Thursday, April 27, 2006

jess zaino world tour 2006

Life has been crazy with a capital K this past week. I flew in to Chicago last Friday for a Nordstrom gig on Saturday. The Michigan Ave. store is brill! Big, beautiful and tons of trendy merch to choose from... annnd, they carry Scott Barnes' Body Bling. Head to accessories and pick up the new crochet Isabella Fiore bag. I also got to meet some kick butt chi-town, my town ladies. If you are in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by Exhibit on Lincoln Ave. and grab som grub and bins of wine at Bin 36. Then it was to New York to host KMS California's I AM KMS CALFORNIA CASTING CALL at the Nokia Theatre on 44th St. I wore a dress by ECHO provided by my good friends at Tracy Paul & Co. and accessories by H&M. Hung with The Gastineau Girls and learned that KMS Calfornia SilkSheen is the best for my frizzy New York 'do and that Joyce Leslie on University Place has THE BEST cheap-o, trendy shoes. NNNew York girls are still rocking the knee-high rain rubbers, so keep that trend coming. On a side note, my bag was lost and I was involuntarily pulled from a plane only to sit in a Chicago airport Hilton for a day and a half. Where was Paris when I needed her? As a result, I am waging a personal boycott against American Airlines and I suggest you do to. Oh! yesterday on JFK to LAX, I had Nigel Barker from ANTM and Jessica Simpson's dad, Joe on board!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

We're back, baby!

Make sure to save the date or set your Tivos because Modern Girls Guide to Life is back for its second season premiering tonight, Friday April 21 at 9pm on E!'s Style Network . Watch the normally tame Jane Buckingham get buck nekkid or Claudia Jordan (recently from Deal or No Deal) eat bugs. I didn't think models ate, let alone insects. Ewww. Plus we've got more of the tips and tricks needed for living a fabulously fabulous modern life. Think Sex in the City meets Queer Eye (sans the queer but all of the homoerotic undertones).

Super Deluxe Style Tip for the Ladies: Start rocking the watch. During the day and also with event evening wear. The bigger the better. "Borrow" one from your beau if need be. While you're at it, grab one of his white button-down Oxfords and throw on a cinch belt at the waist. Super Sexy.

Super Deluxe Style Tip for the Lads: Ditch your Nike Dunks and chuck those Chuck Taylors - its time to take it back to the old school of Spicoli and rock the black and white check slip-on sneak. Rite-Aid is currently carrying an awesome pair for $9.99. They're the most poorly put together shoe but I think that's what makes 'em super California cool. Look for the original Vans if blisters aren't your thang.

I'm still having an amazing time on my national Nordstrom tour speaking about the newest and chicest in Spring 2006 accessories and cosmetics. Think white for shirts, shorts and shoes and the oversized Bestey Johnson Buckle Bag. All the rage. This weekend I'm off to Chicago then its New York City on Tuesday to host the KMS California "Express Yourself" Event with those gorgeous Gastineau Girls.

Monday, April 17, 2006

best week ever

last week was a great week. that's been happening to me alot lately. I've been saying "today is the best day ever!" more often than I ever have in my life. pretty groovy. last week brough the wrap up of the second season of modern girls. we banged out a season in less than a month and I hear its looking great! it premieres this friday, april 21 at 9pm on style. watch it!! then david and I secured our new place and its a dream apartment. I'm psyched to move in and start to decorate. I signed with babette perry at entertainment powerhouse ICM annnnd to top it off I got see alot of friends I hadnt seen in a minute becuase of the hectic shooting schedule. great week. and I look forward to this one as well as I am getting a new car this week and flying out to chicago and then new york at the end of the week. I only hope that for all these amazing things and experiences that are bestowed upon me, I give back to the world with as much kindness, compassion and honesty. feck yeah!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

bada bing

I went to joisey this past weekend for the nordstrom gig at the garden state plaza mall. it was one of the proudest days of my life. my parents came out from long island and got to see me "do my thang". I work really hard and have all my life so for my parents to see me work and applaud it is really special and important to me. everyone was super duper nice (big up meredith) and it was great to be with my east coast peeps. kristine even flew out from the seattle location to reprise her role as #1 accessory maven. she rocks. so does the betsey johnson hobo bag I so generously recieved from my friends at nordstrom. forget the dior goucho, I think this is the "it" bag for the season. especially in white!!

need a gift?

