Friday, August 25, 2006

custom rock

I'm in dallas right now on a look for less shoot and the super deluxe stylist that dresses up the hostess with the mostess, yohanna house has just turned me on to the best lil accessory line in texas... and beyond. she has not only styled hotties like pharell and j.t. but also ran art direction for my favie mag, mass appeal for some time. with new york determination and a stylists eye, miss jill topol started up custom rock jewelry that has designs so fresh to def that they should be illegal. run, don't walk to her site and check out her hot junk.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

flyin' high

just got off the jfk to lax flight. here's a little update for people traveling these days -- I was worried that the airport would be packed and they'd be stripping us of i-pods and wallets with metallic hardware (gotta love the gucci), but things are business as usual. the only wacky thing that I encountered was when I purchased a bottle of water, the counter person had to remove my cap and take it. so bring your own beverages and make sure to drink em up before you get on the fly fly. otherwise, bon voyage!

jessica simpson worldwide

for surprisingly stylish, affordable shoes, check out jessica simpson's new line. I got a pair of of-the-moment metallic grecian high heeled slip ons with a 5" cork heel for $50!?!? at macy's.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

back to the homeland

cait and I left geneve for an extended weekend trip in sardinia, italy. we happened to find a cheap flight on easy jet and thought it'd be fun to jet-set with the billionaires in porto cervo. prior to leaving I purchased the lonely planet guide to sardinia, which over the course of the weekend proved to be the wost guide I've ever had to rely on. the info and timetables were wrong and the author apparently had some adversion to beautiful places with crystalline waters, because she wrote nothing of the gems we found. we arrived late on a friday and immediately headed out to the via olbia piazza for some authentic pizza e vino i rossi. the italians are a wild bunch. very chic with overdramatic gestures to accompany even the most mundane of conversation. they love cavalli. and gucci. and dolce and gabbana. I'm surprised I didn't see any versace. perhaps with donatella's past mishaps, the company lost its edge? all the girls rock 'just cavalli' bags and no one is in jeans. its all trendy couture. with worn-in chucks or cons as they say. on such a small island, how do they afford it? we did come across some fab knock offs but did not indulge. I personally was happy to spend my euro on the unbelievable food, boat rides and country-side tripping. baci baci bella.

Friday, August 04, 2006

living la vida genéve

I am in geneva, switzerland staying at my sisters place on david-dufour. it is pouring outside. and cold. I have "borrowed" my sisters triple five soul hoodie to keep warm and am thinking about keeping it permanently because of a hoodie of the same name she took from me years ago that I never forgave her for. people in geneva do not wear running sneakers. come to think of it they do not wear any sneakers at all. the shoemaker is alive, well and apparently living in geneva. they speak french here. i do not speak french. only words like bonne nuit and merci beau coup. I am heading out now for a cafe lat avec suc and some museum time. I will meet caitlin and michel for lunch since they have two hour lunch breaks here leaving ample time to entertain out of town visitors. as muchel says, europeans work to live. thats a nice thought and a great mantra for good living. cailtin and I leave tonite for sardinia.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

muzak luvrz

I got into new york early this week and had no intention of going out on the town to ensure that I was well rested for my european vacation. I was zen-fully enjoying the peace of my parents place on long island when I got an email from a friend who was battling at the bowery poetry club in addition to a lineup that included my all-time fave performers from the hippity-hop. no sooner did I get this that I rounded up the posse (including holistic genius, nicole a. - more on that later), hijacked my parents car and made the drive to da club. its was a small club with an amazing line-up. now they dont have nights like this in many places so if you're missing out on that hot new york city flavor, make sure to head to the local record joint to pick up R.A. the Rugged Man, C-Rayz Walz , The Braves and press play.

say it ain't so!

I popped into marshall's with me mum yesterday and saw that abercrombie had made a flannel shirt. like the ones from the 90's. that make you look like a potato sack. yuck. please oh please oh please just give us the strength to let that fashion dud pass over us like a cloud in the dark night sky.

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