Thursday, September 28, 2006

thirty is flirty!

yessir, Im a big girl now! I've been having a grand ol' time these last few days celebrating my foray into the third decade. tuesday started off with a mani/pedi and a party dress pick up from new favie, sugar on la brea. david and I then headed over to fred segal for yummy lunch and for me to pick out the most delicious scent known to man, child from apothia. we then headed over to the chateau marmont to check in for the night. andi came over at 6:30p to out temp extensions in my hair (I was inspired by the modern girl episode I saw that morning) and we made our way down to bar marmont for my partay. all my favorite showed friends showed up where we dined on sprinkles cupcakes and yummy cocktails. turns out jillian barberie's 40th was that night at well, so there were some fun celeb sightings like gilby clarke from rockstar. around midnite, me and some friends headed back up to the hotel where chanel was throwing a party for sofia coppola and her new marie antoinette film. kirsten dunst, la lohan and more were al in the mix for the fab fete. I headed back to the room for some shut eye. woke up yesterday to a couples in-room massage compliments of david then lisa anne came over to host an all-girls brunch. I was supposed to start my UCLA class last night but ended up watching the LOST season 2 episodes instead and finally rounded out the night with dinner at koi with marnie where I got the most fab pair of christian louboutin decollete black patent leather heels. a perfect happy birthday!! love always.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

depends on your jeans

I'm over the whole designer jean thing. seriously, $330. for jeans that don't cover my private bits are not what this lady is looking for. once I stopped trying to be like the popular girls, I stopped dishing out the dollars and have found the perfect fit for me -- ann taylor loft, petite sized original boot and trouser jeans, both a very flattering $58. I'm sold. they fit perfectly on the legs, hips and bum and are a beautiful dark wash giving the appearance of being in the billion dollar babe club. all it takes is a bit of pantaloon perusin' and you'll come up with the perfect fit for you too. I recommend banana republic and good ol' american levi's to start. drop the designer denim trend and save your jeans!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

what's black, white and red all over?

ny fashion week is what. with the fashion week rounding out in the nyc, we got a sneak peak at what will be off the runway and in our closets come spring 2007. lots of strong black and white with bits of red (as I predicted weeks ago on trendster). metallix in accessories and fabrics. lots of volume -- that means bubble skirts, puffed sleeves and ample fabric. love your clothes! drop waist belts, kimono type wraps and various shades of white, i.e. sandstone, ivory, cream and snow. loved tracy reese, alice roi and zac posen. and I'm all for individuality, but what's up with heatherette? for all the latest on the week that never sleeps in fashion, click here.

fashion diddy

who better than sean “diddy” combs to preside over the opening of the black style now exhibition at the museum of the city of new york? the show, on view through next february, traces the history of african-american fashion from the twenties to the present day, with an emphasis on the music-cum-fashion mogul's particular metier, “hip-hop revolution.”

if u can't get to new york, make sure to check out idlewild for a fab fashion show... and go buy yourself some bamboo earrings. at least two pair.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


wine is the nectar of a good life. it is sexy, hip and if you know what you are talking about when talking about it, you can certainly impress. enter adam leemon who is schooling the social masses on the vino tip. I met adam when he was a sommelier at dolce so if he is good enough for ashton and boogie from big brother all-stars, he is good enough for me. adam has since gone on to radio shows, teevee appearances and jamie foxx's oscar party and now can be found curating the very cool la wine fest happening september 16 - 17 in los angeles. cheers to adam for bringing wine to the younger set and making its legacy better than beer.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

reading this is good for your health

some posse's travel with a Turtle or a Drama -- i've got a Nicole. if you are looking to make significant chages in your life for the better, holistic guru, Nicole Abramovici uses her alternative medical methods to customize a diet with superfoods, vitamins and an activity regiment that will have you fallin in love, makin millions and looking fly in no time. if you're interested in getting beyond that superego of yours, she can also assist with incredibly detailed dream interpretation. even though she's located in brooklyn, she does personal phone and email consults. she's that good. holla.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

inkles and jinkles of sprinkles

once in a lifetime, something comes around that you love sooo much that you dream of it and live for it and never want to be away from it. I have found my something -- sprinkles cupcakes. OMG!! we had david's bday party at cinespace this past friday and instead of cake, I headed over to bev hills and picked up a dozen of the creamiest dreamiest cupcakes. there is a reason there is always a line out the door. these cupcakes are no joke. made with the finest ingredients, they have daily flavors like pumpkin and chai latte in addition to their signature red velvet and black and whites. I had three in one day and another one for breakfast the following day. oops. I am addicted and had to go off for a while, but I would suggest you hit up the store or site and try one for yourself. sweet dreams.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

sticking it to the man with the peppers

it was my man's bday with mine rapidly approaching so we were lucky enough to be gifted with kick arse seats to see the red hot chili peppers this past thursday at the forum. I'm a fan of their brand of catchy pop-funk but had never seen them live. we got there late missing out on the mars volta but were able to slip in quickly to our seats. the show was awesome with visuals that were unlike I had ever seen before. and that john frusciante. darn it, I love me some of him. they played mostly hits from stadium arcadium and can still freak the funk better than most of them. my favorite part of the night was when david would say he was sticking it to the man with the peppers and their rock n' roll. ha. he's funny.

greg behrendt is uncool

I was a guest panelist on the greg behrendt show the other day. for those of you that don't know, greg is the pop culture mastermind behind the book, he's just not that into you and was a contributing writer on sex in the city. cut to: he's got hisself a big fat new teevee talk show. its premieres next week and I think it will do well. greg is very cool complete with his purple skull alexander mcqeen tie, scuffed boots and a fresh approach to the new school laws of love. check yer local listings.

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