Friday, March 31, 2006

who knew?

I'm in seattle on my nordstrom tour. home of starbucks. when I got in today ben the driver took me to a starbucks and I had the best chai tea latte of my entire freekin life. ben then went into a story about how his whole family were baristas for starphux before they took over the world. seriously, the best chai tea latte ever! l.a. starbucks sucks. Imma pull a britney and send the private jet up here to get my tea in the morning from now on.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

sue wong

checked out the sue wong show yesterday. every season, ms. wong has the only show that rivals a new york production. this was no exception. her lines were inspired by the 1920's and each look came from a city: berlin, london, hew york, hollywood, cairo, shangai and all in the 1920's. It was exquisite. the beading alone was breathtaking. the collection is for fall 2006 and showed alot of burgundy, silvers and royal blues. I got to sit in the front row which is where all the real action is. the first row gets the best gift bag and I walked away with a fab sue wong wrap, clutch and an electric pink make-up bag full of mac products. 'delicious' as david says. after the show, I went to the valet and waited for my benzie for soooo long that ms. wong actually came out and was waiting for her car too. she looked too chic in an all black ensemble with a black 1920's bob, beret and bright red lips. life is a cabaret.

if you're ever in hollyweird

juli b.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

awww dumb 2006

l.a. fashion week for fall 2006 is in town. luckily, jane and I got to do a segment for modern girls on hip and cheap styling tips from the freshest fashion man around, davis factor. grandson of max factor, davis (and his brother dean) own smashbox studios (where fashion week is heald) and the smashbox makeup brand. we had our makeup touch-ups backstage at the elsie katz couture show, ran into janice dickinson taping her own reality show for oxygen and then went to work. did you know baby wipes take out those pesky deodorant stains on shirts? now you do. afterwards we scooted out of there b/c things can get pretty hectic. I came home to make the yummiest sausage and peppers for dinner and to watch there and back (I love that ashley angel!) on the couch with david. faaaabulous.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

modern girls guide to fashion week

started shooting last week. it was sooo fun. I got hair extensions at naimies in the valley and went for a suddenly slimmer treatment in bev hills and lost 16.2 inches in an hour?!!? you'll have to check out the show starting april 13 to view the results of both. tre exciting! tomorrow l.a. fashion week kicks off and I will be attending some of the shows and working some others. I am going backstage tomorrow with janey b. for a modern girls segment and then the rest of the week, I will be writing for beautynewsLA. the suites start on wednesday at hd buttercup but they are make it abundently clear that there will be no samples, so whats that all about, alfie?

Friday, March 17, 2006

the digital couch

wow. whoever wrote up these reviews is someone I wish I was on the digital couch with. oh yeah, I am. funny, insightful and endearingly opinionated, if you're into the teevee, this is a site you won't want to miss.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

in your face

I start shooting the second season of modern girls tomorrow. things have been pretty coconuts moving in with david and all, so I wanted to make sure my skin was relaxed and looking smoove for my season debut. when in need for some facial remedy, I head to only one place: jurlique. its on beverly in bev hills. they use all natural products like lavender, orange and rose. I get the signature facial for $105.00 and always stock up on my fave product like the rosewater spritz and herbel recovery gel.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

mondrian madness

started my day being picked up in a jaguar and getting driven over to the oscar suites at the mondrian hotel. fab. checked out some crazy ice for the oscar attendees including jacob the jeweler and a $700,000 diamond piaget watch that piddy rocks often. I'm into the watches. especially the idea of wearing a watch with a dressed up/going out look as the main accessory. ran into jean lee who styles modern girls. she's prego and looks lovely. enjoyed a comp mushroom facial peel from actifirm. got a mani with the jessica ladies. headed over to the la confidential suites on the same floor. met some nice people. drank tab energy drink which tastes like watermelon jolly ranchers. yum. my fave pieces by far were the original creations by david joseph for bochic. I've never seen anything like it. got yummy swiss chocolate from the swiss watch people at parmigiani. if its a swiss company with a cheese-like name, does it make their product full of holes? umm, I'll keep my day job. headed home to prepare for tomorrow's bev hilton, silver spoon and w retreat suites.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

hollywood fusion

checked out the fusion in D party at hollywood and highland. got lots of fun free goodies. my fave being a lip plump mask from too faced, my new fave line. they also carry a fab "book" of shadows and blushes. very efficient. the owner and creator of product jerrod is a total sweetheart. somebody's got to get that brother on teevee. some other notables include christo's line of curly hair product, curlisto and pure hapa lotions from the isles of hawaii. aloha.

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