Sunday, February 25, 2007

eight days a week

I had plans to do several posts pertaining to me mum's visit but we've been so busy that I'm finding that I'm jumbling it all together in this one post. abridged version: following the tower bar on tuesday, we've hit up dan tana (fun celebs), 25 degrees at the hotel roosevelt (great burgers), the kimmel green room (thanks david), the pennhouse oscar suites (blowdrys by christophe), sprinkles (banana with dark chocolate for me please), lunch with lisa anne at the polo lounge (yummy omelets), 7am agape service (big up rev michael) followed by breakfast at urth caffe (greatest latte ever) and the piece de resistance, a day trip to ojai for spa treatments and mucho relaxation. she leaves tomorrow back to cold of new york so for today, we're going to walk in the relatively warm weather down to the oscars (they're down the hill) red carpet and check out the academy action. organic bottle of wine and tivo'd award show to follow.

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