Friday, February 09, 2007

thursday night

I went out with my strong island sista, jackie jewels last night. we first hit up the bar at penninsula which was laughable because it packed with old people. I mean, reeeeally old people. there were three older gentleman at the bar sleeping fer peter's sake!? after two glasses of wine and some good convo, we decided to try out winstons. I hear its the night to go on a thursday. a friend also said its packed with cutie boys including jake gyllenhaal who is a regular... and who doesn't want to see him? no such luck. they tell you there is never a line there which is not true. we waited. and jackie's a hot chick so you know they got door action going on. if you're going, I recommend making a reservation. they'll ask at the door. we eventually did get in, took a quick look around and split. the crowd wasn't worth missing my tivo'd 30 rock for.


Anonymous said...

get in maxim magazine. you belong on the maxim 100 come nobody has noticed you from maxim.

Anonymous said...

Totally! you are definetely hotter than every person I have ever seen on this planet(or TV cause i watch a lot, so I know)Also could your breath smell any better! you are the best person as well as the best looking and the smartest person.

Anonymous said...

so penninsula is not a place to meet guys in late twenties to early thirties? i was just looking into going there, and from what i read in your blog, sounds like only old foggies go there!

no need to leave, google it here