Tuesday, March 21, 2006

awww dumb 2006

l.a. fashion week for fall 2006 is in town. luckily, jane and I got to do a segment for modern girls on hip and cheap styling tips from the freshest fashion man around, davis factor. grandson of max factor, davis (and his brother dean) own smashbox studios (where fashion week is heald) and the smashbox makeup brand. we had our makeup touch-ups backstage at the elsie katz couture show, ran into janice dickinson taping her own reality show for oxygen and then went to work. did you know baby wipes take out those pesky deodorant stains on shirts? now you do. afterwards we scooted out of there b/c things can get pretty hectic. I came home to make the yummiest sausage and peppers for dinner and to watch there and back (I love that ashley angel!) on the couch with david. faaaabulous.


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Anonymous said...

Better late then never when will or did the segment of LA fashion week air?

no need to leave, google it here