Sunday, February 19, 2006

RIP harold hunter

harold was a good friend of mine. he was a really good guy and always down for a wild time. we would joke around about how one day we'd get hitched. he gave me my fave piece of art work. he lived fast and died waaay too young. I miss him already...

A skateboarder from the 1995 movie "Kids" has died in New York from what was believed to have been a cocaine overdose. Harold Hunter was found dead in his apartment Friday with cocaine "on and around" his body, police told Saturday's New York Post. Hunter, 31, skated in Larry Clark's movie about an HIV-positive skateboarder. His sister, Rebecca Atkins, told the Post: "He was saying stuff like, 'When I die I'm going to be famous.' "H used to have this saying, 'Legends never die,'" she added.

who is that guy's?

my mom came in from new york today for a visit. she loooooves doing the hollywood thing, so I figured I would take her to the opening (and birthday) of guy's north hollywood on ventura. guy's is famed for being the place on beverly that holds danny masterson's sunday jazz nights. my friend jamie primak does the PR for both places, so the invite was one I didn't mind checking out. I first put on a vintage number that my mom wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with me in. I finally gave in to her nagging and changed into my betsey johnson dress and shoes. I put my own special stamp on it by adding my libra earrings. what kind of bratty kid would I be if I gave into everything?!?! we showed up pretty early, grabbed a drink and a seat so we could watch the guests arrive. my mom said people were not as dressed up as she thought they'd be. I had to explain that jeans and camis for the girls and jeans and tees with blazers for the men is the la. nightlife uniform. my mom looked pretty in her very new york all black outfit. she borrowed a pair of shoes from me that were way too tight and had to be shucked off her feet. it was funny. alot of the guests arrived in my friend abi ferrin's designs. abi is a very sweet girl. she and jamie are BFF. jamie hooked it up so that abi designed the guy's cocktail waitress dresses. they were black and red and looked like something out of the jetsons. I commented to my mom that I didnt like them then when I saw abi, I kissed her ass and said they were cute. typical hollywood bullshit. we watched some of the "celebs" arrive like cindy margolis and constantine maroulis and finally when jason hervey, who played the older brother on the wonder years came through, I knew it was time to jet.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Thursday, February 09, 2006

to wax or not to wax

I think that v-day is an appropriate name for valentines day because us girls have to shine up the ol' hoohah and make it presentable for our valentines day lovers and friends (in my case, my hottie new beau, D). I have been waxing since my early twenties at aveda in soho. when bliss came along with their lavender mix, I went over to them spending countless mornings and dollars in chic pain. when I moved out to cali, I didn't have a clue who to go to, so I googled up vaj wax and picked out pink cheeks in the valley where apparently all the porn stars go. this place was horrible and their service intolerable. not a fun experience when someone is ripping hot wax from your labia. for years following that, I just kind of let things go and rocked the retro bush. finally, a friend suggested a place called the beehive in beverly hills. for 40 bucks you get the full monty (front and back) and the sweetest most gentle woman in all of the city, marina taking care of your business. they are the best -- so for your cookie's sake, don't go anywhere else in l.a.!! she said that most women want hearts waxed into their privates for the special day. now thats love.

Monday, February 06, 2006

pure color

who doesn't love a party in the daytime? my friends over at SPR put together an event today at steam salon off beverly celebrating the new denim line, pure color which was featured on oprah's favortie things list of 2005. “there's no reason to always be blue,” the label’s tag line and brand philosophy is directed to women in two ways: first off, women need to realize that the sexiest looking jean is the one that fits properly. secondly, jeans do not always need to be blue, incorporate lux fabrics & rich colors into your wardrobe & you will instantly liven up your fashion statement. the party was fun! I donated a pair of old french connection jeans (proceeds and jeans going to out of the closet) for a rocking pair of pink corduroys that are a higher rise then we've seen in the past. the plumber-crack look is sooo last year.

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