Friday, August 25, 2006

custom rock

I'm in dallas right now on a look for less shoot and the super deluxe stylist that dresses up the hostess with the mostess, yohanna house has just turned me on to the best lil accessory line in texas... and beyond. she has not only styled hotties like pharell and j.t. but also ran art direction for my favie mag, mass appeal for some time. with new york determination and a stylists eye, miss jill topol started up custom rock jewelry that has designs so fresh to def that they should be illegal. run, don't walk to her site and check out her hot junk.


Anonymous said...

have you seen the fashion mags lately. they are huge. so many fashion ads. so many models that look like they are bored. so much stuff that costs hundreds of dollars.

Anonymous said...

hey! i live in dallas. where did you shop?

Anonymous said...

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