Tuesday, September 19, 2006

depends on your jeans

I'm over the whole designer jean thing. seriously, $330. for jeans that don't cover my private bits are not what this lady is looking for. once I stopped trying to be like the popular girls, I stopped dishing out the dollars and have found the perfect fit for me -- ann taylor loft, petite sized original boot and trouser jeans, both a very flattering $58. I'm sold. they fit perfectly on the legs, hips and bum and are a beautiful dark wash giving the appearance of being in the billion dollar babe club. all it takes is a bit of pantaloon perusin' and you'll come up with the perfect fit for you too. I recommend banana republic and good ol' american levi's to start. drop the designer denim trend and save your jeans!!


InCog said...

That look like Brooke "Blue Lagoon" Shields on your site - mad laughs from this mad hatter.


Jenny From The Block said...

I just want new episodes of MODERN GIRLS - when are you coming back? Better yet - when do you get your own show?

Anonymous said...

aren't there too many fashion brands out there and how do they survive ?

if the average person bought 300 bucks worth of jeans would people notice ? no. if a celebrity bought a 300 bucks worth of jeans ..everybody notices.

bunny de la muerte said...

i couldnt agree more about the jeans - please stop with them already and get back to fashion iconic jeans such as levi's and the gap

Anonymous said...

Jess, do you buy clothes based on any big fashion magazine ad ?
i still don't get any of those.

shelly said...

Speaking of jeans, I recently purchased a pair of black ones (mid-to-low rise, bootcut) for $30 CAD (mid-$20 range or so in US currency) across the border at a store called Suzy Shier (suzyshier.com; they sell women's clothes, with most of their emphasis on affordable careerwear). They fit me wonderfully (the only problem is the inseam is a bit too long; but I intend to wear them with heels anyway, so I'm not too heartbroken).

So no, one doesn't need to spend a ton of dosh on a good pair of jeans.

MsBHaven said...

I've been a Levi's girl my whole life. I can't imagine buying anythng else... though sometimes I wish I had that perfect fit. As in not too big int he waist or too long... or too anything for that matter.

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