Wednesday, August 08, 2007

bite me.

sarah jessica parker does it again. for a while now, she has been designing clothes for her line, bitten. I had read about it but only knew of it as a wardrobe myth. like finding chanel at the salvation army or socially acceptable knock-offs. I caught a seventeen magazine spread that used alot of the line which was so cute that it motivated me to get online and look it up. bitten is exclusively sold at steve and barry stores and I had never been to one, let alone know where one is. turns out across the street from the beverly center in the beverly connection is a steve and barrys where the old old navy used to be. I headed out just before closing time to see what the fuss was about. sjp has designed everything from great wide leg sailor pants to flats to bras to workout gear. and ALL UNDER $20!?!? and so cute to boot. there is such a wide selection that I was shocked we havent heard more about. I walked out with a sweet tote in distressed gray for $10!? I would've bought out the whole line but I ended up in the store after it registers closed. I'll be back tomorrow. locate the nearest steve and barry's yourself and get bitten. you'll be glad you did.


miss fashion said...

i have heard about it- but i thought since it was at steve and barrys it wouldnt be... idk. the type of fashion i like. thanks i might check it out

Jess Zaino said...
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Jess Zaino said...

miss fashion - the line is so cheap-o that even if u dont like it you can dispose of the stuff anyway after one wear. I guarantee you'll find something to mix and match into your high end collection. xo, jess

Amy said...

sjp is also on a lot of ads these days!

no need to leave, google it here