Wednesday, February 18, 2009

new york fashion week trend watch

having spent several hours in the tents this week for new york fashion week, fall 09, I can declare rodarte is in. marchesa is king. and a chunky heel met with black ankle socks is what you should be wearing. boys get out your bowties, high-hemmed pants and thick black rimmed spectacles. girlies rock the menswear trend in baggy boyfriend jeans rolled up over heels. stay away from the thin, wrapped head band and go for an ornate and structural head piece. hot pink nails for all and mcdonalds coffee is the new champers. who knew?

DVF forevah evah

after her radio interview on 105.1, me and robbie picked up tiara marie in the escalade and made our way to the tents. got an exclusive aerican express consumer preview of the diane von furstenberg 'rock goddess' collection. got to sit front row next to my new friend yuli. the show started off with andre leon talley interviewing ms. von furstenberg then kicking off a fab collection inspired by 70's rock hippie chic. so colorful. so flowy. so practical and beautiful. so DVF.

Friday, February 13, 2009

style shot of the day: friday

boys town. 3pm. tents.

NYFW friday: duckie brown

was chillin at the expose suites in the PH of the bryant park hotel with my favorite superstar blogger, micah-jesse. got an oxygen facial and totally cute, made on the spot, krelwear dress. we ended up in the star lounge at the tents to say our hellos to the fashion-atti. loved spying linda carter in her heart truth red dress. dipped into the duckie brown show. some great mesnwear that hit with fitted dark browns and pops of orange. lots of misses though with oversized pom pom hats and scarves that looked cartoon-y and not couture. ran into ann dexter-jones on the way into charlotte ronson. she is fab.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

style shot of the day: thursday

noon time and the divas are out. miss budget fashionista, kathryn finney and fan ready themselves for the week. notice the credential pick up line is already around the block. you better work.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

kira closings?

ever since I stepped foot in the bev hills flagship store of kira plastinina, I was impressed with the low price points and high quality fun trends from the 15 year old russian designer. when I got to new york and saw that the broadway store had closed, I did some investigating into what happened to the teen wunderkind. turns out, the U.S. economy got this little russian girl good. having claimed bankruptcy in the U.S. stores, kira platinina closed its american doors in january of this year. she will be missed. it was a great brand with fun stuff. so fun, it may warrant a trip across the pond for more kira plastinina.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

gossip girl garb

for the parents that want to keep on top of their kid's style, I wrote this lil diddy...

the domino effect

I have lost something very dear to me. and I am not the only one. domino magazine, the home magazine published by conde nast has closed its doors. when domino was first brought onto the scene in 2004, it brought page upon page of interior delight. each month, I would eagerly await my subscription and once it came, I would take a seat on my sette and pour over each page dog-earing the columns and ideas that I absolutely loved. it showed looks you'd love and tell you how to pull them off. you'd see options in every style and price range. and domino will always tell you where to go, whom to call, and which web site to visit to get exactly what you want. so many of decor choices were inspired by the lovely magazine and I can't be sorrier that it is closing. if you want to join the facebook revolution to save domino, click here and get involved.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the new urban office wear

I spend a lot of time in a lot of nyc meetings discussing this various little thing or that and I've come to notice that most girls employed at a PR / Marketing / Mag / Fashion house wear a very similar look. unlike at conde nast whose workers are required to wear only chicest and trendiest of professional wardrobe choices, this new look is a bit more casual and bohemian than the pencil skirts and tweed jackets of years past. if you are looking to gain employment at a place such as the ones mentioned, grab yourself a pair of opaque leggings. over that go for a thigh-length trendy blouse (or even mini-dress). throw a cropped leather or suit / tux jacket over that and layer on the long, girly necklaces. finish it off with knee-high boots (chloe IMHO) and a very fresh face and you're hired!

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