Sunday, February 19, 2006

RIP harold hunter

harold was a good friend of mine. he was a really good guy and always down for a wild time. we would joke around about how one day we'd get hitched. he gave me my fave piece of art work. he lived fast and died waaay too young. I miss him already...

A skateboarder from the 1995 movie "Kids" has died in New York from what was believed to have been a cocaine overdose. Harold Hunter was found dead in his apartment Friday with cocaine "on and around" his body, police told Saturday's New York Post. Hunter, 31, skated in Larry Clark's movie about an HIV-positive skateboarder. His sister, Rebecca Atkins, told the Post: "He was saying stuff like, 'When I die I'm going to be famous.' "H used to have this saying, 'Legends never die,'" she added.


Life is better in the South said...

Aw, I'm sorry, he sounds like a really cool guy!
*Sympathy card*

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