Wednesday, August 01, 2007


being a female means always having to buy a good bra. since I first picked up a leopard-print number at ross a few years ago, my favorite and best fit has come from the betsey johnson intimates line. it was time for a new bra (mine can get pretty worn out from wear) so I headed into victoria's secret to pick up a BJ special (ross has since yet to carry any more of her pieces). for $42 I picked up a cream colored number that has me feeling so supported and sexy that I was inspired to post this blog. in my bra. and nothin' else. its that good. you can check out the selection and make an online purchase here. this spectacular line of pretty underthings has got my stylist stamp of approval.


fashionista said...

haha BOOBS! you're hilarious, jess.

jessica said...

hahahah youre so funny! <333

no need to leave, google it here