Friday, August 24, 2007

how do I look?

last night was the celebration of 100 episodes of style network's how do I look? can you believe it!? one hundred episodes!! that's a big deal in teevee land. I was around for episode five so obviously it holds such a special place in my heart to have watched it grow into such a success. finola hughes is a tremendously talented hostess who has entertained millions making HDIL the longest running show on the network. the party was held at social and they had yummy cupcakes and fruity drinks named after the cast and crew members. and of course, it was a pleasure to spend time with all of the people for who I am so greatful for having given me my start on the network. namely deana delshad and renee simon. happy 100. you don't look a day over 21.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

spectator sport

I was in target the other day and saw the cutest pair of spectator heels for $26. that sure beats the price of the pricer hot trend at $300 or more. thing is, I didn't get them and now they are gone. darn shoes. where did they walk off to? will they come back to target? I hope so because this is the PERFECT example of a trend. these shoes won't last past the next season, so buy 'em cheap and then discard of them when you have fabulously walked them into the ground. pair them with opaque black tights or menswear-inspired trousers.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

holy sheet!

I need your help on this one. I just got done doing my laundry and I think I've figured out an appropriate combo of detergent/cleaner sheet BUT! I'd love to hear what you guys are putting in your whites to really whiten things up. I currently use the most yummy smelling oxy clean, which I thought would whiten but no such luck. the smell however is to die. for the dryer, I throw in some lavendar scented method dryer sheets from target. it softens while it dries so thats a double whammy. for the most part, I do not dry the clothes in the dryer, I stick to airdry as it preserves the life of the garment. while I'm at it - if you're taking your things to the drycleaner, make sure to take the clothes out of the plastic immediately, as it does not let the clothing breathe and will ruin the piece. I was using the laundress for a while but I did figure paying $25 for a bottle of detergent seemed a bit too excessive as I'm sure the budget fashionista would agree. hey maaan, if it will whiten my stuff up (cleanliness is godliness), I'll go to great financial lengths to make my clothes look, smell and last great.

(t)oki doki

I'm sure by now, you've seen the toki doki brand. they've been on everything from america's top model to l.a. fashion week to cutie lesportsac bags. started by pooneh and her hubby, who also started hard candy, they are at the forefront of the fashion/art mix. they hold unbelievable events and have thought so out of any box to build buzz that their urban hello kitty-like looks from japanimation inspired italian artist, simone legno would beat out anybody in a pants-off brand-off.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

high school musical 2

I headed down to disneyland on tuesday to cover the premiere of high school musical 2 for j-14 magazine. it was a hot and sweaty day so thank gosh I was given a shady spot on the blue carpet to get my interview questions in. the celebs made their way down the carpet in front of thousands of screaming teen fans. what a sight! cindy crawford was decked out in roberto cavalli and most of the young HSM2 cast was wearing bebe with the exception of vanessa hudgens who was in a floor length red satin gown reminiscent of old hollywood. paired with her dress was chanel's black satin nailpolish of which she told me was her absolute fave. up and coming moviestar, zac efron was in country club casual in slip on vans and a breezy brooklyn industries blue button down. after the premiere I headed over to the house of blues with my new access hollywood buddies (including billy bush) for a after-work drink. turns out, the access hostess had a ticket into the theme park which I promptly took off her hands, paid up my bill and excitedly headed over to the park. for four hours, I rode the rides and enjoyed disney solo (including the new finding nemo sub ride that for a line two hours long was no big deal). I finished off with a frozen mickey treat, disney gifts for S and a fireworks show over cinderella's castle. I had a pretty magical night!

Monday, August 13, 2007

a nice ports.

have you seen the line, ports 1961? perfect name for perfect cocktail wear. if you're in need of a dazzler for an impressive night out, all the hollywood chickadees are wearing it. and as a stylist insider, I can tell you its true.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

baby makin' hips.

I've got a big bum. and not in a sexy badonk-adonk way but in a large, flat pasta-making way. and on top of that (literally), I've got a short yet small waist. it is pretty difficult for me to find a pair of jeans that truly flatters and feels right. the low riders give me muffin-top and the newly-popular high waists accentuate my thighs. I ain't too proud to share my womanly wardrobe woes, so I'd like key you in on a denim secret -- maternity. if you can get over the fact that you are not pregnant and would be willing to wear pregnant pants, you may find a world of wonder in these jeans. I was shopping for a preggers client the other day when I popped into two maternity clothing stores and ended up walking out with a pair of the jeans (in small) for me (don't worry ma - I am not pregnant. yet). they have the great elastic band that makes my rump look round and the flare at the ankle to bring the look up to date. in the small size, it flatters the tummy and fits perfectly. and like that seinfeld episode, I take out the tags so no one knows (should they see) that I'm rocking maternity jeans. so lets please keep this between you and me.

triple xxx, errrr.... A

here's a trend that everybody with a car should tap into - triple AAA. my car broke down the other day in an underground parking garage and thanks to months of my mother and boyfriend pleading for me to acquire the service I did. and boy am I glad I did. I was running an hour late on a dinner party I was throwing when the incident went down and it took triple AAA fifteen minutes to come and tow the car back to my place for a $50. a year fee. this is most definitely something you want to have in your closet of life.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

bite me.

sarah jessica parker does it again. for a while now, she has been designing clothes for her line, bitten. I had read about it but only knew of it as a wardrobe myth. like finding chanel at the salvation army or socially acceptable knock-offs. I caught a seventeen magazine spread that used alot of the line which was so cute that it motivated me to get online and look it up. bitten is exclusively sold at steve and barry stores and I had never been to one, let alone know where one is. turns out across the street from the beverly center in the beverly connection is a steve and barrys where the old old navy used to be. I headed out just before closing time to see what the fuss was about. sjp has designed everything from great wide leg sailor pants to flats to bras to workout gear. and ALL UNDER $20!?!? and so cute to boot. there is such a wide selection that I was shocked we havent heard more about. I walked out with a sweet tote in distressed gray for $10!? I would've bought out the whole line but I ended up in the store after it registers closed. I'll be back tomorrow. locate the nearest steve and barry's yourself and get bitten. you'll be glad you did.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

kickin it old school

stopped by the reebok fall preview party at the chateau marmont tonite. hosted by kari feinstein in bungalow one, with morty spinning, it was a charming get together for a classic brand. they are putting alot of work into resurrecting the brand and I hope it gets off on the right foot come fall (pun intended). the pieces were sportswear to be expected with some throw-back neon numbers thrown in for good measure. very cute for the teen set or a harajuku girl armed with a spray can. walked away with some fab goodies, including a nights stay at the chateau, which is divine because its my fave. on the way out, ran (in my new reebok kicks) into robbie williams and jamie sigler. that place never disappoints.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


being a female means always having to buy a good bra. since I first picked up a leopard-print number at ross a few years ago, my favorite and best fit has come from the betsey johnson intimates line. it was time for a new bra (mine can get pretty worn out from wear) so I headed into victoria's secret to pick up a BJ special (ross has since yet to carry any more of her pieces). for $42 I picked up a cream colored number that has me feeling so supported and sexy that I was inspired to post this blog. in my bra. and nothin' else. its that good. you can check out the selection and make an online purchase here. this spectacular line of pretty underthings has got my stylist stamp of approval.

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