Thursday, September 04, 2008

oh my gawd, I'm an angeleno!

something very strange happened this morning. I am staying with a friend downtown nyc and wanted to a little food shopping for the house at the new trader joe's on 14th street. when I got there and asked where the agave nectar was in my victoria's secret pink sweatpants (for the gym visit afterwards), holding my iced latte and wearing my oversized dark shades, I realized 'oh god no, I'm an angeleno!!' I was born and raised in new york and come from generations of new yorkers. seriously, no one in my family since they came over on the boat in 1913 has ever lived or known anything else. it was quite an eye-opening moment being surrounding by in the know new yorkers in their fitted black yoga pants and normal food choices (other than the soy, non fat, whey powder wheat shakes of hollywood). who knew I would have an existential breakdown in the cereal isle of trader joe's. more on the subject as I figure it out for myself.

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