I have found that the best place on the net for gift giving is at it is a great site with classy gifts and an easy order process. you can find something nice for anyone and any occassion. yesterday was my co-host claudia jordan's b-day and I wanted to send her something that wouldnt die like a flower bouquet if she wasnt home to recieve it or would ruin her valient attempts at a no-sugar diet, so I found this great money tree. she loves plants and money, so I thought it was perfect! it's a real deal...or no deal (ha. claudia is on that show).

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

studio city hotspots

for the last couple of months I have been kickin it in the valley living in a purgatory awaiting my move to the heaven that is hollywood. in pure PR fashion, my fab publicist scored me a featured spot in a studio city publication as a studio city resident who is down on all the hotspots. it comes out next month. by that time I will be living la vida lacienega...
For some uber fashion and the latest fun trendy hot spots, forget Hollywood and Vine! Pedal over the hill and find out that Laurel and Ventura is where it is at!
The Valley boasts a lot of history, a lighter traffic flow then Hollywood, and the parking Nazis here are just a tad nicer. While the other side of the hill might be a bit less exciting then the big city, the pace is slower, and after shooting an episode of my show and working 14 hour days with the hot lights baking me like a stuffed potato, it’s nice to come home to a more sedate atmosphere.
For the Valley Virgins, here are just a few of my favorite Studio City haunts:

Yes, the Valley has it’s very own Coffee Bean which I’m at for an Iced Mocha Latte with No Sugar Added every morning (ADDRESS?) -

A five minute ride takes you to a beautiful morning hike in the canyon of Fryman

Trader Joe’s for dried pineapples and other yummy groceries, not to mention 2 buck chuck!

Sunday morning Farmers Market for fresh flowers, vegetables, and authentic tamales.

The 24 hour Ventura newsstand for the New York Times Sunday Edition (Style Section and Wedding Announcements) and yes, Studio City boasts the same selection of magazines that you can find at Borders! (Which we have, too!)

NEWS FLASH ALERT! PINKBERRY YOGURT is coming soon to the Studio City Plaza!!?!

For those of you who don’t know Pinkberry, get to know it.

La Perla has its merits, but IMHO, hands down, Faire Frou Frou is THE SPOT for fancy pants lingerie and undergarment type goodies.

Everybody who is anybody, gets down at Guy’s North. I especially like their Sunday Sopranos viewing party… and their martinis ain’t too shabby, either. Make sure to ask for Lisa Anne. She’s the best darn rum-slinger in the SC.

I’m a big fan of Lisa Rinna’s place Belle Gray on Ventura. I saw Kelly Ripa there once

For cool jazz on a hot Friday night, hit up The Baked Potato on Cahuenga. Not only do you get cool jazz, you get a baked potato!

Get the tastiest exotic teas and the out-of-this-world vegan green casserole at the classy Hugo’s on Coldwater and Riverside.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

stylish in seattle

I am currently invloved with a fab event hosted by nordstrom called 'make it mine'. I get to travel to locations around the country giving modern girl fashion tips to a group of fashion savvy ladies (and curious lookieloos). I then do an hour of personal styling consults with customers. yesterday was my first gig up in seattle and it rocked. everyone was super nice and seattle is really cool. a couple of years back, I stayed up there for a month rehearsing for the nasa tour, so I was eager to see the pacific northwest again. I got my makeup done up in mac dejarose by kari from the san diggy location and wore an ultra fab frock by moschino that I picked up at the store. my favorite part was that they made up water bottles with my face on them!?! drink up! my second favorite part was the buckle-up large betsey johson hobo bag which was modeled. me likey. next week I head to paramus, new joisey.

no need to leave, google it here