Sunday, February 25, 2007

bravo world

kudos to the folks who are taking hybrids to the oscar red carpet and to jennifer hudson and other "normal"-sized lovelies who are just plain proud to be themselves and not have the desire to be anything else. the world, it is a-changin. now if we can only eradicate prejudice and bigotry.

update: me and mom just walked down to the kodak where the oscar winners and guests get picked up to go to the various parties and although there was a big to-do about going green, we saw no hybrids in the very long line of limos and no rechargeable or solar, wind or vegetable power in the sea of lights that were set up. I guess it was too much of an inconvenient truth.


Anonymous said...

you should host the oscars next year ..

Mark Blair said...

you should host the oscars next year ..

no need to leave, google it here