Saturday, February 10, 2007

trunk show trouble

headed over to barney's in bev hills for the jennifer meyer trunk show. you may know jennifer as the jewelry designer who just had a kid with her fiance tobey mcguire (and daughter of universal honcho, ron meyer). it was busy in barney's and there was a nice and friendly turn-out for her show which was in the jewlery section downstairs. champagne and biscuits flowed as did questions of the new baby and tobey (did u know that spidey first considers hisself a poker player and then an actor? random hollywood tip of the day). jennifer was sweet, as were the pieces of gold necklace charms of elephants, wishbones that retail for over $1000. she had some nice, simple rings and great ruby-encrusted hearts (maybe made for her new daughter ruby?) and keys and signature feathers to wear around the neck. I caught a quick shot of the rings before being booted from barney's for having a camera. such is the life of a trendster.


Anonymous said...

did you get to hang out with Toby ?
did he tell you any Spiderman 3 secrets .

you know so many famous people .

get your own tv talk show on cable.

Anonymous said...

omg! U R so famous and know evryone who is famous. could u get famouser? that would be unbelievable. my fav celebs are marilyn monroe, elvis & U !

no need to leave, google it here