Thursday, March 02, 2006

mondrian madness

started my day being picked up in a jaguar and getting driven over to the oscar suites at the mondrian hotel. fab. checked out some crazy ice for the oscar attendees including jacob the jeweler and a $700,000 diamond piaget watch that piddy rocks often. I'm into the watches. especially the idea of wearing a watch with a dressed up/going out look as the main accessory. ran into jean lee who styles modern girls. she's prego and looks lovely. enjoyed a comp mushroom facial peel from actifirm. got a mani with the jessica ladies. headed over to the la confidential suites on the same floor. met some nice people. drank tab energy drink which tastes like watermelon jolly ranchers. yum. my fave pieces by far were the original creations by david joseph for bochic. I've never seen anything like it. got yummy swiss chocolate from the swiss watch people at parmigiani. if its a swiss company with a cheese-like name, does it make their product full of holes? umm, I'll keep my day job. headed home to prepare for tomorrow's bev hilton, silver spoon and w retreat suites.

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Naren said...

i thought it was mandarin.. jk

no need to leave, google it here