Thursday, February 05, 2009

the domino effect

I have lost something very dear to me. and I am not the only one. domino magazine, the home magazine published by conde nast has closed its doors. when domino was first brought onto the scene in 2004, it brought page upon page of interior delight. each month, I would eagerly await my subscription and once it came, I would take a seat on my sette and pour over each page dog-earing the columns and ideas that I absolutely loved. it showed looks you'd love and tell you how to pull them off. you'd see options in every style and price range. and domino will always tell you where to go, whom to call, and which web site to visit to get exactly what you want. so many of decor choices were inspired by the lovely magazine and I can't be sorrier that it is closing. if you want to join the facebook revolution to save domino, click here and get involved.

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Kilee said...

we are all feeling this pain. r.i.p domino magazine.


no need to leave, google it here