Tuesday, August 01, 2006

muzak luvrz

I got into new york early this week and had no intention of going out on the town to ensure that I was well rested for my european vacation. I was zen-fully enjoying the peace of my parents place on long island when I got an email from a friend who was battling at the bowery poetry club in addition to a lineup that included my all-time fave performers from the hippity-hop. no sooner did I get this that I rounded up the posse (including holistic genius, nicole a. - more on that later), hijacked my parents car and made the drive to da club. its was a small club with an amazing line-up. now they dont have nights like this in many places so if you're missing out on that hot new york city flavor, make sure to head to the local record joint to pick up R.A. the Rugged Man, C-Rayz Walz , The Braves and press play.

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