost my car and for two and a half hours I was on a wild goose chase to find it. it ruined the whole day and all of the fun goodies like blue microphone speakers and the original retro brand NY giants shirt I picked up. I mustn't neglect to mention the good times that made up for the car mishap dancing with rico the trumpeter in the cocktail lounge. it's a lifestyle, honies.

Monday, July 14, 2008

call me at the office

much like perez uses the coffee bean on sunset and fairfax as his office, I've decided to take up residence at the renaissance hotel at hollywood & highland. you can find me conducting businessl poolside. my assistant can assist you with whatever towels and drinks you may need.

no need to leave, google it here