Sunday, September 28, 2008

my big fat mexican birthday

I am in mexico city. it is lovely here, have you been? a mash up of a charming spain with the energy, chic-ness and architecture of new york city. if it wasn't for those damn kidnappers, it would be perfecto. yesterday was my 32nd birthday, I am proud to admit and we had a most tranquilo day. caitlin made cupcakes and I opened presents (thanks mom and dad for my fab new SLR and to cait for my W hotel reiki session) and we took a walk through parco mexico and had dinner at condessa d.f. it is sunny here, is as not usually the case because of the massive urban pollution so we are taking advatange and heading to the pyramids. ole!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sweat her

sweater jackets are the thing this fall and winter. just bought the patricia field black piece on hsn. make sure to take a look because items are moving fast but these are fashion you don't want to miss out on.

these are a few of my favorite things...

what I worship right now:

1. hoodies for fall
2. menswear inspired old school penny loafers
3. plaid
4. the rockin' clutch I just designed for my JZ collection (coming soon)
5. kat von d. and our upcoming tattoo date
6. estelle
7. cheap flights on virgin america airlines
8. roscoe's chicken and waffles
9. tarte's celebutante shimmery body oil spray
10. you

pop tarte

I am in love with tarte cosmetics! I have used their product for years now and enjoyed the quirky collections, terrific ingredients and creative packaging. their cheek stains, yummy lip glosses, shimmery body oil sprays and perfect eyebrow shaper kit have literally been at the top of my makeup kit for as long as the company has been around. that all said, they have a new line of "healthy" product as party of their healthy couture line. tons of fruity antioxident and vitamin infused flavors that will plump your lips with E and smooth out your skin with the beauty secrets of the goji berry. I've just applied my rise & shine lip stain and I feel healthier already.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, September 08, 2008

just one frickin day

Model/Do-Gooder/Isabella Rosallini daughter, Ellettra Wiedermann & her beau James Marshall started up the initiative, Just One Frickin Day . com which brings solar power to a hospital in Burundi, Africa. With the help of HOUSE OF DIEHL, Rogan, Phillip Lim, Rag and Bone, Chris Benz and more they are making really frickin cool t-shirts to sell online for the funds needed. I attended the reception Saturday night at the newly-renovated Morgan Hotel to find out what people would do if they had one frickin day. Too bad I didn't have solar power to camera, coz my footgae is dark but you hopefully get the picture.

destination: patricia field

I attended the patricia field for hsn: destination new york fashion show this saturday night at the edelstein ballroom as part of NY fashion week. okay, so I may be a trend expert and on-air contributer to hsn but that does not make me biased on the beautiful creations ms. field has made for hsn. complete with her sex in the city studded belt, the pieces are darling and so signature patricia field. friends such as vanessa williams, judith light, lady bunny and more came out in support. kudos to the peeps at hsn for putting together such a fab offering for the hsn audience. now women from around the globe can get patricia field gorgeous with the click of a button!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

haute pink please

last night I attended the advant-garde fashion show of my glam god castmate, indashio. this little magic maker spared no expense in creating a collection that will surely have people talking. held at mansion on 28th, indashio rolled out the pink carpet to welcome party-goers, including our other glam god peeps chris and genelle. his show, which was inspired by oragami was a dozen or so pieces constructed of splattered pink newspaper fitted with clear duct tape. although it may sound like a school project, it was quite innovative, creative and could create a fury of talk for a celeb on any red...or pink carpet. tonite, I'm heading to the patricia field for hsn party. stay tuned.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

oh my gawd, I'm an angeleno!

something very strange happened this morning. I am staying with a friend downtown nyc and wanted to a little food shopping for the house at the new trader joe's on 14th street. when I got there and asked where the agave nectar was in my victoria's secret pink sweatpants (for the gym visit afterwards), holding my iced latte and wearing my oversized dark shades, I realized 'oh god no, I'm an angeleno!!' I was born and raised in new york and come from generations of new yorkers. seriously, no one in my family since they came over on the boat in 1913 has ever lived or known anything else. it was quite an eye-opening moment being surrounding by in the know new yorkers in their fitted black yoga pants and normal food choices (other than the soy, non fat, whey powder wheat shakes of hollywood). who knew I would have an existential breakdown in the cereal isle of trader joe's. more on the subject as I figure it out for myself.

Monday, September 01, 2008

ladies first

cindy mccain is speaking at the republican national convention today. as is laura bush. its just like a crusty republican way past his prime to think that shoving a panel of women in the face of america, including a pick for a female vice president, just because the nation responded s strongly to hillary clinton, is a way to show progress. as obama said, it's not because you are not patriotic, it' that you just don't get it. the nation didn't respond to hillary because she was a woman you dinosaurs!, it was because as a person she is brilliant. and how about that michelle obama? totally cute fashion sense, right?

no need to leave, google it here