Tuesday, May 31, 2011

fashion mash-up

It's so totally awesome that spring is here, summer will follow and we get to break out our itty bitty sexy tees and mini's, tanks and kini's. It's time for backyard barbeque's and our favorite summer songs to dance away the sunsets to. I love a music mash-up, when a DJ blends together two songs to make one glorious tune. And when it comes to clothes, I can't get enough of a good fashion mash-up. Of which there are a ton this season. Robertson Ave. favorite Catherine Malandrino has paired up with preppy sportswear brand Lacoste for a 12 piece collection that rocks iconic tennis chic. Malandrino, a tennis player herself, adorns the sporty glam pieces which include slouchy harem pants, wide-leg trousers, pleated miniskirts, tie-dye polos with bat-wing sleeves, and collared crochet gowns that graze the floor with Lacoste's logo, the crocodile. Over in the home department, Italian luxury brand Missoni has paired up with budget friendly Target on everything from clothes to bed sheets to dinnerware to bikes, all in Missoni’s signature swirls, zigzags, and near-hallucinogenic florals. And already on the likes of fashion darlings Rachel Bilson and Rose Byrne is the Derek Lam collection for eBay. E-commerce genius. The designer designed an assortment of iconic dress styles he envisions for every woman's wardrobe and you can bet they are selling out quickly. Will you bid on it?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Indie "IT" Bag and Emerging Bag Trends

I had the honor of sitting on the pre-judging panel of the Indie Handbag Designer Awards this past weekend. 800 contestants, 8 categories and a whole bunch of creative, cool and relatively kooky submissions. Being somewhat of a bag lady myself, I have really honed in over the years on what my aesthetic is: classic, timeless and structured. If I'm going trendy, it's a Tory Burch Robinson Tote and mini. If it's a major statement I am making, it's the Hermes Birkin. So going into the competition, I knew what I would like and what I wouldn't. Some trends absolutely emerged from the many submissions. Orange is the "it" color and the all natural, cork is a fast rising star. Staying true to my personal bag style, I thoroughly enjoyed the Fiona cork baguette from Jess Rizzuti. And my overall favorite was a satchel-y, structured leather tote with a cotton, eco-accent body and leather tassel from Indigo Blue. I finished the day knowing that cork is an absolute fashion MUST-HAVE moving forward this Spring and Summer, so keep an eye out ladies, for a fab and Earth-friendly cork purchase.

And if you want to vote for the Audience Fan Favorite, you've got until June 6. Click here: www.instyle.com/ihdapoll



WE'RE TAKING YOU BACK...way back, to a time when...Girls wore Uggs at Soho House without panties or irony; when "Shop ‘til you Drop" referenced your LSD-consumption, not your sample-sale consumption; when Michael Jackson was Black and Neverland Ranch was the ultimate sleepover; when “Green” was a color not a controversy; when Luke Perry was bigger than Katy Perry, and kissed way more girls; when JFK was sexier than SJP; when Studio 54 was Studio 24....

DETAILS: Browse a well-curated mix of fashion gems from the 1960s to today —YSL, Versace, Marc Jacobs, D&G, Balenciaga— plus more crazy-cool fashion finds, experiments, and trendy basics, at the Style Wars HQ. **Complimentary wine served.

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Between 6th and Broadway

+++Please note this is a Style Wars benefit event. If you don't know shit about Style Wars, know this: Style Wars supports the most daring, creative, innovative design talent--WORLDWIDE. And, throws some kick ass parties! For more info on Style Wars go to www.houseofdiehl.com/stylewars

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

what time is it?

One of my earliest childhood style memories was when I was given a Swatch Watch on my 9th birthday. Swatch had just recently issued a series of smelly watches and the semi-see through jelly band was scratch and sniff, so that, not only did I look super cool, my wrist smelled of sweet strawberries. The better to intoxicate the 5th grade boys with... And then came Pop Swatch, a pop art watch face that you could attach to clothing. What would Miuccia have to say about that? Through the years, the style of the Swatch watch has grown up to include quite a mature timepiece while keeping the casual ethos of the original "second watch" vibe. Recently, on a trip down memory lane, I popped into the Swatch store in Soho to check out what the brand is up to. What I found were sherbert colored pieces that doubly wrap around the wrist, appropriately entitled 'The Lady Collection". So fun. So chic. So SWATCH. I picked up a fab olive strap that goes great with Michael Kors oversized mens gold piece. Two watches together!? Oh yes, ladies! That's what time it is!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

the weight loss of OZ

I've got a new Glamour post on bathing suits up now that you can read here. To best fit into my bathing suit, there are a few 'get thin quick schemes', I'm not willing to do anything illegal or stupid. So, I wrote a quick email to my friend Dr. Oz Garcia, not to be confused with THE Dr. Oz, but who, with three best selling books, is equally sexy and qualified. I wanted to know what I could do in the next day, week, month to get bikini ready without having to get on the Stairmaster from now until then. According to Oz, losing weight quickly, but healthily means increasing your intake of healthy foods, avoiding the guilty pleasures and getting more exercise in than usual, which is what I suspected. He also suggests avoiding salt to reduce bloat, drop carbs and to stay hydrated and rested, allowing the body to run at optimal health. Easy enough. I'm in.

Monday, May 16, 2011


hilarious! a MUST SEE. the all female cast is incredible. and kudos to director paul feig for making my new favorite.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

go FAB yourself!

Fabulous on a Budget is the lifestyle manifesto for living la dolce vita on a dime. Leah and Mary initiated this concept back in 2004 while lounging poolside at The Ritz. As the girls survived on student salaries, they still managed to indulge in weekly manicures, a healthy dose of heels, and beach side residence. As everyone wanted to learn how, the duo set up shop to do just that, proclaiming to the world, “Everyone can be Fabulous!” Check out my new Glamour post and their adorable, limited edition tee with proceeds benefiting Japan, here.

Monday, May 09, 2011

liv loves denim!

my new glamour post, up here now, covers the behind the scenes happenings at the opening of stella mccartney at the flagship saks fifth ave. in nyc. hosted by the lovely liv tyler, I had the opportunity to ask both ladies what their favorite looks of the Spring are. and if u know your fashion, stella is doing a lot of denim this season. and liv loves the looks. I asked her, besides the denim, what is her favorite trend? fashion conscious liv admitted she doesn't follow trends and just loves what she wears any time, any day. she did give a nod to the comfy romper... and to her favorite stella mccartney little black dress that hangs in the closet from over a decade ago when she met stella at kate's house. kate moss, of course.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

get your romper right here!

there is a lot of buzz on my new glamour post, now up here, in regards to the romper. some feel like it's childish. others think it's the bee's knees. personally, I'm with the latter. especially when you can purchase a great looking piece at kmart for under $20. find it here.

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