Friday, August 04, 2006

living la vida genéve

I am in geneva, switzerland staying at my sisters place on david-dufour. it is pouring outside. and cold. I have "borrowed" my sisters triple five soul hoodie to keep warm and am thinking about keeping it permanently because of a hoodie of the same name she took from me years ago that I never forgave her for. people in geneva do not wear running sneakers. come to think of it they do not wear any sneakers at all. the shoemaker is alive, well and apparently living in geneva. they speak french here. i do not speak french. only words like bonne nuit and merci beau coup. I am heading out now for a cafe lat avec suc and some museum time. I will meet caitlin and michel for lunch since they have two hour lunch breaks here leaving ample time to entertain out of town visitors. as muchel says, europeans work to live. thats a nice thought and a great mantra for good living. cailtin and I leave tonite for sardinia.

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InCog said...

Sounds like you are becoming a regular Soprano! Bella note'!

no need to leave, google it here