Tuesday, February 27, 2007

jewels R us

from the looks of the ladies on the red carpet this past week, designer dresses are piling on the bling. so many of the dresses had intricate ornamentation. if u cant afford a $10,000. versace, I recommend heading to the craft store for a bedazzler or stitching on your jewels and beads from the bead store for the luxe look. on another note, from the looks of the stuart weitzman suite pre-oscars, this season will ring in the lucite heel. Im not such a fan of look but it seems to popping up on pumps 'round town so heads up, or rather, heels up.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

bravo world

kudos to the folks who are taking hybrids to the oscar red carpet and to jennifer hudson and other "normal"-sized lovelies who are just plain proud to be themselves and not have the desire to be anything else. the world, it is a-changin. now if we can only eradicate prejudice and bigotry.

update: me and mom just walked down to the kodak where the oscar winners and guests get picked up to go to the various parties and although there was a big to-do about going green, we saw no hybrids in the very long line of limos and no rechargeable or solar, wind or vegetable power in the sea of lights that were set up. I guess it was too much of an inconvenient truth.

eight days a week

I had plans to do several posts pertaining to me mum's visit but we've been so busy that I'm finding that I'm jumbling it all together in this one post. abridged version: following the tower bar on tuesday, we've hit up dan tana (fun celebs), 25 degrees at the hotel roosevelt (great burgers), the kimmel green room (thanks david), the pennhouse oscar suites (blowdrys by christophe), sprinkles (banana with dark chocolate for me please), lunch with lisa anne at the polo lounge (yummy omelets), 7am agape service (big up rev michael) followed by breakfast at urth caffe (greatest latte ever) and the piece de resistance, a day trip to ojai for spa treatments and mucho relaxation. she leaves tomorrow back to cold of new york so for today, we're going to walk in the relatively warm weather down to the oscars (they're down the hill) red carpet and check out the academy action. organic bottle of wine and tivo'd award show to follow.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

tourist tales

my mom is town from new york. it is fun for me because I get to see l.a. through the eyes of a visitor. we walked to graumans and checked out the handprints and the oscar set up at the kodak. we ran into johnny knoxville with his kid madison at the ymca at our pilates class and we definately sipped lattes in the best of the best. last night we had a fab dinner and drinks at the tower bar at the sunset tower hotel . it is a cozy place with a great view and I plan on making it my new spot. there was a party in the next room for georg jensen and when I excused myself to go the w.c., I was suddenly surrounded by many hollywood starlets wall wearing what I can only describe as the new hollywood uniform -- colored leggings or tights with high, platform-soled heels and a volumous, printed mini dress. every single one of them in many different colors of the fashion rainbow. including amber tamblyn who was going on about some boy. when I got back to the table, I saw that kevin costner was seated next us and if you know me, then you know my kevin costner story and how absolutely hysterical it was that we were in such close proximity as I haven't run into him since "that night".

Sunday, February 18, 2007

see c.c.

I am a kid from the 80's which means, yes, I have at one time had a crush on one c.c. deville from poison. so you can imagine my surprise when I saw him running down la cienega today. I was on my way back from agape and I saw what appeared to be a homeless man sweating it up in a sweat suit but upon further inspection it was in fact my girlhood crush, c.c. glad to see his days of detox are still around.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

my pretty valentine

I asked my parents to send me some flowers for valentine's day. it may appear to be somewhat pathetic but I really wanted to be looking at some live flowers on vday if any of the other gentlemen callers didnt come thru. they ended up sending me (they did it even before I asked which is the mark of a true valentine) a lovely bouquet of lillies and some other purple stuff from proflowers. although I appreciate the gesture, the flowers came direct from the grower and were closed. I actually like the idea of watching them open and having them in full bloom for a while reminding me of what lovely valentines I have, however if you are buying flowers for your beloved to be delivered, I would highly suggest getting them online from martha stewart. she has an incredible selection which is reasonably priced and the flowers last and last and last (hopefully like your lover does tonite. ew, thats gross).


