Friday, July 30, 2010

welcome back to the fashion team...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

(A)ll (D)ay (I) (D)ream (A)bout (S)ex

maj and I were overwhelmed by the response left by friends on our FB vacation pix. I even got a call from my stylish friend, phu asking advice on what are appropriate gifts for a guy on a one year anniversary? I gave my man, a full adidas originals tracksuit in green. while not romantic, it was super cool and something he always wanted. watches, sunglasses and cologne are also great gifts for a significant. alpha in west hollywood is a great place to pick up a guy's gift. and any barney's or barney's co-op will have the hook up on luxury wallets, socks, weekend bags and ties.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom

I love the scene in mean girls, when amy poehler makes hump day happy hour drinks for her teenage daughter and friends (little did we know that lindsay lohan was actually drinking the stuff) securing her status as a "cool" mom. What is a "cool mom" anyway? To me, its a woman who cares for the well being of her child and has the tips, tricks and not always savvy know how to support a growing human. Enter Daphne Brogdon. This comedian-cum-TV Guide hostess is a mother to two children and step-mother to another three and has taken her role of mother to the next level. She created as a cool place online that offers a blog for mothers of all stages to post, rant and laugh at the little things. plus, there are adorable videos featuring Daphne and her kids which are a must see, coz that bitch is funny.

Monday, July 26, 2010

amazing weekend getaway on the cheap

it was me & maj's first year anniversary this past weekend and since I had been traveling for the past three weeks to boston, los angeles and miami on business, I wanted to spend some quality summer snuggle time with my man. I got home from the miami swimshow on wednesday night and thursday morning we were off and running. a $17 chinatown bus from nyc to DC has us visiting family and eating yummy soul fusion food at creme on U street. friday morning we picked up our enterprise rental and headed to the outer banks, north carolina. our adorable no frills hotel, ocean house motel at milepost 9.5 in kill devil hills was a perfect hideaway with great prices. I rocked my bikini thief zuma in black on the beach as we baked our Mediterranean skin. we ate a ton of DQ blizzards (mine, cookie dough & his, heath bar), delicious fish at mako mike's, putt putt at sunset and an incredible sunset ecology tour with captain lenny of soundside adventures to watch the purple martins descend on the manteo bridge. we were in the car, sunday morning, bellies filled with grits and bad coffee from stack 'em high to make the five hour trek back to DC. we got to our destination with just enough time to catch my 6pm appearance on TV Guide Channel's Fashion Team (which I rated a solid A -- video post to follow soon). a veggie chinese dinner in chinatown DC capped off our amazing weekend. naps on the bus had us in NYC early morning and in bed to dream of Dairy Queen.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

silly jessie, bands are for kidz

it took me a trip to miami and a lost mission on lincoln road to finally succumb to the hottest trend that's hit the out of school streets: silly bandz! not only did I buy several packs to rock, I've paired them with my fave gold bangles and lisa blue whale charm bracelet. I'm so smitten, I'm even considering taking a pic to post to their famed website wall.

from miami fashion week: trend alert

the fashionistas and miami scene showed up in support of their miami fashion week and new trends were en fuego! most lovelies in the front row at the kelly cutrone-called shows were decked out in flow-y dresses with a spectrum of rainbow colors and pretty, soft graphics. color is the color du jour. the cutie pictured above got her right on trend find at h & m so the fashion elite is available for everyone! the swimwear for 2011 follows the same suit with bold colors and busying prints, with lisa blue, beach bunny and of course, bikini thief being the names to watch!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

day one

me & bikini thief maven, whitney andresen are rockin' down in miami in booth 554 at the miami swim show 2011. in the last 24 hours, we've seen the kardashians (and their asses - I'm still bowled over by it) hit miami fashion week, got stuck in two major downpours, feasted on blue cocktails and had our heads spin by the worldof swimwear at the swimshow. its day one and we had a blast with our model, katya more. she's the sweetest. and I absolutely loved the look of the new york buyers and press. you can always tell a state by its style. and new yorkers do it best.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

miami nice

fresh off the plane from shooting the tv guide segment on maternity swimwear (which will air sunday, july 25 at 6pm -- keep you posted!), designer whitney andresen and I are headed to miami to rep the freshest bikini line ever, bikini thief at the miami swimshow. if you're in the area, stop by our booth. deets in the invite above.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

whatever lola wants

I'm totally obsessivo with the pint-sized offspring of the most influential performer of my time. ms. madonna ciccone has created a mini fashion mogul in her thirteen year old daughter, lourdes aka lola leon. the material girl collection will be out in macy's come august and I for one am totally ready to live in her world.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

curvy betty

loving my latest article on curvy girls for betty confidential. while I too questioned the choice of gabourey sidibe as a curvy girl, I thought it better to use someone real as opposed to the we've heard it all before with scarlett johannson, been there done that. plus! I got to write about my two faaaave curvies, christina hendricks who I am obsessed with and jessica simpson, my hero.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

pharmacy chic

I've always been a HUGE fan and appreciator of pharmacy chic. some of my best finds have come from the rite aid on sunset, the gas stations of mississippi while on my NASA tour and this fourth weekend, the wal-greens in gloucester, mass. I picked up the cutest sailing cap. since gloucester is a fishing town, I'm pretty sure it was a bona-fide fishing / boating cap but pair it with gold hoops, oversized gold cocktail rings and the sailor romper I found on 34th street and we got ourselves an outfit. ahoy mateys!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

happy fourth!

heading to beantown to celebrate our country's Independence by the sea. packed my U.S.A. flip flops that I picked up at target in the $1 bin. got my tamarindo suit packed. and my sailor-striped romper ready to rock over smores and sparklers on the beach.

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