Sunday, March 19, 2006

modern girls guide to fashion week

started shooting last week. it was sooo fun. I got hair extensions at naimies in the valley and went for a suddenly slimmer treatment in bev hills and lost 16.2 inches in an hour?!!? you'll have to check out the show starting april 13 to view the results of both. tre exciting! tomorrow l.a. fashion week kicks off and I will be attending some of the shows and working some others. I am going backstage tomorrow with janey b. for a modern girls segment and then the rest of the week, I will be writing for beautynewsLA. the suites start on wednesday at hd buttercup but they are make it abundently clear that there will be no samples, so whats that all about, alfie?


Belb said...

question about the wrap: totally worth it? how long do you think it lasts? I've been thinking about doing it for a while and thought I'd ask you first-hand.

Jess Zaino said...

DO IT!?! totally worth it. two days after, I was feeling great! plus it a good detox for the body.

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