a couple of years ago, I created a female-friendly group called bitch. it was just that, a bunch of bitches getting together to, well, bitch. I have since left my post as grand poobah but andi has kept it going strong for some time now. she had a lovely clothes swap last sunday night where we had a fashion show and got to give and get some clothes and drink wine and bitch at her new salon, byu-ti. it was bitchin.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

trunk show trouble

headed over to barney's in bev hills for the jennifer meyer trunk show. you may know jennifer as the jewelry designer who just had a kid with her fiance tobey mcguire (and daughter of universal honcho, ron meyer). it was busy in barney's and there was a nice and friendly turn-out for her show which was in the jewlery section downstairs. champagne and biscuits flowed as did questions of the new baby and tobey (did u know that spidey first considers hisself a poker player and then an actor? random hollywood tip of the day). jennifer was sweet, as were the pieces of gold necklace charms of elephants, wishbones that retail for over $1000. she had some nice, simple rings and great ruby-encrusted hearts (maybe made for her new daughter ruby?) and keys and signature feathers to wear around the neck. I caught a quick shot of the rings before being booted from barney's for having a camera. such is the life of a trendster.

bad girl

this show is like candy. you know its bad for you but you can't get enough.

Friday, February 09, 2007

when doves cry

move over owl, I see a dove trend coming on. there must be peace in the air.

thursday night

I went out with my strong island sista, jackie jewels last night. we first hit up the bar at penninsula which was laughable because it packed with old people. I mean, reeeeally old people. there were three older gentleman at the bar sleeping fer peter's sake!? after two glasses of wine and some good convo, we decided to try out winstons. I hear its the night to go on a thursday. a friend also said its packed with cutie boys including jake gyllenhaal who is a regular... and who doesn't want to see him? no such luck. they tell you there is never a line there which is not true. we waited. and jackie's a hot chick so you know they got door action going on. if you're going, I recommend making a reservation. they'll ask at the door. we eventually did get in, took a quick look around and split. the crowd wasn't worth missing my tivo'd 30 rock for.

Monday, February 05, 2007

ex-boyfriends love molton brown

it seems as though throughout my long term relationships with men, I introduce them to certain metrosexual products, namely the molton brown line. I popped in to david's last week and he had just ordered the relaxing yuan zhi body wash, who he had emailed another ex, adam (who is into the black pepper) to get the name of!? ha. too funny. jim, dan and mark take note: I'm now on to thymes eucalyptus wash.

do u wanna drive in my mercedes benz fashion week?

today is a big day for ny fashion week with the marc jacobs, oscar de la renta, carolina herrera, jovovich-hawk and more shows happening in the tents and beyond. it seems as though, the ny fashion week pendulum has swung back to the side where style society rules and the parties and appearances are the thing. everyone from andre lt to susan sarandon to zooey deschanel singing up a runway storm are in new york and ready to put their most fashionable mary jane foward. still on the checklist for the upcoming seasons are the super short minis and metallics but there also has been an onslaught of ill-fitting euro-gypsy looks that don't quite match the potential of its creators. it will be interesting to see what looks will be ripped off, watered down and sold off in the h&m's, targets and forever 21s. thats the stamp of true style. I say keep an eye out for rag and bone , rock n' republic, rachel roy, roland mouret and other R named designers. if you're in new york and can't get a seat at the marc jacobs show, try and hit up the girls night out party with iVillage.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


meet ivan. he is my cutie trainer. he has this crazy notion of getting me arse in shape with a gluten-free diet. he is training for the l.a. galaxy try-out and got into sick shape from the right food and training so I'll believe anything he says or has me do. if you want him to get you in to shape too, hit him up at ietrainer@yahoo.com

hello operator?

josh harris is back and from what I think, gonna be bigger than ever. I was over at the operator 11 studios the other day helping out with a casting call. the place is coming together. make sure to keep a virtual eye out.

no need to leave, google it here