Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thanks to Queen Buzz!

Thank you to Deana and Queen Buzz for the awesome write up!! Click here to read the interview. xxJZ

Sunday, March 20, 2011

the urban grocer: television edition

I've been starting to spread the word on the new cooking channel special, airing april 10 at 8pm that I produced, along with two tall productions and starring my smarty pants lil sister, caitlin. and since I'll be chatting about it up until it airs, I wanted to give you the exclusive scoop on the who, what and where. my sister caitlin started up the urban grocer a little over a year ago from her room in centro america where she had little to watch on television in english except for the food network. having a lifelong love and talent for food (and the food network), she wanted to create a place online where international foodies can gather, post and read up on all of the creative, fresh and fun foodtuffs that are out there. seeing as how she currently lives in geneva, switzerland and also has lived in mexico city, nicaragua, born and raised in new york, worked as a sous chef in boston and grad school in chicago, she has an expansive palette and global point of reference. the ingredients were mixed and the urban grocer was born. once it was picked up by some major peeps, the site was a hit heard around the world! over the summer, with an opportunity to head to LA on a getaway, we met with some production friends that really saw the potential of a television show. together we packaged and they pitched to the holy grail of food entertainment, the food network... and the food network bit! they loved how the urban grocer fit with their newest television endeavor, cooking channel, which offers young, fresh and fun shows that cater to the global foodie. just like the urban grocer. so, we were off to buenos aires to shoot the hour long special that you'll see April 10 at 8pm on the Cooking Channel. It was the trip of a lifetime and one of the best work experiences of my life. And that passion and love for food and travel shows in the show. My sister, who hosts The Urban Grocer is adorable and smart and navigates Buenos Aires like an adventurous ex-pat. We hope you'll join us. Click here for showtimes and if you wanna help spread the word - Cut, Paste and Retweet: Turn On Your TV! @theurbangrocer is On! - ...and see you on April 10th!! xJZ

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm talking tresses on

is it cool to love my own advice? I did this piece with wendy rose gould several months back for tyra banks' and when I saw it today, I thought the tips, like "you can save on at-home blow drys, pharmacy-chic hot-oil treatments and bulk shampoo and conditioners" and "Zaino also recommends Vaseline for a fly-away cure all" were so clever. ha. what's your favorite frugalista hair tip?

(I could just) Burst TV!

Burst TV - Episode #1 **Adding COLOR With ROC NATION Artist Bridget Kelly** from Nitika Chopra on Vimeo.

my everyday enlightenment girl, nitika chopra is the founding editor of your bella life. she's been expanding her awesome online wellness and lifestyle magazine to include all types of yummy goodies. the latest offering from yourbellalife is burst tv. this debut webisode is adorable, informative and adds so much color to my day. on behalf of my friend, @yourbellalife, take a peek and share it with friends.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

red hot

clearly, I love the color red. I spent much of my youth rocking the mac russian red lipstick shade, a blueish-red tint so matte you can caulk a tub with it. my shoshanna dress featured on the huffington post today, thanks to beautiful strangers, is a favorite dress of mine. It's paired with a tommy hillfiger Spring trench with prep school embellishments and steve madden heels. AND an incredibly chic pair of l'eggs profile tights which work better than Spanx (if u can belive it) and sell for less than $10 at the pharmacy. I was wearing a black stella mccartney prior to this, and producer jennifer goodkind suggested some more color. thank goodness you can't see the jack russell remnants of my sister's dog , taco in the photo by bruno gaget. that's movie magic for you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

elimination fashion?

I am obsesed with american idol this season. and even got my bfriend in on the action. while we do have DVR, we choose (or I choose and force him, ha.) to sit on the couch most wednesday and thursday nights to watch the top 12. I put my dibs on casey but do have a soft spot for that young blondie, lauren. too bad she was a freeking fashion disaster last night in a ruffled baby blue dress over jeans!?!? UGH. what was the show stylist thinking letting her go out there like that. I honestly believe she may get kicked off on her outfit choice alone. those kids these days... who's your pick to win?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

chuck you

chuck taylor was was an American basketball player and shoe salesman/evangelist who stole the hearts of men and women alike with his brand of converse shoe. the converse all-star shoe, one of the first especially designed to be worn when playing basketball, was introduced in the 1910s. by 1923 chuck taylor's name was added to the patch, and the shoe became the infamous and iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

check out my newest post on the converse style off on here.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

plus size party dress

I've got a new post up on glamour! and it's catching a lot of buzz, for good or bad, in the comment section. I caught a plus size show during fashion week that really did not work. so I wrote abut it. including what plus size clothing I do love like torrid and betsey johnson lingerie. above are some additional and more clear photos of the plus size show, I am referring to, so you can decide for yourselves if u like it or not. and please leave your comments accordingly on the glamour site here.

Friday, March 04, 2011

your boyfriend

I worked at sew nyc on mott st. as a shop girl when I made the move back from los angeles a few years ago. it was there, that I learned, from octogenarian artie wasserberger, son and owner, scott and russian tailor, zino, the fine art of hand crafting menswear. it is also, where I collaborated with SEW owner, scott wasserberger on the tre chic boyfriend shirt. for the full photo set and product details from the boyfriend shirt shoot at the tribeca grand with photog, m. david leeds, click here. get your own boyfriend by calling 212-686-1630. and new glamour post up here!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

sunglasses for your face shape

its a pretty easy rule of thumb when buying sunglasses that if you've got a round shape, square glasses like a ray-ban wayfarer is best and if you've got a square face, bring on the oversized circular shades. I've always been a purist when it comes to my sunglasses, rocking the ray-ban aviators in gold and silver. I have a collection that includes wayfarers, oversized chanels, embellished gold chanel aviator and even the heart shaped sunglasses you catch in my blog pic. those I got on the set of vh-1's glam god and have loved them ever since. eyewear is a very specific style choice for both men and women. and these twin girls, coco & breezy certainly know how to do it up. if you like what you see, click that link and 'like' it on the page and let me know what shades you are wearing at night?

new post up at!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

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