Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the new urban office wear

I spend a lot of time in a lot of nyc meetings discussing this various little thing or that and I've come to notice that most girls employed at a PR / Marketing / Mag / Fashion house wear a very similar look. unlike at conde nast whose workers are required to wear only chicest and trendiest of professional wardrobe choices, this new look is a bit more casual and bohemian than the pencil skirts and tweed jackets of years past. if you are looking to gain employment at a place such as the ones mentioned, grab yourself a pair of opaque leggings. over that go for a thigh-length trendy blouse (or even mini-dress). throw a cropped leather or suit / tux jacket over that and layer on the long, girly necklaces. finish it off with knee-high boots (chloe IMHO) and a very fresh face and you're hired!

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